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Organizing- New Year's Resolutions or should I say life changes???

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Hi everyone, hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday.

Is anyone else starting to think about 2009???

What about New Year's Resolutions or as I want to call them this year Life Changes.

Does anyone still even make resolutions? How will you go about keeping your resolutions?
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I have been thinking about the dreaded words "New Year's Resolutions" and I have decided instead to think about the idea of life changes. Alot of this has come out of the ideas I have gathered on the forum over the last couple of years, especially the FIX thread but I wanted to start a thread about life style changes and how to go about doing them, plus talking about the changes we plan to make. I am hoping we are able to help each other with ideas on how to improve our lifes. I know I need to make myself accountable, and using this forum helps completely.

These ideas are swimming in my head right now, but I really want to get a handle on my life and really create a life that I am happy with. 2008 hasn't been a bad year but I recognized towards the end of the year that I wasn't really happy with myself or my priorities.

Step 1: Deciding on Life Changes
Step 2: Deciding on Priorities
Step 3: Create/Design an Action Plan
Step 4: Measurable Smaller Goals
Step 5: Stay Accountable
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I'm totally on board here.
I hate to say I think I hav enever entered this section of the MDC board before--- I totally found this thread via clicking through my "New Posts" habit!

We moved 4 times in the past year (Ok, since August 07) and I'm still struggling to find my "groove" in my new house... Much better cost of living here vs FL - didn't take into account the cleaning/clutter factor of a larger house though.

I love the way you have laid out steps to complete goals. I think I will take your Step 4 and set sort of "mini goals" for each month- that would be set each month.
I also plan on goaling the different aspects of who I "am" - The Mommy, The Maid, The Gym Rat (haha), The WAHM, The Crafter, The Organizer, The Wife......
I know its alot, but I think it would be a neat way to at least take small strides in bettering myself.
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I totally don't want to hijack this thread...but Kellykins! We just moved away from where you moved to! We lived between Indy and Carmel in the Orchard Park Neighborhood until July when we moved to the metro DC area.

I am missing that low cost of living there! There's an awesome ap mamas group full of natural parenting goddesses and loads of homeschooling families (not sure if that's relevant to you or not) in the area...and one of my best friends from that group lives in Westfield too! Look in the Indiana tribe for 'groups/gatherings Indiana' and look for the contact info, or PM me.

Now back ON TOPIC:

Yeah, I don't 'do' resolutions either. I figure any day is the right day to make a necessary change. I am thinking about 2009 as a whole, though, and thinking about what I'd like to do, achieve and focus on. I think about what I want to see when I look back on 2009 from next December. What will I be glad that I did/achieved?

I don't have those answers yet. But I'll post after I do some thinking and journaling about it.
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My goal is to STAY as decluttered and uber-organized as I am once I become a mama.
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