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Originally Posted by sugareemoma View Post
Since my scalp isn't used to being washed more than once a week does anyone think it would be necessary for me to bs/acv more often? Does anyone use baking soda & apple cider vinegar on their locks anyway? When they get tighter I would be concerned with them hanging onto the acv smell. Thanks in advance,
Peace & love
Welcome! At first I washed a little more often than I was used too. I just felt like my head needed it. I usually just do the baking soda and not the acv. The acv makes them too soft so they don't lock up as well. JME
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Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
welcome sugaree! a lot of people do the bc/acv on their dreads without problems. many say the acv really helps it to loc up.

okay, so today i was driving around town... and you know when you're wearing a long flowing skirt and the hem gets shut in the door so it's visible outside the car? well, I had that... but with my dreds
Tanks for the advice on the acv & bs, I will continue my normal routine and see how it grows.
Great mental image, I can totally picture long locks sticking out the side of a door
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Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
welcome sugaree! a lot of people do the bc/acv on their dreads without problems. many say the acv really helps it to loc up.

okay, so today i was driving around town... and you know when you're wearing a long flowing skirt and the hem gets shut in the door so it's visible outside the car? well, I had that... but with my dreds

Too funny!
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I have'nt had the hair in door thing happen with dreads, but I used to do it all the time when I had super long hair. Then again, I frequently walk into the sliding glass door. The bad things about a cerebral existance...
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Ok dready mamas... I've started using my natural poo bars and I love them so far, my hair has more body and doesn't seem to grease out quite as quickly after washing And I'm sure that will only get better as it adjusts to the lack of chemical crapola. My problem might be the acv rince... I bought an organic herbal infused one.. and have been rinsing it really well.. but my hair seems a bit 'gummy' even after it dries. Any suggestions? I don't have dreads yet, but I am fairly sure the gummy feeling won't be good for them when I do finally dread up!
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Celebrated two years in May! : I'm waaaay overdue for pics... So nice to read (4 pages!) and catch up with you all!

Happy Summer!
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Hello dready mamas! My dreads will be turning 1 in a week. I will post some pics soon. Right now I'm at a standstill with the color. They've faded to a light pink/orange/blond with dark roots. I can't decide if I'll dye them or what! I have decided that I want to keep my wispy ends instead of trying to round them out. The loopies have really toned down recently. I can't wait for them to grow 6 inches or so. I really want long dreads.
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So I was chatting online with someone while playing Farmtown on Facebook (darned addictive I tell ya!) and somehow it came up that I have dreads. She said that she had heard that spiders build their nests in them and have their babies.

I assured her that no spiders were taking up residence in my head.
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^ :

I did once watch an inchworm fall from my hair after a hike in the woods, though...

I have so much gray and dk brown mixed together that ANYTHING could take up residence and I might not know! I spend alot of time hiking and biking in the woods, head uncovered. It's possible I guess...
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ive had a spider nesting in my hair once
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Really?!?! I figured it was unlikely, with all of the movement from the hair...
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Oh my lord. I read this and cringed. When I was a teenager with hair to my knees, I had a spider nest fall in my hair. Funny, I have'nt liked them since...
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Eeek! I was out berry picking and then checking myself for ticks afterwards this week. It freaked me out a bit that I might have one in my hair. I scrubbed well but might have dh look my head over. DS had a tick in his hair (it was attached) a couple years ago so not only dready people get bugs in their hair. Darn thing was exactly the same color as his hair so I'm not surprised we didn't notice it.
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I had an attached tick a few weeks ago right at the base of a dresd and DH had a hard time trying to get to it due to the dread, but he did. Needless to say I check every night now.
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So, I've been thinking for years that I'd like to dread my hair. But I had a few reasons/excuses not to.

1) I wanted my dreads to be at least shoulder length when I start them. (Just my own personal preference- nothing against anyone w/ shorter dreads)

2) for the past 4 yrs I've been growing out my hair and learning how best to treat it to encourage length and generally a "pretty" (read shampoo commercial) look

3) I didn't know enough about how to 'do' them/ what method to use for my hair type

4) I wasn't sure i could commit myself to caring for them.

But years went by and things changed.

1) my hair is now to my butt so I'm confident that when I dread they will fall to at least my shoulders.

2) for a few months now I have not been treating my hair the way that it needs to be treated in order to "look pretty"

3) I have narrowed it down to backcombing or twist and rip.

4) I spent 4 years taking excellent care of my long hair. I slowly made the transition from shampoo & conditioner, to no-poo, to water only, to conditioner only, to sebum only and back to water only with monthly shampoos with anti-dandruff shampoo. (finally found what works best!)
Between that and combing/brushing/preening as my washing routines dictated... Yeah- 4 yrs of that? I think I can handle dreads

I'm waiting for my hair to dry and then I'll test out a loc w/ twist and rip to see how i like it. Underneath the rest of my hair of course.

My hair is thick and course with individual strands being almost thick enough to use as thread. It seems to want to loc up on its own, but I'd rather have a more uniform look to my dreads than neglect will allow.

Which do you think is better for my hair type? Backcombing or twist and rip?
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Hi all you dread mamas,

I am hoping that you can help me. I have recently got dreads about a week and a half ago. I read so many conflicting things like wax/don't wax.....and I am just not sure what to do. my friend who put mine in uses wax and swears by it not drying your hair out. I am pregnant and the smell of the wax REALLY bothers me right now so I have only waxed once sine the first initial wax at the time of dreading. I have also heard of a aloe gel that you can use instead of wax?

Should I be palm rolling every day or every few days? and palm rolling dry dreads? I hear of people palm rolling their dreads everyday.

When I had my dreads put in I first went and got my hair sectioned, and when the dreading happened we left the little rubber bands in. My friend says I should leave them in for two months. But the bands keep getting loose, I think that quite a few of my dreads are pretty much loose a inch or two from the roots. I keep tightening up the bands and sometimes replacing them. My question is will the bands really help or will they cause damage? I posted this question on diaper swappers and someone quickly said that NO I should take them out. My friend gets all her info off of the dread head website and they really suggest the use of bands the first couple months.....anyways I am just wondering what your opinion is.

Thank you so much!
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JMO. I don't think it's good to restrict young dreads with bands, beads or anything else. You don't want to restrict one small part when they're trying to fatten up or you'll end up with a thin spot. I think it's better to let them form on their own with a little bit of separating and palm rolling once a week while the hair is damp. I don't think that any product helps. The best thing for my hair has been just switching to water only. No soaps or products at all.
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everyones dreads are so different. there is no cut and dry answer. i have had my dreads over a year and they still are not mature, i put a friends dreads in about the same time and hers have been mature for months. I think the palm rolling is important and letting them just do their thing. i have found no real good way to get the little wispies to lock up in my hair type... just time and patience. I use alo vera now and again but i hav eleft the wax behind as it did not seem to help so much. it does make them look neater - if you're going out...
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The routine you talk about sounds like such a dream. I really REALLY am annoyed by these rubberbands and worried that they could be causing breakage. I am getting the picture that since everyone's hair is so different, that may be why there are so many idea out there with how to take care of dreads. I really like the more natural approach.

My dreads seem really dry. Is this normal you think? I am only washing once or twice a week. I am using this dread head shampoo that my friend gave me. I like the idea of using Aloe from time to time........
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My dreads are approx. 3 months now... they get loose every now and then so keep getting em tightened


I'm also approx. 35 weeks pregnant! Woohoo

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