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Frequent BH Cx = More Effective Labor?

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I'm 37 weeks pregnant, planning a hospital VBAC. I've taken RRL capsules for a couple of weeks now (started at 35 weeks) and stopped a few days b/c the Braxton Hicks contrax were getting crazy. Well, even without the RRL, they BH are frequent now, so I started it back up tonight. I'm just wondering, how does all this "practice" contracting help with labor? I remember some BH with my daughter, but not this many, not this frequent, not this uncomfortable. My labor progressed fine with her -- water broke, contrax started within the hour five minutes apart, progressed past 8 cm before c-section due to fetal distress caused by true knot in cord.

Thanks mamas!
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Its been my experience that with each pregnancy the more BH I have, the earlier they begin, and the stronger they are. My third child was my 100% natural birth and I had prodromal labor for several days before the real deal hit. I half expected that my labor would go fast b/c of all the BH and the prodromal labor. It took 14 hours (from the onset of what I expected to be yet another session of prodromal labor) for DD to make her appearance. So at least in my case, I don't really think all that early contracting make a difference in the length of my labor--but I do think it was all to get her into the right position to be born (even though that kid still came out with her hand on her chin). But yeah, those BH would stop me in my tracks during the last trimester!
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Sounds hopeful that labor may start sooner rather than later!
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With all 3 of mine I started getting BH around 17wks and had them frequently the last few months. My shortest labor was 20hrs. So for me, the BH did not get me any shorter, easier labors :P
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When I was waiting for my VBAC, I had about 3 weeks of prodromal labor starting at 37 weeks. I would have contractions a LOT, I knew they were just BH contractions and they never had any regularity to them, but I would have them a lot. It was annoying in some ways b/c I would think it was labor starting, then they would fade away only to start back up again a couple hours later. I didn't know what was going on.
But in the end, I guess it was a good thing b/c I was 5cm dilated before labor ever started and when it finally did start at 40w3d, my labor was very smooth, easy, not that intense and I had no complications at all. My baby was out in about 4-5 pushes and that was it....it was really easy.
So, I think it's a good thing if you're having lots of BH contrax. It means your body is gearing up for labor.
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I think they are a good thing, but not necessarily going to mean a more effective labor. I always had strong BH contractions starting before 20 wks- with my VBAC baby, I had a ton, and often were very regular. I did go into labor early- at 39 weeks- but had a really long time getting anywhere and had a 32 hour long labor!
But I must say, although my labor was long, my body did do it! So I hesitate to say they were not very effective contractions.
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