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Sending you lots of healing vibes! Post when you have an update! We are all thinking/praying for you & yours!

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Hellp syndrome is horrible, glad it got caught in time... let her know we are thinking about her and the baby!
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Thinking about you guys today and hoping all is going well.
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Maggie Isolda Ray Whiddon
born 10:33 AM, January 1, 2009
1lb, 5oz
Mom is doing fine
Maggie is doing fine from what we've been told. I'm sure there are as many issues as you can all imagine but we've heard nothing discouraging yet. I plan on going to see her sometime after 1:00 in the NICU and Cristi will get to see her tomorrow.
I've read all your replies to her and she was very appreciative.
Thank you all.
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Congratulations! Maggie is a beautiful name.
Wishing you much love and support during these NICU days. I'm sure there are many MDC threads on helping deal with prematurity~
Take care of yourselves, and your little darling.
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welcome to the world, maggie!!!!

i'm sure she's got a fabulous team of doctors working around the clock to make sure she's in good shape. take good care of yourself and cristi in the meantime. you will get through it.
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Welcome to the world little one.

Wishing mom & baby lots of health & healing vibes.

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Welcome to our first little one... be strong, be healthy.... our thoughts are with you!
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Congratulations and I'm glad your wife is OK!
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Congratulations on your daughter. Thinking of you....
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How did I miss this yesterday???

Squeeky, congratulations and heartfelt on what must be a stressful time. Take advantage of your NICU, the nurses there are wonderful I'm sure (my mom worked in NICU for a while )

Like Jenny I was thinking that there was no way we'd get much further without someone birthing early. Again congrats and lots of prayers
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glad to hear that everyone is ok. i'm sure little maggie is in wonderful hands!
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You are all in my thoughts! Welcome to the world, dear baby! :

Maggie is a darling name. Keep us posted.
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Congrats! I bet little Maggie is in wonderful hands.
Glad to hear Mom and baby are doing okay.

Wishing you (and the whole family) all the best!

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Aww, congrats! I love the name, and am glad mom and baby are doing well. What a great way to start the new year!
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Thinking of you and praying for your family. I know what it's like to have a baby in the NICU. I'm sure you and the baby are in good hands. I hope you are both recovering well.
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Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! I hope mom is healing well, and that everyone is feeling strong! We'll be thinking of you lots!
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welcome baby maggie!

sending hardcore healthy baby vibes your way :

give your wife a hug from us!

happy new year and happy new baby!
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Welcome baby maggie! Hope your stay in the NICU is short and you get to go home with mom and dad soon, and in great health.
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