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Cravings Anyone?

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So i was just eating some ice cream : and it got me thinking about what i'm craving this time compared to when i was pregnant w/ ds.
both pregnancies i LOVE ice cream even more than i normally do (which is a lot)
last time i loved fish but hated anything pickled this time hate fish but love pickles (i know so stereotypical)
i'm also going through phases where i want a certain sandwich or meal. my mom was just visiting and now i really want rice stuffed cabbage again. the only problem now is that there's so little room- i'm stuffed in like 3 bites. I can't believe only a few weeks ago i was so starved that i actually ate a sandwich that weighed a pound! the first and probably only time in my life i'll manage that!
so what are you all eating?
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I MUST have orange juice every morning! I'm also very into hot sauce on lots of different things. I've always liked it but now I love it! :
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Oranges and tangerines here too. I'm eating tangerines like they're going out of style but fresh squeezed juice is a big one too. And really any sort of juicy or tart fruit - lots of apples and lots of home made cranberry relish (cranberries, oranges and apple). Aside from that I have wanted ice cream more too (I eat the coconut milk kind). And sprite has been sounding very tempting but I rarely ever have any.

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Wow, so many of my eating habits have changed with pregnancy! It came on sort of gradually, I didn't really notice until I was already in the throws of pregnancy cravings. Normally, I like salty foods. Give me a bag of potato chips and I'm a happy girl. Right now, however, give me chocolate and sweets! I don't usually like sweet things that much, but here lately all I want is some cookies or brownies or cake.

I'm also really into apples. Not usually my favorite fruit. I mean, I always liked them but preferred oranges and bananas. I've been eating like 3 apples a day this past week. I also have the issue of wanting a certain meal all the time for a while. If I want spaghetti, it's not enough to have spaghetti once. I want it three or four times that week, then I don't want to see it again for a very long time. Milk is also very important to my diet. I have always loved milk and it's one of my top drink choices, but I REALLY want milk now. There are only two of us in the this house and a gallon of milk doesn't last longer than 3 days.
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Egg drop souuuup! I've started trying to make my own because we can't afford the restaurant kind (because you can't just buy the soup, you need chicken fried rice and onion rings too!). It's not even that close to the restaurant recipe but it does help the cravings.

Turkey sandwiches with spinach. I know they say to avoid deli meat and pre-packaged greens, but...

Spinach dip from Applebees or the Tostitos kind, I don't care. My sister-in-law gave us a gift card to Applebees, so I'm looking forward to my dip!
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I don't know if this is a craving or my brain kicking in because it knows what's good for me, but I LOVE fresh greens every day. I respect the locavore perspective, but I am so thankful that I live in a world where I can go to the store in December, when it is -6 degrees outside, and buy a fresh crispy head of romaine lettuce and make a salad garnished with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. That and some feta and tangy olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing, and I'm a happy girl. I think the ACV is actually helping combat my heartburn too. Yay!

Oh, and I'm SO thankful that it is now orange and clementine season. I am going through a five pound box a week!
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pancakes eggs and sausage was craving yesterday. today it is chinese but dont have of that around
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I've been craving citrus a lot. Not juice though, just the fruit. I'm anxiously watching our citrus trees for the fruit to ripen.....if the dang squirrels could only leave them alone!!!! It makes DH cringe every time I buy oranges, since we have 4 trees in the back.... but they're not ripe yet!

I'm not craving ice cream (boo hoo!) but I am craving milk! With cookies, of course. The cookies are to wash the milk down.

I'm not craving vegetables but when I do have them, I just want to keep eating and eating and eating. But only when it is in front of me....
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my new thing this week is celery with veggie dip!
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Garrrrlic! But not in the healthy way, of course. Garlic butter, garlic bread, garlic rolls...
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I seem to be stuck on donuts. The sprinkle covered kind. I thought about them one whole night and the next day so i walked 15 blocks to get some. I am still thinking about them - but have yet to get them again. I told myself I'd cut back the sugar after NYE. Wonder how long I'll last?

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BLT's. I haven't had one yet, because we're out of bread at the moment, but I'm DYING for a turkey bacon BLT. And, speaking of which... I'm hungry. Must be snack time.
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My only consistent craving is lemon-lime Gatorade. I'll buy a gallon jug and drink it all in 2-3 days. I need to buy it to have on hand for labor and birth, but it'll be hard to not touch my birth kit stash!

Other than that, it's just really plain stuff that takes two seconds to prepare like cereal and milk. I'm not into cooking right now. At all. It's even a huge chore to prepare the kids' lunches when my husband is at work -- blah.
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I'm on a really restricted diet because of eczema (avoiding a lot of foods), so I find myself craving things I can't have probably just because I can't have them. I was craving cinnamon rolls the other day so I decided to take time to make spelt sourdough ones.
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