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Rae, 24, two girls: avi 8/3/05 and ryan 1/5/08, due late august
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by due date sounds awesome!
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Originally Posted by mrsrayray View Post
by due date sounds awesome!
I agree!

Thanks RoseRed!!
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I vote due date too

Boy 12
Boy 11
Boy 9
Girl 6
Girl 4

Due 8/1 with twins
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I also vote organizing by due date!

I just go by J online. 31 (32 well before babe is born).
Barring the unforeseen, this will be my first child.
EDD 08/30/09

Thanks RoseRed!
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Another vote by due date.

KristinaMarie(you can call me Krissy though) I am 28, my BD is Aug 15 ,so maybe I will be 29.

This is #1, and maybe #2 for us, we find out on Jan 5th

EDD 8/25/2009
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Hi! I'm Jen, 36. Due August 16 with my second baby and second August baby.
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ds 10/05
due 8/6/09
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Originally Posted by RTT View Post
Hi! I'm Jen, 36. Due August 16 with my second baby and second August baby.
This is me too, Jen!! I don't know wheather to be happy or sda about another summer pregnancy lol
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Updated again! And now all the due dates are in order!!

How does it look lol

And as we get new info (expected gender etc) we can keep updating! Yay!!
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Screen name: quietmama
Name: Jill
Age: 35, 36 when I give birth
Children: Zach- June 02, Logan- June 04, Joshua- Feb 06
EDD: August 1, 2009
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Erin, age 25 (both now and when I give birth)

I have a daughter, Raina, who will turn three a few weeks after her sibling arrives (9/06).

I am due in August, probably toward the middle. That's as much information as I am likely to have at any point.
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Screen: GenomicsGirl
Real name: Shannon, 35 years old (wow, I'm of Advanced Maternal Age now)!
Due: Aug 17th (c-section earlier)
Other children: Ethan (5), Gaven (3), Carys (1.5)
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Screen: canadiannancy
Real name: Nancy 27 years now
Due: Aug 11th as far as I know, cycles were wonky after miscarriage in June
Other children: Kyra (3.5) Zoe (2.5) and Callie (1)
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Screenname: Slimkins
age: 32
Children: N/A yet
Due: 8/24/09
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Elight5 (31) Malek 08/15/05, EDD 08/16/09

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Screenname: wombatclay
Children: girl #1 born 4/05 and girl #2 born 6/07 via VBAC!
Due with #3 8/13/09 hopefully via HBAC
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Screen Name: Suomi-Sofia
Name: Tanja
Age: 30
Daughter, Ruby, 11 months old (b. 1/16/08)
Due: Aug 23-ish (I think...haven't been dated yet - still bf'ing, but estimate)
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Looks great!
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Can you add me to the list? My name is Marisa and I'm 30. My EDD is August 24th!
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