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Natural way to thin secretions?

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I have a cold - nothing horrible but, I've got lots of very thick, sticky nasal and chest mucous that I'm having a hard time getting out.

Does anyone know of any natural ways to thin secretions to make them easier to expel?
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a long hot shower

put some peppermint EO in a pot of boiling water and make a "towel tent" to breathe in the steam
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Drink lots of fluids. Also ivy extract really helps thin secretions. I've used this one for my family with good results... http://www.iherb.com/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=2142&at=0
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Cure all...warm/hot water, honey, acv, cayenne pepper, ginger.
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You could temporarily increase your vitamin A intake while you are sick, it helps to fight viruses. It helps thin my mucous, but I don't know that it does that for everyone. Vitamin k2 also thins my mucous, Twinlab makes a D3+K2 product.
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I am getting over a bad sickness with tons of mucus and phlegm. Hardly anythng worked for me, and I tried a lot of stuff. But eucalyptus oil did help clear my nose a little so I could sleep. I put it in a mug with hot water and breathed it.
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add to all of that - exercise. and if someone can do it for you in a gentle way cupped hand chops on ur back upto the diaphragm area to break up the mucus in your chest - if you have any.

AND ultimately if u think they are up in ur sinuses - neti pot. nothing like a neti pot. and saline solution.

i know a couple of people who keep their allergies in place by using the neti pot.
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