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The cycle I conceived the twins in was the most odd for me. I had what I thought was ovulation. Then 5 days later had another jump in temperature and eggwhite mucus so we tried then too. And that was when the twins were conceived. It was just an all around wierd cycle.

ETA: But it wasn't double ovulation because mine are MZ
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Hi MamaRabbit,
How interesting, I wonder how the delayed or second ovulation affected the early split? I wish we knew more about this stuff. You can bet if it were men gestating we'd know a lot more!

Update on The Wait
So last week on Wednesday I had a big scare and I've been worried about the health of the pregnancy since then. This large dog in my neighborhood was off leash and really freaked me out by running towards me barking, then I had a little altercation with the owner. My heart was up in my throat for about an hour in all. I know development is very fragile at this stage and I guess I'm just more concerned since I've had a missed miscarriage before. Since then I've been feeling "less pregnant" whatever that means - lower nausea, fewer dizzy spells, less gassy, and fewer uterine stretching feelings. My temps have still been high, even though I stopped taking them for a few days I re-started this morning. I don't have any bleeding or real cramping. I looked up ectopic today and I've been pondering what's going on. Sigh. I usually am queasy from about 6-7weeks along and not much at that, and this time I felt it from around 4-5weeks and now pretty much nothing. Maybe I reached that peak of hCG that does that to me a little sooner and now I'm past it?

I'm sure I'm just getting all fidgety because of the wait. I so want to see two healthy heartbeats in there next week! I know even if there is one healthy baby and one who didn't make it I'll be alright, I'm just hoping to hit the jackpot. Worst case scenario of course would be no signs of a second with the first lost as well. I'm trying to prepare myself for all possibilities. It keeps popping into my mind that I'll walk out with three fingers up to show my mom the news, but that's probably just because that would TRULY be a surprise!

On Saturday my mom and I went to a spa for my birthday. I got a devine sea salt scrub under this 6-headed shower table thing. And, as I was chatting with the woman doing the service I told her I was in early pregnancy. She started to say something and I thought she was probably going to tell me about her pregnancy/kids. I mused briefly that it would be funny if she had twins, but dismissed that thought as ridiculous. Then later she said she has 6 month old fraternal twins! With no family history! She was such a sweetheart, I will definitely be back to see her during this pregnancy if I can afford it. Then I find out that the woman who did my mom's massage is a twin herself. Bizarre. I'm sure it's like when you're wanting to get pregnant and you start seeing pregnant women everywhere. I'm not one to really believe in those kinds of "signs" like a double-yolk egg at breakfast. But it is interesting, and I was happy to meet someone so kind who's recently been through a twin pregnancy and in babyhood in case I'm also on that path.

Well, on to NYC in 3 days and then the ultrasound will be just a heartbeat away from then. I'll probably be on radio silence until next Monday morning when I'm wringing my hands for the afternoon appointment.

Many thanks to all of you who've stopped by to offer your experiences and support. I truly appreciate it. It's a wild ride no matter your destination, eh?
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Oh, and MamaRabbit, I just love your UC twin birth story. My last birth was UC and I've been thinking that my next step would be a solo UC, but my mom has already made me promise I'd hire a midwife experienced in twin births if I'm carrying two. I might just have to pay her to sit in her car, though I watched a water homebirth of twins where they didn't cut the cords, which I would like to do since I loved my DD lotus birth, and it was a juggling act to keep the first baby on her while birthing the second. She appeared to need more than one set of hands! s I guess we'll just have to see what happens.
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Hennalady: I had just about zero symptoms in my fifth and sixth week of this pregnancy. My breasts, which had been sore, were back to normal. I wasn't yet having any kind of nausea. And really the only symptom of any sort I was having was cramps-- so not exactly reassuring. Having had a missed miscarriage before, also, I was completely paranoid. But I ended up seeing two heartbeats at my first u/s in the 6th week-- and as of today I'm about 21 weeks pregnant with two boys. I know how scary loss of symtpoms can be, but it's definitely not always a bad sign.
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Originally Posted by MamaRabbit View Post
The cycle I conceived the twins in was the most odd for me. I had what I thought was ovulation. Then 5 days later had another jump in temperature and eggwhite mucus so we tried then too. And that was when the twins were conceived. It was just an all around wierd cycle.

ETA: But it wasn't double ovulation because mine are MZ
That was what happened with my second set of twins! We thought we were "in the clear" and then more fertile signs showed up 4 days later. Mine are MZ too!
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MammaMolly: Thanks so much for that note. That was really comforting to read. Thankfully I had quite an upsurge in hormones later that same day and have been having trouble eating I've been so queasy! I know I'm a bit nervous about my trip to NYC leaving today, but it's definitely hormonal too.

Heather: Interesting! See, we might just figure this out for the scientists

Okay ladies, I just wanted to pop back in to let you know that I'm NYC bound in about 2.5 hours. I'm excited about the trip and I know it will make the time fly until Monday's ultrasound. I'll be doing pregnancy henna for my cousin who is due in early March. She's having a homebirth in her 10th floor cramped NYC apartment. How cool is that?

I'll be back over on Monday morning full of nerves and fidgeting I'm sure, unless I manage to sleep all morning or something
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Just back from the ultrasound. We saw one very healthy, robust baby measuring on for dates with a strong heartbeat and one very blurry tiny sac next to it with a possible fetal pole. We didn't even look for a heartbeat there, but I know I saw flutters within it. It was just so very small, even if there was a week's difference in their development stage it would be incredible for this smaller one to be healthy. Maybe a smaller sac is compressed by a larger one at this early of a stage? It's even possible it was even just a pooling of endometrium or something weird like that and not even another sac, but the doctor did think it was likely a second baby on his/her way out. I'm planning to go back in on Saturday to be sure of things, but for now I'm getting used to the idea that we will be a family of four children, not five. My ovaries were uncooperative on the corpus lutea front, showing really not much of anything on either side. I wish it were more conclusive, but the kids were all crying and upset since I just got home late last night from NYC and have been pretty emotionally unavailable since. It was hard to really look carefully and feel like it was conclusively explored. The doc was very kind about it though and invited me back on a Saturday without an appointment to check again when the kids aren't with me. I'm hoping that will be this Saturday.

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Hannah: did they measure the size of the 2 sacs? When I had my first u/s at 6w1d, we saw two sacs and each had a heartbeat. But one of the sacs looked like it was twice as big as the other. When the doctor eyeballed the 2nd sac, he said it was iffy-- gave it about a 50% chance. But when he actually measured the sacs it wasn't nearly as small as it looked. The bigger one was measuring 6w1d (so right on target), and the smaller one was amazingly only measuring three days behind that: 5w5d. But it looked so much smaller. I could tell the doctor was somewhat surprised by the measurment, even.

For various reasons I had weekly ultrasounds for the next 3-4 weeks. In all of those, the one sac looked much smaller, although by the 3rd appointment (at 8 weeks-ish) they didn't even bother measuring the sacs. They only measured the babies inside, which they said was a much more accurate measurement. And actually the baby in the smaller sac was the (slightly) larger of the two babies. (and continues to be so, if I'm right about which is which).

Also, one of my doctors told me that the ultrasound measurements and images early on always have a possibility of being somewhat misleading. These are just two-dimensional images, but the sacs and babies are obviously in 3 dimensions. The ultrasound is only showing and measuring one plane. So, if you're happening to see the smallest part of the sac and the baby is totally jutting out perpendicularly, that might not show up. (not sure if that explanation is correct).

Anyway, I'm not saying this to unduly get your hopes up. And it does sound like the most likely explanation is that this is a vanishing twin and it may be smaller at the next ultrasound. But I do not think, personally, that that's a foregone conclusion. These early ultrasounds are really hard to interpret and there's a chance of a surprise next week.

But I'm really glad that Baby A is looking so healthy-- and have my fingers crossed for Baby B. Good luck.
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Thanks, mamamolly. That is helpful, although I'm feeling so drawn out now it's hard to even consider. It wouldn't be all that surprising to find that one or two of my children were being uncooperative Unfortunately the second sac was maybe 1/3 of the size of the other, with some blurry edges to it that made it hard to see. It was really tucked under the larger one, but obviously separate and different than the rest of the "landscape". I'm sure if she measured the sacs, which she didn't do for the primary one either, it would have been a 4.5 week size or something ridiculous. I do know that I was feeling ovulation signs starting early on a Monday morning and going until Thursday evening, although I thought they may have both erupted at the same time on that Thursday and the larger baby is measuring on for that date, not the earlier one. I wish we could have gotten a better view of what the doctor and I thought was the other fetal pole in that cramped little sac. Hopefully, if it's still around, we'll be better able to check that out on Saturday.
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I've been lurking on this thread and waiting to see your u/s results.

My story, for what it's worth is as follows. My 6.5 week ultrasound showed 2 heatbeats and an "empty" sac. There was no sign of anything at all in the sac. The doctor's assessment was that I had already lost one.

At 10 weeks, we nearly missed the third baby as we were only looking for 2, but I now have 3 healthy 20-month olds chasing my eldest round the house, so I certainly hadn't lost that one.

One of my boys stopped growing early and was tiny at birth (and caused the whole lot to be 7 weeks early), and I assume that he was the babe we missed in the early u/s. You would never know that he was anything other than a small boy at the moment.
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Hi Kate,
Thank you for delurking to share your experience. Was the other sac very small also, or just empty? I think I might have been more concerned by a larger sac that was without a visible embryo, than a fully scaled-down view. I do think that sometimes the general rule of thumb for development does not hold for multiple pregnancies, since one of the babies who is evidently on track holds on to the pregnancy for the others. Then the small ones have a chance to catch up, even ones that get added a bit later or start off slower.
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This sounds so much like what happened with us.
At five weeks we saw two sacs.
The one sac had a yolk sac and was perfectly shaped but the other was weird and small and you couldn’t see anything in it. I was told it could go either way.

At a follow up a week later, we couldn't see anything in the good sac anymore, and as for the second sac, it was still there but you could hardly see it, and it looked like it was blending in with the background, reabsorbing/vanishing, whatever. I was told I had a vanishing twin, and to come back the next week for a follow up to be sure it was being reabsorbed.

At that third ultrasound we saw to perfect babies with heartbeats.

It was a huge emotional rollercoaster!
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I'm delurking to share my story with you

With my second son (my third pregnancy, I had a miscarriage between the two) I was showing awfully early. I convinced the dr to do a quick ultrasound at my 10 week appt because of how early I wsa showing, and also a strong family history of twins. By my dates, I was 10 weeks exactly.

First thing we saw one obvious baby, plus what looked like an yolk sac. He saw that and said "oh honey, you're not 10 weeks, you're more like 6. The yolk sac disappears somewhere aroudn week 6 when the placenta develops." I told him that I had taken my pregnancy test 6 weeks ago, so I most definitely was at least 10 weeks. So he measured the baby, and it measured a perfect 10 weeks (actually, 10 weeks 3 days). So he shrugged it off as a yolk sac that stayed longer. I specifically asked if it could be a twin, he said there's probably no way to know, and that he'd check again next month and see what was there then.

I went home and started researching twins of different gestational ages, thinking maybe I had ovulated a month later as well, and had a twin at 10 weeks and one at 6 weeks. I found very little information on it, but found lots about vanishing twin.

One month later a second ultrasound showed one healthy baby, no sign of the yolk sac, and the pregnancy continued uneventfully. At birth, the placenta had a "spot" on it that the dr found curious, but he wouldn't speculate what it was. I think it may have been where the twin reabsorbed. Interestingly, my son was born with a chromosomal deletion, and it is not inherited (both my husband and myself were tested after he received his diagnosis) and I've always wondered whether there's any chance it's connected...I haven't found any information to support that though.

So...there you go. Mine was much less suspicious than your's, but I sitll wonder. However, there are many days when I look at Connor and think "thank goodness you're not a twin!!!"
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Hi again all,
Thank you for sharing with me your experiences. My Dh recorded the critical part of the ultrasound on his phone. I didn't know he did this. It is SO helpful to have. In actuality the second sac is probably just as long as the first, it's just harder to see clearly and is more flattened. The doctor even saw a fetal pole within it, but didn't stop to measure it or check for a heartbeat - which is really pissing me off now that I look back on it. She didn't print out a photo of him/her for us to take home either She was assuming due to the shape of the sac that it was reabsorbing and non-viable. She is a family doctor and very sweet, but her equipment is a little dated (we couldn't do the check where they visualize the blood flow, for example), and she's not an expert. I'm going to request tomorrow morning to be sent to the imaging lab to be checked out there. I think there may just be hope for baby B after all! Here is the video if you'd like to see (sorry it's so small):

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If I remember correctly (the picture is at someone else's house with my scrapbooking), the "empty" sac was a little smaller, but not much. And, looking back at the pictures now, I see a shape that I convince myself is the embryo, but it ceratinly wasn't clear to me or the doctor at the time.

I tell the story of my first trimester with a lot of laughs now, but it was emotionally roiling to live through. My thoughts are with you.
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So I had an inspired thought this morning - I remembered the distinct ovary sensations back and forth from both sides all day on 6dpo and 13dpo and not again . . . what if those sensations were in response to two separate implantations? If Baby A implanted on the very early side and then Baby B stopped for a coffee or something and by the time (s)he got there (s)he had to work around Baby A to find a spot, delaying him/her even further. This would also explain the blood work, which was taken on 13dpo and 15dpo, and showed a high-ish number initially and then a *really* high number the second time. If Baby B had just landed around the time of the first draw there would be only a little contributing hCG from her/him, then by the second draw (s)he would have added quite a bit to the total amount.

This would make Baby A 6.5 weeks and Baby B 5.5 weeks - barely visible for heartbeat with a smaller sac being crowded out by Baby A. I just called the FP office to request to be sent to the imaging lab to get the full fancy ultrasound done hopefully Friday when Baby A is 7 weeks and Baby B 6 weeks. I feel like they are both okay as of now, not that I know if they will both hang in there, but that they are both alright.
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Henna: if you think that baby B will be 6 weeks on Friday, then I'd try to do the u/s next week at the earliest, not this week. Because 6 weeks is an inbetween time-- in healthy pregnancies, some people will see a heartbeat, but some won't. But by the 7th week the heartbeat should most definitely be seen in most cases (especially on good ultrasounds). That way you won't have to second guess an ambiguous result on Friday. Good luck!!
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I know it's frustrating, I felt double ovulation and by 7 weeks was showing enough for people to put their hands on my belly! I requested and US at 8 weeks, but my OB's office said that unless there is reason (bleeding, ect.) they do not do them this early, and one of the reasons was b/c so much can happen the first trimester. By 13 weeks I was sure I was PG w/ twins, I looked 20 weeks, uterus to belly-button, ect., so I told the nurse I needed an US. She agreed to 'look' for the HB w/ the doppler, and found one the second she put it on my belly, an inch below my BB She sent me for an US nad it was confirmed that I was right! From the day I got a + test, I had wondered about twins, I distinctly remember ovulating on one side, then ovulating again on the other side the next day. I even told DH "Gee, it feels like I am ovulating again, but my CM dried up, so I don't know what it is? Hope it's not a twin!" When I got the + test, I said "Hope it's not twins." By 7 weeks my uterus was coming out of my pelvis, you could palpate it, it was about the size of a small volleyball, and it was visable on the outside (I guess I used to be slim ). RIght now you are in a waiting game, and no tests are going to change the outcome. I know you want to KNOW what is going on, but right now it's just not possible. I encourage you to stop worrying about it, and don't go for another scan right now, give it some time. I think the end of the first trimester is a fine time to find out, you can change your diet if needed, and you still have plenty of time to plan if it is twins. Best of luck to you!!!
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Thank you for your perspective and caring well-wishes. I know I need to chill out - for my sake and the babies'. I'm getting there, but the last 24 hours have been quite a ride. I lost all hope for Baby B after the ultrasound and am now coming back out of that . . . part of my desire to have another scan is to make peace with Baby B's fate and say goodbye if that's what's necessary. Yesterday I went from doubting my inner voice and body messages to accepting the reality of what I heard. That was a big step! If we just wait it out and find out in another month, he/she could be gone. I feel like Baby B was shrugged off and dismissed at the ultrasound and even though it may be so that he/she is not doing well and will leave, I want to see him/her once more for that peace, and to help me prepare for what is to come. I just don't have it in me to simply let it be yet. Everyone has different comfort levels that fall at different places, and mine is in the gray between hyper-monitoring/worry and complete Zen mother earth goddess. I am a UC homebirthing momma, after all, so I'm not THAT medically oriented, but I do appreciate the information I can gain from conventional medicine and how it helps my spiritual process. I do admire those women who can just let it go, but I have compassion for the nutso parts of me that make me who I am. And I know I need to be hand-held a bit through this part (even though I don't through birthing). I'm sure it has a lot to do with my background from medical school and learning human development from the perspective of all that can go wrong, and my experience with my first pregnancy where my child died early on and my body did not tell me.

It's just a hard time for me, always is, and I'm trying to take it one breath at a time. Perhaps this is the hardest part of the birthing process for me
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A big congrats to you! How exciting! Superfecundation is very common and if baby b is only 5.5 weeks then the sac would be appropriately small. My DSDs were 2 weeks apart in the womb and measured as such for the entire pregnancy. Totally normal. It's far too soon to assume baby b's fate at this point for certain. I hope your next scan goes better and you get some happy answers!
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