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Hey i just noticed I am a "senior member". Does that get me anything?
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You can make a senior title though I have no clue how. Other than that, I don't think it gets you anything.
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We can jump up and down and say yippy for you :
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YAY I am addicted to this board and Facebook and Email etc.:
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i am SORE and tired. I have spent the last few days cleaning my tail off.
I cleaned and organized from top to bottom C's room (upstairs), my bedroom, my bathroom, and the WHOLE FREAKIN GARAGE! Now I still have the playroom, livingroom, laundry room and i dont think i can even make myself touch the closets. Our trash and recycling are full to the brim and we don't get pickup till friday.

DD is in love with her camera - she walks around recording herself

dd made me a bit today - she was taking pictures in her room and when i asked she told me she was "taking pictures of my stash"

She saw me taking diaper stash pics and pics of stuff i was trading for xmas so she took pics of her "wooden and cloth playfood stash"

So what day for PG elm? If doularn is off thursday we may have the tulle by them and be able to make tutus that day

MNO? are we trying for this weekend?

tutu order is in! Should be here this week
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I'm good with Tuesday or Thursday. If Doularn is off, then Thursday would work great.

As for MNO, Saturday night or Sunday works best, but any night this week other than Thursday works.

S is going to start piano lesson's with my SIL this week. She asked SIL herself if she would teach her piano so you know she really wants to learn.
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I'd like to be apart of a MNO..
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I think thursday works for us for pg, I'll see how much stuff I can fit in the van.

Do we want to try an afternoon for MNO? I think Saturday is better for me, I might have a baby shower to go to on Sunday.

Hi Life, nice to see you around again.
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doularn - I forgot to say that yes, C is in 3T pretty solidly now, so whatever you have would be great!

Saturday afternoon I might be able to swing
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We have a Catholic school fair to go to Saturday from 1-3. I'm pretty sure we won't be there the entire time as there are only a few schools we're interested in. I'm sure dh would be happy to drive me to wherever after that. So who is hosting or are we doing a restaurant?

ETA: S now has 2 black eyes from her brother hitting her with objects. The newest one was caused with a flashlight. Not cool dude.
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Hi and Happy New Year everyone! Trying to get caught up and back in the swing of things. We just got back from a nice long holiday trip. H is adjusting to not having grammy and grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins to attend to her every whim. Dh just started a new schedule this year - he's now gone for 48 hrs at a time. Today is the second day of his first two day shift. We miss him! On the upside - he is now off on saturdays. Maybe I will be able to make MNO!

Hope everyone is doing well and had a great holiday! Looking forward to seeing you all sometime soon!

Oh - Don't know who's using babylegs, but I was at Target today and they have their babylegs on clearance!
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TY Eman- I'm a lurker..

peace- TY for the baby leg info!
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I tried out the consignment shop in RR, it's not worth the drive, but if you happen to be in the area I think it's better than Other Mothers, it's smaller but there wasn't so much junk to filter through. I got 9 things for 24 bucks so not too bad, I was able to get M three long sleeve tees to embelish with fleece to go with the skirties I'm making her (like she needs more clothes).

M is back to her old sleep routine now that her nose is cleared up, I guess I can look at is as a small positive that at least one of my kids thinks sleep is a good thing when you are sick.
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When are people coming over? Today or Thursday?
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I vote Thursday!!!
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Thursday 10-10:30 ish then. Life, if you'd like to come pm me and I'll give you directions.

Little S says ball now
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Yeah for little S, we are planning on being there after M's nap.

I just got off the phone with Kelty, our 8 year old jogging strollers clips have broken, so I call and they are sending new ones out free of charge, they don't care that the stroller is old, that I never mailed in a reg card or anything, just you want clips great where can I mail them. :
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yay for little s!
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so thursday play at elms house

mno? is it sat or sun? sun works a bit better for me but i can make sat work if that is better for everyone - lets just decide!

If the tulle is here in time for thursday i will bring it then - if not i can bring to mno. For the tutus you will need elastic - i do 1/2-1 inch depending on the waist size and what i have around It needs to be sewn in a loop at the waist sized of the girl it goes to.

That is all you need other then scissors - fabric scissors are best.
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Instead of sewing elastic, I've also used the elastic hair bands. ASF- I think you said they didn't work for you?? It's another option if someone didn't want to sew. We should be there Thurs. I may leave B at home with dh.
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