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My induction ended in section, whereas she had me as a super-preemie (smoked) but we both agree that induction/augmentation is hell and torment, and shamefully overused. My homebirth after c-section was with a 10 lb baby, and was never worse than the failed induction... and was a joyous, triumphant turning point in my life.
I wish I knew whether my labors were anything like my mother's, but both her babies came preemie and small due to her smoking (like many born in the early 70's) so we will never know. But my HBAC labor did progress swiftly enough, and she said her labors went not super-fast, but plenty fast enough. So maybe?
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Thank you for all the replies! I'm so glad I posted this. I think I was expecting to hear more similarities... This really is very helpful. I will still be cautious about calling my midwife early when the time comes but I will also work on not expecting a really fast labor... Although I knew it was never definite I really thought my chances of having a very close L&D to hers were greater. I think lowering my expectations about things going so fast will really help me prepare better!
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Mine seem to be fairly similar as far as being quick. My mom went 6 hours, 4 hours, 2 hours and 1 hour. Mine were 4, 3, 1.5, 2 and 3 hours.
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my mom's labor with me started with her water breaking and 4 hours later i was born (i was a 1st baby/pregnancy too). the same thing happened for me when i birthed dd.

i am hoping that my next one is not like my mom's next labor- it was only 45 minutes from the first contraction to baby (my mom's 2nd and last pregnancy/birth)!
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Nope. I even gave birth in the same room and I didn't have as easy a delivery as my mother's! My labor was longer and everything was different than how she described my own birth. I think when births of mothers and daughters are similar, it has more to do with inherited personality, pain perception, expectations, etc. than anything else.
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My mom and sisters all had relatively "textbook" births. All between 6-12 hours, steady progress in dialating, about 1-2 hours of pushing. My mom had no pain meds, both sisters had epidurals with all of theirs.

Mine was actually pretty similar, aside from being preterm. We lost DDs twin at 27 weeks, went into labor at 33 weeks. I had regular contractions for 24 hours (Friday morning-Saturday)with no dialation. Once I did start dialating around 11am on Saturday, everything was pretty similar - progressed steadily, only pushed for about an hour, delivered by 7pm.
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each one of my labors was different and each one of my mother's births were different- I had 4 kids she had 3. other than that no I don't think that there were many similarities. my first was textbook 12 hrs- no meds and short pushing stage- I was mom's first days of prodromal labor and forceps were used. her second 2 years later- and our 2nd was 2 years later so that is similar- she had 12 hrs of labor lots of vomiting in labor no forceps this time- one hour of labor total for me. #3- 4 years later also the same for me I remember mom being in labor for this birth she braced for each contraction even in prodromal labor and eventually she called my grandma to be with us so she could go to the hospital days of labor forceps again and big hemorrhage- our 3rd was born in 6 hrs of active labor I remember the prodromal labor starting and stopping in response to the events of the day- again another short pushing stage(our first home birth)
I think a great deal of how birth was done when mom had her babies (isolated and alone) compared to supported births for all of mine was quite different and most likely made a difference- now it may have been that I had similar birthing experiences to her mother- she had 15 babies some at home and some in the hospital- she wasn't isolated in her labors and I don't think that she had instrumental deliveries either.
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I'm my mom's only child and she had a 36 hour labor with me. It was drug-free but in the hospital with all the standard interventions including laboring in bed and pushing on her back, so I'm sure that's part of the reason why it was so long.

Me, on the other hand, had a very fast and easy home waterbirth. From the first contraction till the birth was 9 hours total, but from my first "uncomfortable" contraction till the birth was just 55 minutes! When my midwife arrived I was already 10cm and my son was born 10 minutes later after 3 contractions!
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nope...my mom had fairly easy quick labors and mine were awful and difficult. same with the pregnancies..my moyther was AGHAST when she saw the hell I go through (hyperemesis, SPD, sciatica, ICP) and said she never had any idea.....she herself just went around like normal, except her tummy got bigger, is how she put it. *growl*
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I was my mom's first and we were both young when we delivered, 20/21.

My first labor was very similar to hers. Pain free till the very end, both natural in the hospital, we had girls between 7-8 lbs. I think I was 2 days "late" and my DD was 3-5 days "early" but that's the only difference.

My second is hard to compare, because my mom ended up with an emergency-c at 10 cm because my little sister was breech. (She's still difficult!) My second was a boy at the birth center. I have 3.5 yrs between 1 and 2 and my mom had 4 years, so that's close.

With #3 my mom had a vbac, 4 yrs after #2. I am planning another BC birth only 2 years after #2.

I'm just thankful my mom always weighed less after each baby(after baby weight was lost). It has been true so far and I want it to continue. :-P
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Mine and my mother's births have been very similar. Although she went later and later with each one. I am the oldest and she was almost 41 with me (dr stripped her membranes which kick started labor), my brother was born at 42 weeks, and my sister was almost 43 weeks. My first son was an induction at 41 weeks due to PIH, I went into labor with ds2 on my due date, and I went in to labor with dd at almost 42 weeks. My second labor was much longer than any of hers, but I believe that was due to ds's position and things went fast once they really got going. I have always had to push longer than my mom though.
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My mothers first birth (me) and mine were VERY similar. Long prodromal labors, followed by oxygen, being forced to lay on the left side, etc. However, she was only 21 and had no support. Like none, she had to get an acquaintance to drive her to the hospital, my dad was under the ocean in a sub with no communication. I had an incredible amount of support. That is the difference, IMO.

She did agree to AROM, internal monitoring, etc. I only agreed to external monitoring. They never even brought up Internal monitoring with me. I had a great natural OB. These interventions, IMO caused the cord prolapse that led to her first section. An old style. She was basically cut in half. :cry:

My birth ended with a vacuum extraction and was vaginal.

Amazing what a difference 30 years makes, right? She is also 3-4 inches shorter than me, though, FTR, our pelvises are both small, but mine might just be big enough to make the difference. Although I was 7 lbs and my baby was 8.5. Also she was a pack a day smoker (machine rolled remember Lark Lights?). I did smoke an occassional hand rolled OG cig in my second trimester in my first pregnancy), but never more than one a day (yes, I'm deeply regretful of this, but c'est la vie, I am now 3 years completely tobacco free!).
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not a mama but an aspiring midwifery student and I actually just read that labors are usually more similar to your sisters than mothers! so very interesting thread to read
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I actually just read that labors are usually more similar to your sisters than mothers
Me, too.

In my case, my sister and my mother labored and birthed about the same. It was pretty straightforward. My mom did mention that with my sister (born 1975 in Boston), the nurse was preparing to strap her down (she wasn't medicated) and the doctor motioned for her not to do it. Eeek.
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not at all.
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