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I am still using my batch from the fall 2009.  Had a nasty feeling in my guts last night -something I ate? and a dose of tonic set me right again.  And it is the best thing I've got for warding off colds/sore throats.  


Love this stuff.  I'm down to three jars - I want to grow some of the ingredients this summer and make a new batch in the fall so I don't risk running out.

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Love my MT too!! :-D



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Next new moon, December 24th.


Can't wait. It'll be my first batch and I'm already excited about it joy.gif

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still using some from September 2010

made another batch in September 2011, haven't strained it yet (forgot about it)


am the only one who's using it here ....

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I'm still using mine from a couple of years ago, too.  When I get that "coming down with something" feeling, I take an ounce or two twice a day and it stops most everything in its tracks.  I still have lots left but will be making more next fall, likely.  No one else in my life will touch it, either lol!

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I use it! peace.gif I take it when I feel like I'm getting sick or have a sore throat! Love it!!
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We love Master Tonic!


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Today was the first time I've heard of this...I will be making some very soon!

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have been using it for gargling for the last 3 days, this stuff "works" !!!

but i had to look up that thread to remember when i did my last batch .... which i haven't strained yet so i must be using the last few drops of Sept2010


now, i need to work out when is the next new moon so i can make some more ....

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I'm excited to make some!
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new moon i believe is Jan first ... that leaves me a little while to gather ingredients ....

now, i don't seem to be able to find fresh horseradish over here ....


my september 2011 batch is not fierce at all, no hot pepper, no horseradish, cannot remember if i used a little ginger or not .... i suppose not ...

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Are you all refrigerating yours?  Is that why it's keeping for so long? 

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no, i tend to only refrigerate mine after i strain it and just so that i can have it handy

before i strain it, the jars are in a cupboard, sort of "out of the way"

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so ... in the end i found someone to buy fresh horseradish for me ... he went a bit overboard and baught a whole kilo of it !!!

luckily for me i had friends visiting that city on that week end & they carried it back home in the train for me ( at least 800 km !!!)


i wasn't sure i wanted to put that many hot peppers in that batch of master tonic so didn't buy as much as the other ingredients, actually this batch will be stronger in onion and horseradish with a bit less garlic and ginger and even less hot pepper (i mis-juged a bit and was running out of room in the 2 jars i had selected)


i still have 2 long roots of horseradish (about 500 grams) to use, so i need to stock up again in the rest of the ingredients ... and get going with the slicing of everything (not sure how long the horseradish fresh roots remain fresh ... will see), i still have two 3 litres glass jars ....


at that rate, i'm going to have a few kilos of "solids" when i strain to keep the liquid ... seems a pity to dump it .... but am not sure i'm up to eating any as "relish" .....

(+ how to preserve it once the vinegar has been drained out of the "relish" ???)

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