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Bitter sweet sleep

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Matthew just slept through the night. I cannot believe it. I had to wake him at 530 to make sure he was breathing and to nurse because I was SOOOO engorged I couldnt sleep anymore. thats the bittersweet part. I can go 4 hours usually at night (they seem to shut down a little for some reason) but this was from 930-530! I could have stayed up for new years, darn it! I went to bed a 11, thinking he was going to be up at midnight to nurse for sure. Little stinker. I am going to try not to look forward to this again, as we all know every night is different. But i just cant believe my little fusser actually slept for that long. And I cant think of anything I did differently.
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There must be something in the air. My LO just slept 8.5 hours (first time!!!) tonight - of course I DID stay up for new year's & am now regretting I didn't stay home & go to bed & sleep while he did.
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Wow, you lucky gals! I had 5 hours of sleep in a row, though, which is wonderful by itself!
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I knew it was to good to be true.

My little monkey woke up at 2 this morning and has been fighting me every since. I semi prepared myself though. lol.

Is anyone else going back to work shortly and dreading operating under so little sleep? I go back tuesday. My hours are 7-330, and I will have to get up at 430 to get myself ready and then the two little ones. Wish me luck.
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I go back Tuesday as well. My guy sleeps most of the night. He usually wakes around 4am and is back asleep by 4:30ish.
I did a test run today to see how long it takes me to get up and get 2 kids ready. I need to keep practicing if I ever want to leave before noon!
Good luck, Barbie!
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Nora's been sleepingat least 6 hours every night since she was born. I love it, but mydarn oversupply leaves me engorged every morning. I can't cosleep either, but I do love the extra sleep. I figure it's payback from when K didn't sleep longer than 2 hours at a stretch for his first 9 months.
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