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Oh Crazy how awful, that kind of stress is just awful, you can feel so trapped.

ASF, teaching was never the problem is was everything else that you had to do.
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Thanks ASF. Yeah that's always an option, but a pricey one at that! My class is 3 hrs long, so that's $48! But maybe I'll go talk to them anyway in case there's a time where I have no one else to watch them.

Oh, and I am not sure if I ever told you guys, but I recently developed a heart murmur. It was first discovered in the hospital when I had N and the doc said no big deal, it was probably because of the pregnancy and/or surgery. So in Oct. when I had my colonoscopy done, that doc noticed the murmur too. So today I finally went to a doctor to get it investigated. I had some blood work done, so hopefully the murmur is from something simple like anemia. Next week I'm to go in and get an ECG and an echocardiogram. Nobody is too worried, but I'd like to figure out what's going on anyway.

ETA: Thanks emans! You posted while I was typing this post so I didn't see yours. Life's just full of screwballs for all of us lately, huh?
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Oh, I meant to ask you guys this yesterday, but totally forgot. Do you know of any good place in town that does bra measurements? Nursing or non-nursing, I don't care. I just need a few nice bras that attempt to reverse the gravitational pull. I swear, I can't find a bra to fit right and am frustrated. But that might be because most regular places don't carry my size (or at least the size I think I am). And sorry, since when was 36C "full figure"? I was at Macy's in Cottonwood the other day and that's what they had in their "full figure" section.
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Okay, hugs to everyone, what a crappy day for us all.

I had about 2 hours of sleep last night after the Reglan didn't work and was up feeling like I did all last summer. So not fun. Then we had an open house and that actually turned out well. Loved the school and they said that we can start coming in the summer once a week to get S used to the school since they know how timid she is. Works out great. Get home and I'm immediatly slammed with a migrain from not sleeping. Still have it and feel like crap. Need sleep but decided to check on my friends for the night.
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Crazy - we are usually free on Fridays. It used to be our horse riding day but the ranch is closed down for the next few months. Anyway, I totally don't mind being your back-up person for watching your kids. I'm being serious.

No news on the job front for dh, except that it looks like he's got a second interview with the place in Chicago. There's a job that I really want him to get that's here. He doesn't even have an interview yet so I don't want to jinx it by saying too much, but would appreciate any prayers/positive thoughts in that direction.
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Good luck to CODaddy!

Crazy, I am free on Fridays too.
Hope all the medical comes back with something easily treatable.

Elm, baby steps. Good for you!

Eman's, sorry about the crappy day.

The visit is going well enough, except for the fact that we've all been sick all week!
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Crazy, i can help on Fridays but you might have options closer too.

I did nothing productive today. I plugged both kids into a computer each and took a bath and read 71 pages of a novel without interuption of kid, phone or anything. I even refilled the hot water twice.

And L read a 5th grade reading level book today with just a little help. Need I mention I almost cried.

Dh got a call from Denver about a job there....and California... sigh. How many times do I need to mention I'm not going further west.

I'm sorry for the bad days. I really think the group living idea is a much better system than we have going now.

Big hugs
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Crazy, I think ASF liked a place on Carlie? for bras. I used to love Growing Life but I understand they have closed down. Good luck with your tests

CoMommy and DoulaRN, great job news but neither of you is allowed to leave. I'll send positive staying here thoughts ::

Elm hope you are feeling better today. E starts soccer practice again today.
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crazy - oh yeah - camilles on san pedro ish - they will fit ya and they carry big boobie holders
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HMMM maybe I should try them too. I usuually go to Lane Bryant for over the shoulder boulder holders.
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Do they carry small boobie holders? Cause I could use the help with what little I've got.

Went hiking today for 2.5 hours. Felt great to be out there. Unfortunatly a cactus found me and it hurt like hell. Thankfully it was only on my shin and not to many needles, but OUCH!
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they carried most sizes i think - they were great at getting me fitted/measured

elm -ouch for cactus

we went to the zoo today - the polar bear was so fun! He kept throwing a toy at big c. it was way cool - he threw it out of the pen a few times. he would come up and look right at her then aim and throw
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Sounds like it was a great day at the zoo asf! maybe we should all plan a pg there in a week or so.

elmh - what a great day to be out hiking, where did you go? Glad you are feeling better.

crazy - yikes on the murmur, I hope they figure it out soon. doularn & COmommy - yay for jobs, but boo for moving away. You're supposed to stay here with us!! :

So we had a nice productive day today. Finally got the bunkbed in place and built. C spent most of the day climbing up and down, and playing in the cave - it has a secret spot behind the dresser and desk you can hang out in!! MIL is able to come down next week, YAY!! Looks like we might get a lot done with her here.

What are we doing next week? I think Thursday is really bad for us, but Wed or maybe Fri are ok.
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