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Cherry/grape tomato recommendations?

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Especially one that's prolific, and will dehydrate well? Fun colors a bonus, but not necessary.
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I bought an heirloom variety last year-it was wein-something, anyway the tomatos are REALLY sweet and yummy and the tomatos are pink to purple with green stripes.
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Back when I could have tomatoes, I planted out sweet olive cherry tomatoes for a few years. Determinate, fruited in July in my zone, and OH! So sweet and perfectly tasty/tomatoey.

I can still have pineapple tomatillos, so I grow those now.
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Mexico Midget is SO prolific and dries well. If you are into hybrids, I love the taste of Sun Gold. We tried Reisentraube last year and did not care for it. I am excited to try White Currant this year. I have yet to find an heirloom cherry tomato whose taste I am wild about but I'll keep trying!
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My yellow currant tomatoes from Seed Savers Exchange was very prolific and easy to grow. Wasn't the most sweet though.
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Yeah, I'm trying to stick with heirloom/OP stuff so I can save seed from 'em. Secure food source and all that jazz.

But honestly, I haven't had cherry/grape tomatoes in a few years, so as long as I find something that's not super acidic/tart, I'm good. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. And I figure, worse comes to worse, I'll zap 'em in the microwave and run 'em through the squeezo for tomato sauce if I can't keep up.
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My favorite is called Hawaiian Currant. It made a monster plant - 6ft - and was very prolific and sweet. Their size should make them dehydrate well, too. They're about the size of a large blueberry.

ETA: It's an indeterminate
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Another vote for Sungold. :
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Can't recommend this outright because I haven't grown them yet, but I just bought some Blondkopfchen tomato seeds from Seed Savers exchange.
The description says they have "excellent,sweet taste" and "enormous yields".

Here's a link: Blondkopfchen

I'm very excited about these!
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Ok, I withdraw my Sungold vote because I just saw this. Someone in the seed swap thread posted this link to free OP tomatoes, and I see multiple cherries. I can't vouch for most of them, but hey, they're free!
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Originally Posted by Breathless Wonder View Post
Oops, I forgot the link. Yes, that's it.
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