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Sit ups rage

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man! I forgot how frustrated the wee ones get when they struggle for those big development milestones. Lately Lilith spends much of her day doing "sit ups" and beeing pissed that she can't sit up. God forbid we try to help her or sit her up...that's not good enough. She wants to do.it.herself!!!!!!

It's pretty frustrating for us to watch....but I know it is important in buidling her core muslces and balance etc to let her try to figure it out herself.

Man! I'd forgotten how hard it is to watch them struggle for these milestones...and we're months away from real sitting up alone etc!!!1
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I don't mean to laugh at your baby, but I am giggling a little about the image in my mind of a 3 month old doing sit ups

Check out the "wonder week" thread where they've been discussing the week leading up to meeting a milestone
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Addie does this too, especially in her car seat. And she gets SO pissed that she can't.
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Milo's doing situps too, but he's a happy sitter. If I hold his hands, he braces his feet, and pulls himself to a sitting position!!!!! He loves it.

where's the wonder week thread?
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Yep, we've got them here too. . .don't get me wrong, I love my baby dearly, but I really hate the stage between about 3 and 5-6 months. Before 3 months, they're happy to cuddle and hang out on you all day. After 3 months they seem to want to be up and going on their own, even though they cant, and they spend a lot of the day frustrated that they can't. I love it when they finally get to where they're happy playing for a while on the floor with a few toys.
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ally tries too. she hates to lay down and does a "crunch" to try to get herself up. at least she'll let us help her....for now. my fave phrase has always been, "I can do it myself!" and i imagine she'll be the same as she's already showing signs of my personality. oh boy.....
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