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Well, I rely on the gloves. I bought a box from Costco to have on hand for first aid and messy jobs a few months back, and have not regretted it.
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I always wash my hands in milk after handling peppers. It's seemed to work for me so far
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I love this stuff! I just started it brewing on Saturday but I've already cracked into it a bit because I've been coming down with something. I can't wait until it's actually done! It's delicious!
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Originally Posted by stilllearning85 View Post
I tried rubbing my hands with rubbing alcohol 3 times after I cut up the peppers and they still burned! So I dunno about the alcohol theory!
Sorry it's not working for you. It should??? The capsaicin in the peppers is alcohol soluble so it should work and always has for me???

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Is there any reason you have to strain the mixture?

I made mine a month or two ago and never strained it
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Originally Posted by amcal View Post
Is there any reason you have to strain the mixture?

I made mine a month or two ago and never strained it
I don't think I'm going to strain my current batch, actually. I don't think you have to strain it.
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I strained mine last night (on the full moon) and started taking it today! WOWSER! It is HOT... maybe I shouldn't have included the seeds of the jalapeno and habanero? But it is doable with a shot of water afterward. My husband took some this morning cause he had a sore throat (bet that BURNED!) so hopefully it helps!
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I just want to say that I have blasted sickness out of the water with this stuff!!! Master tonic is the best!!
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Originally Posted by amcal View Post
Is there any reason you have to strain the mixture?

I made mine a month or two ago and never strained it
I strained mine and I believe it will keep indefinitely. I saved the strained chopped bits in the freezer for adding to soups and stuff to spice it up.

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One of the how to make Master Tonic videos shows a guy straining a batch that had been sitting on the shelf for a year.

I added the strained veggies from my first batch to a crock of fermented cabbage and zucchini -- really added a nice kick.
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I have been clicking from one thread to another via links and ended up here somehow.

I am VERY curious about this Master Tonic aka Fire Cider. I have a few questions, though...
~ I am/was allergic to ginger. I developed this allergy in my early 20s and was actively working my way out of my three allergies (ginger & cilantro for food; eucalyptus for environmental). My environmental sinus issues have DRAMATICALLY decreased. The cilantro allergy is pretty much gone, although I still do not care for it. At least it does not swell my tongue anymore! I am not exposed to ginger nearly as much, so I do not know how it affects me nowadays, and am wondering if I should just skip it altogether or perhaps start with a very small batch....

~ I normally do not like any spicy foods with flavors like most of the ingredients in this "tonic". I do love garlic-onion-Italian spicy, but never the hot-pepper-Mexican-spicy or ginger-Asian-spicy. In Ayurvedic terms, my constitution is uncommonly close to Vata-Kapha-Pitta being balanced, but my Pitta seems to be blocked or suppressed rather easily. In working with two Ayurveda practitioners over the years, the farthest I have gotten is taking turmeric with every meal without stomach irritation. Is this tonic really THAT good that I may benefit from it or might it be too strong for my system?

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Popping in, I haven't read the whole thread yet.

I have used Fire Cider for the last 4 years, actually last year I didn't make any and that fall/winter/early spring were the sickest I've been in years.

There have been a couple occasions this fall where I was positive I was coming down with something and I dragged out The Cider and did a shot or two and never ended up getting sick.
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Maybe this has been discussed, but where do you find fresh horseradish? I haven't seen it since it grew wild in my backyard as a child.
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I was able to ask the local upscale supermarket to order horseradish. The produce manager was happy to do so -- it was right before Cdn. Thanksgiving and he said that people would buy it to make homemade recipes.
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after my fiasco of last time (it turned green-ish and I got frightened of trying it, just dumped all 3 jars) I've tried another batch today.... hope it turns well !

this time I tried not to leave much air in the jar+ maybe I should have put LESS of the ground up ingretients before adding vinegar so that the vinegar sure goes everywhere ...

question = how much space do you leave at the top of the jar for vinegar ?

decided anyway to have a salad for lunch every day with one raw clove of garlic in it, cut up as small as possible with just a knife.
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so, I have started a batch...now what will it cure/prevent?
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General immune system booster, as I understand it...

I took MT regularly (an ounce a day) throughout the fall flu season and was not sick.

Haven't taken it since the holidays, but my dh (who doesn't take MT ) has been sick for two weeks with a bad chest cold. I felt a sore throat coming on, which was the first sign of dh's illness, and took a dose of MT last night. Sore throat gone today, no other symptoms.

I am not usually this healthy!
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also, can I top up the vinegar and add the horseradish root now after it being jarred for 3 days..
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I did that with my first batch (added horseradish/vinegar later on). Turned out fine.
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