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Welcome, Noah Kai! - Page 2

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Congratulations! Wow! Talk about a fast baby! hehe He must have really wanted to come meet everyone.
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That is awesome!!! Hopefully the rest of us can have no complications... (other than a bathroom to clean)
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Wow! That is awesome. I love to hear stories like that.
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Congrats on the birth of your son! What a fabulous birth! I'm sure we all think this can happen to us...and it did to you! What an empowering event for your whole family. Take care and treasure this special time in your household!
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congrats.... What a great birth story.... :::
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:Congratulations on the birth of Noah Kai. Oh my goodness, what a birth story you'll have to tell him.
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Wow!!!! That's *IS* an amazing birth story!!! So glad to hear everyone is doing well Congrats!!!:
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Congratulations! What an adventure to his birth!
Love the name, my 10yo is Noah Chiaka.
Have a wonderful babymoon!

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