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Anyone Never Use a Stroller?

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I used the moby wrap for DS until he started sagging in it and then I got the Ergo carrier which has been awesome. (although we just moved and I can't find it and am going crazy!)

So my parents have been on my case for not using a stroller since DS was born. He is almost 10 months old. A few months ago we were going to a mother's market (kind of like a flea market for kids clothes, moms can set up a table and sell their children's clothes at a cheap price, its awesome). My mom kept saying how much better it will be if DS is in a stroller. I told her it would take up too much room and the Ergo would be so much easier. I used the Ergo and am glad I did, because it was crowded in there!

Yesterday my parents were arguing with me again about how I will NEED a stroller soon since DS will be too heavy for the Ergo. I said DS is only 18 pounds and the Ergo goes up to 40. My dad who is a know-it-all about everything, especially things he doesn't know about, said that 40 pounds would still be too heavy for me and I tried explaining how the Ergo distributes the weight but he wouldn't hear it.

I don't like carrying tons of stuff around, which is why I never used a stroller. We have gotten two hand me down strollers, which I have never used. DS has separation anxiety right now too so I doubt a stroller will make him happy.

So those of you with older children, did you NEED a stroller? Anyone never use a stroller?

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DD is 20 months and honestly I could have done without a stroller. I don't know what the future will bring and I have an umbrella stroller if the need arises (at 20 bucks I figure it's worth having something just in case) However, between my pouch, Moby, and ergo I have always found wearing her WAY easier than lugging a stroller around. The first stroller we had with the convertible carseat was a total waste of money (not mine). We only used it a few times and at the time it felt like a burden. Everytime I took the stroller anywhere I ended up regretting it and wishing I had just brought the carrier. Truthfully, the most the strollers have been used is when she started walking and SHE pushed the strollers. Actual push toys would have been much less annoying. So my advice is when you feel the need to have a stroller, then do the research and buy one. Or buy a cheap used one from a consignment store or something to test it out. I do not plan on having a stroller for my 2nd baby.
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I don't have a stroller. There really is no point for us. We live in a rural area with no sidewalks, and having one just for trips to town seems like way more work then it's worth. I did have one when my oldest was a baby and we lived in town, but didn't use it very often even then.
I don't think strollers are bad, but if you don't need or want one, then it's silly. Maybe you could politely tell your parents that this is what works for you and your Ds, and it's not a group decision
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We used the Ergo (back carry) for quite a way past 10 months - almost to two years. So no worries there. If you haven't developed a way to get your child on your back though, I'd work on that, because the front carry really does get heavy.

That said, I did like having a stroller for: groceries, library books, and once my son was walking and mobile and himself wanted to be more independent, he enjoyed pushing it/holding onto it/climbing in and out of it/riding in with with toys. There were times when he was quite happy to climb in the stroller but resisted being worn.

Basically, to each his own, but I wouldn't worry overmuch about the weight issue.
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We didn't need a stroller. With Ds (5), we decided to buy one when/if we needed it/missed having one. We never bought one. With Dd (almost 2), I decided that I should have one, so I bought one when I was pregnant with her. I think Ds rode in it once at the zoo and other than that, it has been taking up space in our closet. It's a kind of nice stroller... what a waste of money.

With Ds, I carried him in the sling (several of them, lol) all the time and he wouldn't have had it any other way. Dd didn't like the sling AT ALL ever, so I have (and still do) pretty much just carried her in arms all the time. I haven't been to the zoo with her lately, so I am not sure what I would do with her now, because she is too heavy for me to carry all day now. She would probably walk on her own most of the time. I might bring the stroller, just in case.

I guess that the stroller would be good to carry stuff, though. Personally, though, I think a bag is easier because I hate having to push the stroller. I tend to travel light anyways, though.
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We do use a stroller occasionally with DS now, we used it maybe a dozen times before he was 1 and half of those uses were when we were at Disney World for a week.

DH did find the stroller semi-useful once DS turned one though when he took him and the dog on a walk around the lake, the carrier worked, but the problem with it was that the dog's leash tends to get caught on it, so it was just easier to use the stroller. We've also found it useful now that I'm pregnant, I can only back carry DS for about an hour now, so being able to use the stroller is useful now.

That being said, would we have had a problem if we didn't have a stroller at all? Nope, with the carrier we have enough options that we don't need a stroller, there are just times when it is a bit more convenient, just like there are times when the carrier is more convenient.

That being said we have no intention of getting a double stroller when bean arrives, because we figure we won't use it, we figure she'll be in a carrier for at least the first year and if we really need a stroller for her, well DS loves to walk anyways, so he won't be using the stroller that much anyways, and he can always be carried in a carrier as well.
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We have one b/c our very active toddler started to refuse to be worn @ about 15 months (she was walking at 11 months, but she wasn't able to make it walking through a large store or the mall - she'd get tired at some point). Carrying a 25-28 lb person without a carrier makes it difficult to shop. She's also VERY opinionated, and it's nice to give her the choice of cart or stroller when we have a shopping trip that needs to happen a little more quickly. It was nice at the mall last week - we put all our coats and packages in it while DD walked around.

At 10 months, we hadn't touched our stroller, and our family thought we were nuts too. She hated it and cried if we put her in it until about 15 months, when she refused to be worn. We tried it then after our arms got crazy tired, and she loved it as long as we were moving constantly. A mother's sale still would have been an "in arms" or walking event, b/c browsing wouldn't have been fast enough for her.

For your situation, couldn't you just tell them that you'll cross the "too heavy" bridge when you come to it? You have two backup strollers already, and they think you need another one? Weird. Maybe they're thinking of if they ever babysit, they'd like one. My parents thought they'd want one, but when they go on outings, they just let her walk or carry her.

I've used the "Her dad and I will deal with that when we get there" line a lot. For ending nursing (not there), for sleeping in her own bed (not there), for all sorts of things. It leaves the grandparents OUT of the decision.

Good luck!
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I could never get by without a stroller. Especially with two small kids. I would put one in the ergo or sling and the other in the stroller. Quite honestly now that my kids are 3 and 15 months I have my older one walk and the younger ride in a stroller. For me I am just too uncomfortable wearing ds anymore. I am a pretty small person and he is on the big side. My rule of thumb is to wear them as long as it is comfortable for the both of you. I think it is great that you all are doing it with out a stroller though. And to the op; your parents really should respect your decision and leave you alone. Have they tried wearing your babe to see how comfortable the ergo is? I didn't have one with my first and when I got one with ds I was amazed at the difference between it and other carriers.
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Originally Posted by GuildJenn View Post
Basically, to each his own, but I wouldn't worry overmuch about the weight issue.
BTW, I carried ds (back carry with a mei tai) until he was 3.5 and I was too pregnant with dd to carry that much weight for long anymore...
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I have used our stroller--the same one I bought while pregnant with my first baby--less and less with each child. My youngest has hardly used it at all. Maybe two times in his first year; we used my old Maya Wraps a lot. In fact, last August we were playing with it like it was a fun new ride on toy because it was in the garage, so when his sisters got out their bikes, he wanted to get out the stroller and go for a ride!

He won't even put up with the stroller, or any form of restraint, much anymore, anyway. He wants to be free to explore.

The best thing about a stroller is the additional carrying space it provides, like when you go shopping at the mall.
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If a stroller doesn't fit in your lifestyle now, chances are that you won't use one later. You are getting stronger as your LO is getting heavier, so the Ergo should keep working.

A friend's cousin was getting rid of a stroller and gave it to me. I have used it to get through the airport with a carseat and carry-ons. I've also used it as a place to put DD down while I tried on new clothes (then I put her back in the mei tai). I've used it most often as a cart for mailing lots of packages or for pushing around my groceries a large outdoor mall. I think that in general, a collapsible shopping cart would meet my needs better, but the stroller is ok - and it was free.
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I say get one if/when you need one, and don't worry until you do! I have an almost 8 mos old and I haven't used my stroller for like 4 months, since I got my wrap, and even before that only a handful of times. But with my bigger kid I did notice she started to enjoy the stroller, and felt heavy to carry, at some point and so we used it more then. Lots of ppl hang their slings over their stroller handles, you can have the best of both worlds if you want to. But until/unless you do, just enjoy your Ergo!
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WOW!! Kudos to you all!! Didn't know people went completely without strollers. I guess we all have our way of doing things. I use my double Tender Twin on a daily basis. Would be lost without it. We actually own 3 strollers each w/a specific purpose: a Pliko P3 (larger umbrella type), the Tender Twin, and a Baby Trend Double Expedition jogging stroller.

What do you all do if and when you go jogging or fitness walking?
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woah i clicked on this thread : wondering who could function without a stroller.

aaaah now i understand. yeah i didnt have a car and it acted like a shopping cart for me too.

but at 3 i had to put dd in the stroller the rare few times. she was getting too heavy even for my shoulders.
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I think strollers are useful once it gets hot and the carrier and carried get too hot being up against each other. DD tends to "run hot" like her momma, so summertime is stroller time. Also since I am a WOHM, it is helpful for a care provider who might not be too into slinging the baby.

It's one of those things that has its place, but we don't regularly use it.
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I didn't use a stroller until my kids were around 2 or 2 1/2. a wagon would have worked also. We only use strollers/wagons for things like amusement parks, fairs, the zoo, etc. It is great for carrying a cooler of food/backpack with jackets, etc and with 3 kids and 2 adults if all the kdis poop out we can put one or two in strollers/wagon and one or two in carriers

I still carry my 34 pound 3 year old in my Angelpack LX back carry (I am 115 lbs) and dh can still carry our 44 pound 6 year old in it.
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I have used a stroller. But I wanted to add that my DS is 35lbs and I can and still do carry him in a Moshi Toddler carrier-with no problems whatsoever. Stand firm. If you do not want a stroller, then there is absolutely no reason you should have one.
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We have managed to get to 2 and 4 months with our 4th child without using a stroller. We have a purple trolley for when we were out shopping and a seat on the back of my bike if we were going further afield or needed to get somewhere quickly so we don't need a stroller.

I have nothing against them and used one a lot with my first but I'd rather be riding a bike than walking so once I had 2 children I bought a tricycle with 2 seats then by the time we had a third the boys were on their bikes too. We were back on foot (hence the trolley) when dd2 came along until she was big enought to be on the bike and dd1 was on her bike competently.
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DS is 4 months old and has never been in a stroller. We have on, but no need for it, really. I think they are bulky and get in the way, I'd rather wear him.
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We did use ours, but only a few times. My oldest is nearly 7 and I've probably used it less than 7 times. We did a couple zoo trips and trips to the fair, mainly because the stroller could carry our stuff instead of us.
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