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Any mamas of twins who did NOT gain a lot of weight during pregnancy?

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I'm just curious if any of you ended up not gaining a ton of weight during your twin pregnancy. Although I have been attempting to follow the high protein/high calorie diet recommended I have still only gained 28 lbs (I'm 37 weeks today...Yipee!). I am 5'1" and was about 20 lbs overweight to start. If you didn't gain much, did you still manage to have reasonably big babies?

I was just looking back at my records from my last pregnancy and I only gained 3 lbs during the entire last 2 months of that one and ended up with a healthy 9 lb 14 oz girl at 41 weeks, so perhaps this is just a pattern of how things work with me. I also have nausea/vomiting for all 9 months of every pregnancy

I find this whole weight gain issue so annoying...I feel like I've spent half my life trying to lose weight (with not much success) and now when I want to gain it I can't do that either!!

BTW, my OB hasn't even made one comment about this...but he also had no additional recommendations about nutrition during a twin pregnancy (thank goodness for MDC!).

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I didn't gain a lot by TWIN standards, but I did gain a LOT for me during pregnancy. I landed at 39 pounds gained when my average for singletons is around 15. So I over doubled that. The babies were 6.6 and 7.6 which is smallish for me but honestly Claire is just built differently than my other babies. I think she would have been smaller than them as a singleton as well. I think Ben would have been about a pound larger as a singleton.

I did not find out about the twins until 20 weeks so did not follow the early "gain by 28 weeks" guideline. I was really frustrated by my lack of ability to gain as well! At one point, I didn't gain ANYTHING for 3 weeks running and was stressing but then packed on 6 pounds in a week (and turned around and told my midwife she was not allowed to gripe at me again ). My babies were healthy!
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I also didn't gain a lot for twins. 36 lbs by the end of it (had them just shy of 38 weeks). They were 6 lbs 14 oz and 7 lbs 13 oz, so really good sizes for dates. I gained more weight with my first dc and less with my second so the twins fell right in the middle as far as weight gain goes. I think honestly that the reason I didn't gain as much is b/c I had some to loose and some of that weight was used up sort of negating some of the weight that I *was* gaining (did that make sense?).
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I lost half a stone and then put on maybe a bit over one and a half stone by 32 weeks when they arrived. I had barely any extra weight post-birth, just lots of 'saggy' and more swelling than I've ever experienced before
Babies were 3lb6oz and 3lb12oz - which I was pleased about for my build and previous babies' weights ( heaviest was firstborn at 40 weeks: 6lb6oz)

Of course, I wish I could've eaten more, rested more.....
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I supposed I have to go google what a stone is now!

I lost 17 pounds, then gained back almost 50, so my total net weight gain was somewhere around 30 pounds. I started off my pregnancy about 25 pounds overweight.
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I gained about 40lbs during my twin pregnancy. Might not seem like a lot but it was double what I gained during my singleton pregnancies and I had healthy 7-1/2 and 9lb babies for those. My twins were 5lbs 8oz and 6lbs 3 oz which are OK sizes. I would have preferred bigger but they came one day shy of 37 weeks so who knows how much they would have weighed if I had gone to 40 weeks.

I also suffered nausea/vomiting for all 9 months so . Just concentrate on getting whatever healthy nutrient-rich foods you can into your body.
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i've had alot of trouble gaining. i am up like 10 lbs so far (at 30 weeks). i'm hoping the fact that i started out overweight means that it's ok that i can't seem to gain (i've lost weight between appts a couple times now even). i'm trying.....
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I was so sick that I lost about 5 pounds during the first trimester. I had finally gained that back and was at my pre-pregnancy weight when my boys were born early.
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Originally Posted by christyc View Post
I suppose I have to go google what a stone is now!
i googled it now

something like 20lbs (i lost 7lbs in the first trimester)
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I started off at a good weight for me, maybe I could have stood to lose about 5 lbs, but that's it. I gained 80 lbs, and my babies were "relatively" small at 38 weeks: 5lbs 14oz and 6lbs 10oz. I think that the amount of weight you gain doesn't necessarily affect how your babies will turn out, but what you eat, can. I think that eating enough protein is important when you are providing building blocks for TWO beings, and incorporating different foods that will support your pregnancy, and the health of it, are important too. Also, I think because I had gained so much, I wasn't starving for several months. It's really only recently when I tried to cut back on what I was eating, that I felt ravenous. I think that was a benefit to having gained a lot. I felt a little "betrayed" by the recommended weight gain for twins by the 28th week (LOL) as my gain and appetite never stopped or slowed (even during the 3rd trimester). The nite before they were born, I had to make myself a full meal in the middle of the nite, and this was after a full day of eating. My MWs were delighted that I was eating so much the day of the birth, including up to about the last second before I gave birth. (Chocolate shakes, fruit and veggie trays, deli sandwiches......the list goes on and on).
I wouldn't sweat your weight gain if you feel good and feel like your babies are doing well too. Technically, my babies should have been born about the size of small toddlers in my estimation!
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Interesting thread. And timely. I have gained 33 pounds total by 30 weeks.

I had a sub OB for my vacationing OB on Wednesday and she was a twit. Told me to slow down on my weight gain, that I didn't need to gain more. First of all, I've lost 1/2 in the past month! So I have slowed down, not that I'm trying. I told her I was making sure to get my protein and before I could finish the word protein she interrupted me and said, "we don't want you too heavy".

I do realize I started a little overweight. But I'm very proud of my weight gain. It all seems to be in my belly region and my babies have been growing very well ( on parr with singletons) when they estimate their weights at u/s appointments. I have another u/s on Tuesday, it will be interesting to see if they are still in the 55% & 47%. (although I know those u/s weights are just guesses).
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I don't know my exact weight gain, but it was only a little more than my weight gain with my singletons.
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I wieghed 165 when I first got pregnant. The first 3 weeks I dropped down to 155, then I dropped to 147 at 7 1/2 weeks. From there my weight slowly went up to 179 the day before my twins were born(at 33 1/2 weeks). I walked out of the hospital at 138 a week later. Best diet I have ever had! LOL

Both my girls were healthy at 4 10 and 6 1. They were each 18 inches long and had a head full of hair !! No time in NICU, just lots of rest as any newborn needs.

Now they will be 8 tomarrow and I can't believe it has been so long (or that I am getting to be that old!! LOL)
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I started out a healthy weight and only gained about 25 lbs. Up to 30 weeks, at each appt the babies each measured the same as my other child did. After 30 weeks I had some major complications and they had to be born early, but they were very strong and healthy, which I attribute to the enormous amounts of protein I was consuming. I was horribly sick at first and didn't gain until 18 wks, so a slow start doesn't mean bad news necessarily.
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When I found out I was pregnant with twins (at 20 weeks) I'd actually gained less than I had by that point in my two singleton pregnancies. Once I found out about the twins, and read Dr. Luke's book, I gained more quickly, because I was TRYING to. But I still don't know how much I finally gained, since I was in the hospital for the last six weeks, and no one bothered to weigh me. I know I was big size-wise, but I'm not sure I was big weight-wise. I sure felt all belly!
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I gained 7 lbs. My twins were 6lbs 7 oz and 6 lbs 10 oz at 39w4d. I started out obese though so that can be normal for big chicks like me. I gained nothing with my first and he was 9lbs 4 oz. I just make really big babies I guess LOL!
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a poll would be interesting - christyc you make good polls
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I gained 30 pounds. (20 is normal singleton weight gain for me). They weighed 7#2oz and 7#9oz at 38 weeks.
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I started out heavy, but I only gained 20 lbs. and they were 7 1/2 lbs each at almost 38 weeks.

I did eat a ton of calories and protien. It just went to growing babies.

(and I am 37 weeks with a singleton and gained 5 lbs, again eating pleanty.)
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I gained 40 lb with my twin pregnancy.

This was quite worrying, as I was stuffing myself with protein (and food in general)! I am tall. I gained 29 lb with my first singleton pregnancy, similarly with my second, and 48 lb with my third singleton pregnancy (although I started that one 18 lb lower than my normal weight).

I had aimed to gain 55 lb in my twin pregnancy, so I fell quite a bit short of that. My twins were born at 39 weeks 4 days and weighed 7.5 lb and 6 lb 15 oz.

I worried during the pregnancy because my earlier weight gain was slow. By 16 weeks, I'd gained 5.5 lb and by the end of the second trimester, I'd gained only 16 lb.

As others mentioned, the information in Dr. Barbara Luke's book was helpful and the support and information here was wonderful (Doctors discussing nutrition? Pshaw!) I also tried to take a lot of information from Blue Ribbon Baby.
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