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Thank you for the update. I am relieved to read that it sounds like he is ok. I hope they get everything figured out.
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They think it's a TIA that he got because he might have gotten a clot because of the HOLE IN HIS HEART. Yikes. Some hole that usually closes up within 48 hours of birth but apparently didn't in his case. He said he hasn't even seen a doctor. The nurse told him about the hole in his heart. They started him on heparin to thin his blood, and they're going to do ultrasounds of his legs to see if he has any clots there. So now we're in need of a cardiologist and a neurologist. My oldest DD is worried. The younger two are oblivious. I'm exhausted for some reason. So I have two babysitters lined up for tomorrow, one in the morning for a few hours and one in the late afternoon for a few hours, and in between I have to take DD1 to the orthodontist and figure out food for everybody and all that fun stuff. I thought this was going to be a relaxing winter break.
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Geez Kathy- you have every reason to be exhausted!! I'm glad you got babysitters for tomorrow. I hope you get some rest tonight. Do they know how long your DH has to stay in the hospital?
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Sounds like your adrenals are working overtime and need some support. Are you taking anything for them? I can't even make any suggestions atm for that, but...
I can't think very clearly right now. Just know you and your family are in my heart.
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Thinking of you and your family. I'm glad you have babysitters lined up tomorrow.
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Gosh, how scary for you all. Any chance you all could transfer to the local hospital? It really doesn't sound necessary to be so far away from home.

Here is info about ventricular septal defects: http://www.achaheart.org/resource/ic...efects_vsd.php

Here is info about atrial septal defects: http://my.clevelandclinic.org/heart/...al/septal.aspx

Hope it is a small VSD and you all are home quickly.

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The other thing is that there is no urgency. You all have plenty of time to research, do consults, get a second opinion or two, and find the most experienced cardiologists for evaluating this.

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TIA's are hard to catch because they come and go (usually) with no residual weakness or compromise. If he is throwing clots he'll probably have to go on coumadin long term. They'll start with heparin, introduce the coumadin for a few days (coumadin takes a few days to start working) and stop the heparin. How long he stays on heparin will depend on if he has any other clots going on and how large they are.

I would suggest not taking your younger two children up on the floor. I know they want to see dad but it's RSV season and children under the age of 12 are not to be on the floors (at least in my hospital they aren't). They can be in the lobby but not the actual unit. Since he's on a heparin drip is he on a critical care unit? Those are the floors with the sickest patients and it's germ central. I shower before I even come near my son after work.

Good luck to you and your husband, I hope he goes home as quickly as possible. Take care of yourself.
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The kids were all allowed up there when we went up yesterday morning, but now that he's got an IV in, I don't want them crawling all over him anyway. None of them are sick but the youngest is 3 and doesn't listen all that well. I'm not planning on bringing them today anyway. My kids all used the hand sanitizer when they walked in (they thought it was fun). He's just in a regular unit. A doctor hasn't even been assigned yet. Luckily a friend of ours from high school is now the head of the stroke unit at Uconn Medical Center. Another friend of mine who works for her (small world) was going to email her last night and ask for either a consult or a recommendation for a neurologist at this hospital. I just don't know the hospital down there at all, or any of the staff so it makes me doubly nervous (and probably because it takes me so long to get there in case anything did go wrong). He is in really good spirits which is good. But he doesn't want me to tell anyone in the family because he doesn't want them "to worry" (or visit). But my half-brother is coming to babysit this morning and my dad is coming over to babysit this afternoon. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to go visit him at all. So too bad for him. Everybody else I know is working this week so I was out of luck in the babysitter department. It's so nice to know all these happy thoughts are with me though.
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You need the support of your family right now so I am glad that you told people.
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Originally Posted by WuWei View Post
Gosh, how scary for you all. Any chance you all could transfer to the local hospital? It really doesn't sound necessary to be so far away from home.

Here is info about ventricular septal defects: http://www.achaheart.org/resource/ic...efects_vsd.php

Here is info about atrial septal defects: http://my.clevelandclinic.org/heart/...al/septal.aspx

Hope it is a small VSD and you all are home quickly.

Thanks. Now I'm armed with info. so I can ask the doctor intelligent questions. I just called our auto mechanic, who I know just had heart surgery a few years ago (our age) and he said to get him transferred to another hospital. That from what he's heard, that hospital is not good for cardiology. ARGH. Now what do I do? He said his cardiologist was fantastic and he's at the same hospital where the recommended neurologist is. Everything I read from your links above says he's going to have to have surgery to close the hole. Ugh. This is getting more and more fun.
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to you, your dh and the children.
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Select a cardiologist at the hospital where you want to receive care and contact the cardiologist about accepting him as a 'hospital to hospital transfer'. Standard procedure for folks to be transferred. Only thing is, often insurance won't pay the $$$$ medical transport bill. Best case...I'd just get him on the Coumadin and off the heparin, no invasive diagnostic testing at that hospital, and drive him to the new hospital to be admitted under your new cardiologist's care.

The current docs will want to do a cardiac cath. Personally, I'd be VERY selective about who would do that VERY invasive procedure on my husband. I only have a handful of cardiologists I'd allow to do that here. The procedure is very skill specific, both manually and with the ability to visualize and get a proper evaluation and diagnosis. I'd want someone who speciallizes in VSD diagnostics, who works hand in hand with a cardiac surgeon, to do the cardiac catheterization.

The SIZE of the hole is the critical issue. And like ultrasounds and guessing fetal weights, the ability of the technician varies, greatly. And they often miscalculate. IF the hole is small, no surgery. If they judge the hole large, surgery is indicated. I'd want someone experienced at judging VSD sizes. That would occur at a larger, city hospital with docs who are about 45-50 years old, imo. Experienced and seen a lot of hearts.

Folks who do little cardiac caths for artery evaluation on a day to day basis, is a different league than a hospital which does cardiac surgery on a day to day basis. I don't know that the "local" hospital is "best". I'd look in a 100 mile radius for the most experienced advanced cardiac center.

There is plenty of time. Just delay the invasive diagnostics. There is NO urgency. He's had the same hole for 41 years. A few days or weeks to get a full (experienced) consultation doesn't have to happen this. afternoon. The current issue is blood clotting; and frankly, the coumadin will just have to be stopped before the cardiac cath anyway. So, I'd get him off the heparin and to a preferred hospital.

I assume they've done a carotid ultrasound and echocardiogram and found no clots present.

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Big Hugs . I'll be thinking about you.

I had heart surgery in 2005 and truly amazed that medicine has minimized the invasiveness and pain relative to what I thought I was going to have. It's not that it's not a big deal, just isn't as scary as I'd imagined.
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Oh my gosh, Kathy, big hugs to you and your family!! I'll be thinking of you all day. I would totally take Pat's advice and don't rush into any invasive procedures that aren't time-dependent. Get all your questions answered first! Good luck, and be a strong advocate for your DH. I know you are such a strong woman!
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Thinking of you Kathy. I hope you are able to get him to the closer hospital and get docs you really trust. This will all be okay - just keep breathing. (and
planning complicated menus for your family )
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sending healing thoughts your way!
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so sorry to read this, hope you have answers soon.
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Well, he's out and home. They did an MRI of his brain and found nothing (I mean, nothing odd, not no brain, which is what I keep telling him). And ultrasounds of his legs, and no clots. They said it could still have been a TIA but tests weren't conclusive one way or the other, but that's common. He got all the test results on 2 CDs to be able to bring to other doctors, and he'll go to a cardiologist and a neurologist in the next couple weeks.

The hole is a PFO, which I guess 1 out of every 5 people have and it's no big deal, and they don't close it or anything. They said it's highly unlikely it had anything to do with his "episode". They told him his cholesterol was a little high (219; it's usually around 170-180) and he should work on that (I told him to start taking my high potency fish oil, that's what brought mine from 220 to 165), he should exercise more regularly (hard to do on the shifts he's on, but I'm going to be on his butt to do it), and take a baby aspirin every day.

He's glad to be out. Building rockets with the kids. I'm feeling exhausted and still worried because they didn't really give him any answers. I'll feel better when he gets into see some good doctors that are recommended by people we know and trust.

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