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Thinking healthy, healing thoughts for mom and baby. Congrats on the birth of your sweet girl!

When she is home and ready, tell her to pop on over to the NICU board here. My son was born at 30 weeks in 2005 and the women over there are just lovely and full of information.

Much love to you guys!
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Welcome Baby Maggie! Sending thoughts and prayers your way to grow healthy and strong.

Congratulations mom and dad!
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Welcome, Baby Maggie!!! What a sweet, beautiful name. (If we ever have a girl, that will be her name.)

I hope all is healthy with mom and baby. TONS of good strong vibes to all of you. :
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Welcome baby Maggie! I'm sending lots of healing and positive energetic thoughts for you all!
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Welcome sweet little Maggie! I will be thinking about your family and wishing you well!
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Congratulations on your baby girl! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Welcome sweet Maggie! I hope everyone is home soon. Congratulations!!!:
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Congratulations to you guys! You'll be in my continued thoughts.
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This is Brad again.

Cristi is doing well. She's been in and out of bed several times today and has finally got to see her little girl. She has also began pumping in preparation for when it's needed.

Maggie is doing about the same as she has been. There are no major, unexpected issues at the moment. There are issues, just not major or unexpected or anything the physicians don't feel they can't manage.

here's a link to some pictures.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and well wishes. Maybe Cristi can take back her posting duties soon.
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What a sweet baby girl! Thanks so much for keeping us posted, Brad. It is good to hear that everyone is doing well. As someone else posted, I'd recommend posting in the NICU forum when you feel like you need support. I haven't spent any time there, but I can only imagine that it is a wealth of support and information.

: More strong, healthy vibes to all three of you. :
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precious baby maggie!
glad to hear that everyone's doing well. you guys are definitely in my thoughts! what a beautiful baby girl.
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Oh wow! It's so amazing to see her and all her perfect little parts! What a sweet little fighter you have!

Glad to hear momma is doing ok and no surprises for Maggie's care team, that's good news! Thank you for the update.
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OH my gosh, congratulations and glad everyone is okay and prayers that will continue! and oh what a precious little girl!!!!
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oh she is beautiful! congrats mom and dad!! :

we'll keep her in our thoughts for a smooth nicu stay!
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Welcome to the world Maggie!

What a beautiful little girl. My prayers are with you for a short stay in the NICU!
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Thanks for the update and the pics! How sweet!
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She is so cute & tiny! I'm sure she knows when you guys are there. Just keep giving her all the love you possibly can, and she will thrive!
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Congratulations! What a tiny, perfect little baby.
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I hope she continues to do well and mom too ((((hugs)))))
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I can't stop thinking about you guys and hoping you are all doing well.
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