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Probably just relax and watch TV and enjoy DD till she's ready for bed. Then crash too, i feel a bit like I've been hit by a truck these days. Then again, I told this baby it had to wait till Jan, so I guess it has permission to start labor any time now. I'm cool if its a Jan 1st baby
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Well, no New Years baby for me.
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No baby here either. But OMG... she was is even lower and I didn't even think that was possible! She has been pinching on my cervix all day yesterday and today... I can't even bend now she is sooo low. Hurts too much.

The food we had at my parents was yummy though.
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nothin' exciting here. Kids spent the night with Grandma & Papa, so we had a quiet house. DTD then fell asleep without even watching the celebration anywhere.

no baby still
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AMAZINGLY no baby...38w6d

After a horrid day of throwing up, cramps, sleeping and general unwell feeling...

ds went to bed and even b4 dh left for his gig the contractions/cramping started yet again! I was LOVING it, hoping that this would be OVER... dh was scared to leave, since my labour w ds was 2 h 15 m

Texted dh at 1130 telling him the contractions we're strongish, and I had some bloody show...he came home around 4 and contractions we're still coming and going, but they had moved into my back and legs(i'd not had the leg thing w ds)...so I got no sleep last night!..no baby!...no patience left!...now Im having that pinchy cervix thing that pp mentioned...wtf is that??
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