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however, last Friday dh and I went on a date to the art museum and the Interfaith Association was there doing dances of peace. It was interactive and I joined in. one of the dances/singing we did was from the
four social attitudes that the Buddhist texts call the 'divine abodes': boundless loving-kindness (metta), compassion (karuna), altruistic joy (mudita) , and equanimity (upekkha). I told dh that I think Karuna would be a beautiful name for a daughter. Who knows though
Here in Boulder a lot of people my age have Buddhist names since their parents came to Boulder to be near the teachers.

I have never been fond of the aesthetics of Tibetan or sanskrit words, though. They just don't flow for me. We did name our cat Aloka, so the only name I really like is out Oh, we actually have one Buddhist name on our list: Mila (mee-la). It is short of Milarepa, a great teacher. But, I could only see naming a dark haired baby girl that, and people in our families do not have dark haired children. Elijah was as white haired and white skinned as you can get. If by any chance we pop out a darker baby, we may just go for that name.