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Midwifery Students Tribe 2009

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: Midwifery Students!!!!! :

Last year's 2008 thread is huge with so much great information for new and seasoned midwifery students. If you want a good read, it'll take a long while but may be worth it to those new to studying midwifery. Troves of info on schools, apprenticeship, books, notetaking, and more!

: Yes I know this is an early pre-2009 thread but where I'm located it's already 2009!

May this year bring amazing births, good learning experiences, and fun times sharing (and maybe graduation) for all!

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Originally Posted by MamaRabbit View Post
May this year bring amazing births, good learning experiences, and fun times sharing (and maybe graduation) for all!
Here, here! Happy New Year!
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you're fast MR!
It's only been 2009 for 4 hours where I'm at, and I live about as far into the future as you can get.
(and yeah, I'm up at 4am and I don't even have a baby nursling - just can't sleep)

I should be using this time to go through the $250 worth of herbs, tincutres and homeopathics I bought to stock my birth kit... but hey, it's 4am!
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I'm here! Checking in for 2009 even though it's not yet here for us (12 more hours to go of 2008).

My niece will be one tomorrow. It's unbelievable to me that a whole year has flown. She was a homebirthed baby but her Mama didn't change her mind from hospital to home until a month before she was due. I was so happy that she did though, and they had a wonderful homebirth with her becoming the first baby of 2008 in her city

2008 also brought my first attendance at a homebirth. One of my closest friends delivered her healthy baby girl on April 11th. Her fifth child, first homebirth... and the midwife almost didn't make it for the birth She walked in as A was pushing and the backup midwife walked in about 10-15 minutes after birth.

And then 2008 brought my starting into the full AAMI program (I spent a year before that doing Introduction to Midwifery and Study Prep stuff). Early fall I did the preliminary stuff and November 1st started my official enrollment clock. I am absolutely loving it (even though it definitely is a lot of work )

What will 2009 bring? More AAMI for sure... no births planned as of yet except for my own

2009 will hopefully bring a healthy homebirthed baby to me in the next month or two (I'm just over 34 weeks today) I have been planning for this all my life and my first birth was a rather traumatic hospital induction, so I am hoping for a more peaceful entrace into the world for this baby.

I love this thread! : I look forward to sharing 2009 with you all
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Yay for new threads!

Happy New Year, mamas! Guess what! I am sending my CRD and Requesting my Prepak today! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
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Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I hope that we all have a wonderful year.

Just a brief re-intro for the new thread:

My name is C and I am mom to 4 kids. DD is 8; DS is 7; DS2 is 5; DD2 is 3. Both of my DDs were born at home. My DSs were born at a hospital. We home school.

I am a student with AAMI. Getting ready to send for my next phase. I enrolled in November. I have worked with a midwife as an assistant in the past. I am going to be doing a trial assistant-ship with another midwife starting in February. She is an AAMI graduate which is really cool. She has a beautiful birth philosophy and I am really looking forward to working with her. She is newly certified so she can't apprentice me just yet. I don't know what the future holds as far as an apprenticeship goes, but I'm extremely grateful for any birth experience I can get at this point. I also have an acquaintance who wants me for labor support in March.

This student midwife tribe has been such a great source of support and encouragement for me. I'm so glad that you are all here. I am loving every step of this journey towards midwifery.

Happy New Year to all of you!
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Hi, intro here: I'm Summer, mama to 2 beautiful girls and for 2009 I've decided to start pursuing my calling of midwifery. I'm applying for nursing school for Fall 2009 (because where I want to practice they require a CNM licensure for homebirth attendance) and going to start AAMI Introduction to Midwifery. That's the plan so far! I can't wait to get started
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ok I copied this from the old thread:

2009 is going to be a good year I can just feel it! : I am attending the DONA doula training in Jan and will start at FSTM in August! I am pretty sure I will be laid off my job in the next 4-6 months and once that happens, I plan to start my apprenticeship with my preceptor and offer my doula services to low income women who are in need but can’t afford the services. This will allow me to help out women in need while gaining experience too.

Looking forward to the next year and all the exciting midwifery steps I will be taking with you ladies by my side.
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Happy New Year!

Well, plans at this point are much different than I expected. I had expected to be traveling around to do some 'apprenticing' this year but I have found local preceptor. : Well, local might be too strong of a word actually... I live 1.5 hours west of the community she serves and she lives 1.5 hours north of that community. It will work though, it's not a bad drive and assisting a midwife nearby who travels in a 2 hour radius has prepared me for the driving.

January looks to be a busy month as birth assistant and I'm also looking at getting my impacted wisdom teeth removed . By spring I should be apprenticing with my new preceptor.

So my goals for 2009 are to apprentice and get a decent amount of AAMI work done. In 2010 I'm hoping to take the Farm adv workshop, finish apprenticing and maybe even finish AAMI a few months early. :

Life has a way of changing my plans though, so who knows how things will pan out.
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Have any mamas here been through the midwifery program at Ryerson Univ in Toronto? Part time?
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Happy New Year, mamas!!!!!!!!!

my intro for the thread: I'm Liz, a midwifery student with AAMI, sending for my next phase at last and trying to learn as much as I can. No DH or little ones yet.
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it must be a little easier to study without little ones yet! I wish I did it that way sometimes

I ordered all my books for the reading requirements for the CBI CBE course I am taking. I bought them all used for a grand total of $4.50 : Now I have to buckle down and read 5 books which shouldn't be a problem since they all look interesting and I picked ones that I haven't read much about so far.
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Originally Posted by Surfacing View Post
Have any mamas here been through the midwifery program at Ryerson Univ in Toronto? Part time?

I have a friend in the fast track program in Toronto, don't know if it is the same University.
Are you planning to go to that school?
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Happy new year!!:

I will do a quick intro I am Erika, I am 28, I have 3 fantastic kids and a pretty wonderful husband. I am an AAMI student and have been apprenticing for almost 2 years. I also spent 3 months down at Casa this past fall. I am now preparing for the NARM and my plan is to take the written exam in August. I also have hopes to make it down to Casa this year to spend some time doing a residency. Oh, and I am taking my own clients under supervision right now, so that is pretty exciting stuff too!

Is anyone else here planning on taking the NARM exam in 2009?
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Hi All!

I posted on the last thread too. I guess I will introduce myself again:

My friends call me B, so ya'll can too, it will be easier I am 24, married to my wonderful 28 year old Army hubby. He is currently on his second deployment to Iraq. We are taking a TTC break cause of that and he has 3 sons.

I am enrolling in AAMI pretty soon. I just have to get all the money into one money order instead of cash, bank and checks from the holidays. I am super excited and really nervous. I have not been in school since I graduated HS in '03. I am hoping the course keeps me busy during the time that is left on the deployment. I can use all the distractions I can get!

Oh and I plan on enrolling in the NARM course, can I do that at a later date or do I have to do that right off the bat?
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Hi Everyone, Happy New Year!:

I haven't posted to this thread for quite a while, so i'll reintroduce:

I'm Eliza, mama to almost 4 year old twin boys, AAMI enrollee and longtime slow-road midwifery student. I began my midwifery studies in 2003 and have stayed connected but only sporadically active-- i'm finding it too hard to do with my little ones and my husband's work as a musician which has him out late into the night pretty often. I plan to slowly work on AAMI, do some pp doula work, and sometime down the road look for an apprenticeship. I really yearn to do birthwork now, but i'm trying to be patient and wait till the time feels right. In the meantime i am working on a B.A. in Maternal child health and child development.

I read this thread all the time, but don't post so much since i don't have a lot going on. But i love it here and you ladies are a real source of inspiration!
It's so exciting to hear what you're all up to!

Here's to a productive and inspired new year!
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Hi Everyone,

I'll reintroduce myself on this new thread.

I'm Christa, mom of 3 children, 8, 5, and almost 3 years old. In May of 2009 I will have been apprenticing for 3 years. I started when my youngest was 12 weeks old. I think the postpartum hormones possessed me to do that lol. Between doula and homebirths, I've attended 70 something births in the past 2 1/2 years. I guess that accounts for my crazziness I can't wait for my life to slow down a little!

I own a midwifery practice with my best friend. She finished up her primary under supervision not too long ago. It has been a perfect arrangement for us. I've also got a great preceptor in another practice that is helping me learn all the things I need to know still. I love the way she practices and feel pretty fortunate to be working with her. She has been good to me. Hopefully I'll finish up my primary under supervision births sometimes this year.
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I am in the middle of my second year of a local midwifery school. And I just started apprenticing with my midwife this past September. Before that, I provided labor support in between having my own babies for the last 9 1/2 years. I also taught childbirth classes at a hospital for 3 years, and am looking forward to teaching again very soon (but in a private setting).

I am planning on going to the Farm workshop in April, and probably again in August. Anyone else going?

I lurked over on the 2008 forum, so lots of you are familiar. Looking forward to watching all of your stories unfold this year. :
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Washington AAMI Students

This is for those WA AAMI students.

I was told by someone on another board today that I probably wouldn't be able to get licensed in Washington if I attended AAMI. Is this true? The licensing requirements state that you have to go to an accredited school and AAMI is not. However, I was under the impression that if I took the NARM I would be okay.

I just got the money together to enroll today. I have it in a money order ready to go and now this is scaring me off.

Its starting to feel like things are stacked against me in this dream
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Originally Posted by mwherbs View Post
I have a friend in the fast track program in Toronto, don't know if it is the same University.
Are you planning to go to that school?
Yes, the school I am planning on applying to is in Toronto.

Dh and I are trying to work out the piece around needing good supports. My mom is a good help at times but we *need* other options. I'm thinking we'll have to pay for help at times.

Dh is scared by the thought of taking on loans for the clinic piece. What are we looking at in terms of $ I wonder? We will also likely have to sell our condo while I'm doing clinic and move to rental accom. as we won't be able to afford our mortgage and everything. Has anyone else BTDT and lived to tell? TIA
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