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Aw thanks OrganicSister

Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
helen emily, i used to wear gloves when i did hennaing, but now i like the orange. it usually fades from skin in a couple of days, but for the fingernails the colour has to grow out. I think it looks cool
Yeah I didn't mind much really! But it was really bright at first and I got sick of people asking why. My faux-SIL told me that in Kashmir, they believe henna on the palms is "cooling" for the body and mind... so a few times I've acted all wanky and told people that's why I did it. Heh heh.
I was a little embarrased when I went back to work and the 4 yo asked me why they're orange, and then when I explained he gave me a really incredulous / scathing look and told me I should have worn gloves. Smart kid

purplemamaturtle5, that was such a wierd reaction from your niece! I would have to agree that it sounds like she has some very adult views put into her head... None of the littlies I know have been interested in my dreads until I put beads into them, at which point they insist on inspecting my head and finding them all
It's nice that she has you around to model a different way of thinking.
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Well thank you very much Helen Emily!!
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Hey Mama's! i'm at 7 mos here and loving my loopy, messy head. tons of shrinkage and tightening! i have a ? about henna for u ladies....my 5 yr old dd is the only non red head in the house, and is asking all the time to dye her hair. i believe that hair should look as one wants it to, but don't want ppl to think I'M trying to make her look more like her sibs ya know (she has a diff bio dad, which is where her blonde hair comes from)
i guess i just need opinions, and i know, listen to my dd not everyone else right It's just most ppl don't believe me when i say i let my kids make those types of decisions, they think i must be making them ya know?

Maybe I'll just let my 7 yr old get dready at the same time, give everyone tons to talk about

Peace Mama's!
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have you asked your DD why she wants her hair red? Does she just like the look? Want to look more like her siblings? Likes the color red? I think this may help define her feelings a bit more and make sure it's the right decision. either way I don't think it would hurt, after all she is only 5, it will eventually fade away if she doesn't like it and you can do it again if she does.
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if that's what your dd wants, katbomumof3, I'd let her go for it. who cares what anyone thinks? (well, everyone should care what *I* think )
it will fade out anyway. (my 5yo dd has been hennaing her hair since she was 3)
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majikfaerie - really? i stalk your blog on a regular basis, but i didn't realize hers was hennaed. It's the same colour as my oldest dd's lol.
I have asked her, and it is b/c she wants to look more like me and her sis. I explained to her that she does look like me (face) but just has diff hair, while sis looks like dad and has my hair. She agrees, she saw a pic of me at her age, and said it was her wearing her sis's hair If she asks again, i just might let her go for it! B/c really, it should only matter what she thinks, which is what i explained to them when i got my dreads.

Speaking of which, cute story about how much my girls support me. We have these "friends" whom we disagree with on everything, and they continually make rude remarks about my hair when we are together, they have been doign this for 10 yrs (pink hair, shaved head, you get the pic, if its not "normal" they don't like it.) Anywho, on new years they managed to reallyu hurt my feelings, and i was talking with dh about it a couple of days later. Both dd's pipe up, "It's not nice that they were teasing you, I think your dreads are pretty!"
I love my kids sooo much:
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aww, that is so cute

and yeah, dd's hair is hennaed. if you search back through the blog, i did post about it.
funnily enough, it's the natural colour she was born with, and it's the natural colour of her eyebrows, so the henna job looks totally natural. most people can't believe it's dyed, but when she was about a year old her hair lightened to dirty blonde like mine. (well, mine has darkened to brown since I got older, and I was also born with red hair).
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Ah, dd2's hair has changed over the years too. SHe was born with it quite dark, then it went kinda strawberry, then really blonde, and now is a dirty blonde. I've only been reading your blog for a few months, I'll have to look back! Can you tell me a bit about what henna to use? How to do it?
Thanks so much!
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i like to get henna in bulk from a healfh food shop, since it's really cheap that way. I think about 100grams is enough for a head of short hair, but it's a good idea to get a bit more so you have enough for good coverage.
it comes in a greenish powder, you can usually choose what shade to get, though you can't tell for sure what it will turn out like - it depends on what colour hair you start with. i did dd's with copper henna this last time. (copper and dark red are the 2 most common colours)
you mix the henna into a paste with boiling water, smoosh it into the hair, wrap it up and let it set for a couple of hours, then rinse it out.
it does stain skin orange, so its a good idea to put some vaseline or similar around the hairline and on the tops of the ears, and maybe wear gloves too.
good luck
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How easy is it to henna with dreadlocks? (its something I'm now considering looking into....I have dreadlocks....) :
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Thanks so much! We talked about it this morning, it is something we may do for her 5th bday in a couple of week
And i now know how i will keep my hair red as i age......
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Originally Posted by purplemamaturtle5 View Post
How easy is it to henna with dreadlocks? (its something I'm now considering looking into....I have dreadlocks....) :
ime hennaing dreads is much the same as hennaing regular hair. just mash the henna paste into each dread and make sure you get all the hair covered.
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Thanks for the info!!
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I'm subbing. I'm going dready in 2009 and I'm so, so excited. I have very fine, very straight hair, that reaches well past my shoulders. The good thing is, even though it's super fine, I have lots of it. I'm going for lots of small dreads. I'm not feeling inclined to do any backcombing so I'm just using my fingers to tangle it up.

I'm feeling really good about it. Loving it loving the process and my hair
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welcome supermama!
don't worry, i also had very fine, very straight hair a bit more than shoulder length before I stopped brushing. it took a few weeks, but they dreaded up just fine naturally and without backcombing. I did rub in a few of the more stubborn ones and wrap them with cotton though.
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Does anyone have any experience in braiding to dreadlocks? I have seen a few pictures of people who have had braids and let them dread up.. do they do anything to "make" them dread up faster?
I only have about 3/4" of hair right now, but I am already planning on doing dreads again!
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Nemesis...I don't have any firsthand experience but I think that it would take longer with braids. Since they are held in place by the braid I doubt your hair would have much chance to move around knot up. I guess it would "look" like dreads sooner but not really be knotted. Just my opinion though.
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This is officially day 12 for my locks (although it is really day 1 for them staying locked) and I'm way stoked on how it looks...


this was taken this morning when I got out of bed, I have locks! At least, the beginning of them.
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Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
Does anyone have any experience in braiding to dreadlocks? I have seen a few pictures of people who have had braids and let them dread up.. do they do anything to "make" them dread up faster?
I only have about 3/4" of hair right now, but I am already planning on doing dreads again!
a few of my dreads started out as braids. (I had separated the front part of my hair into three thin sections, dyed each section a different shade of blue or green, and then braided them together, which I thought was cool at the time - hey I was 16 ). anyway, that was right around the time I stopped brushing, and I never took the braids out.
it does take longer, since the hair dreads up at the roots, as the braid grows, and the hair in the braid mostly stays as a braid for at least a year. it does eventually become dreads, and it is much neater and more even along the way. but it does take longer.

and supermama, they look great
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SuperMama, looks beautiful! I have hair underneath still that has never locked up. I haven't brushed in over 6 months. My hair is a little shorter though.
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