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"Baby has been pretty fussy which isn't like him. We think he has an infection in his penis or foreskin is growing back."

This is from the mom who I gave info to and who still circed her baby. It was just included in an email to me yesterday along with some other unrelated stuff. He's approx 5-6 weeks old. This is the first that it's been directly mentioned/confirmed to me, though they said prior to his birth they were leaning toward having it done. I pretty much figured it had been done but of course there was really no way to bring it up after the fact.

I guess I don't know what to make of it. Why is she telling me this? She knows how strongly I feel about this topic. I sent a reply telling them to leave it alone, etc, with lots of instructions, but I just find myself totally numb about it. I get so invested every time and then it's just worse when people go and do it and then now they want some sort of help or sympathy or what?

I realize these aren't mature feelings but I just don't know how to feel. I am worn down at this point. It's like in a way I feel vindicated, yk? But who of us wants to feel this way at the price of a child's pain and loss? Why can't people just not to do it in the first place! This is why it needs to be illegal.

And also, what is the point of leaving more skin or doing "loose circs" if the parents aren't educated in how to handle the foreskin that's still there?! I am sure they have just been trying to pull it back.