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Any mamas of twins who did NOT gain a lot of weight during pregnancy? - Page 2

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When my mil was pregnant with my dh and his brother, she gained about 15lbs overall (before ultrasounds, so she didn't know there were twins). Both came out healthy at about 5lbs each and 1 month early.

If you're eating healthy, your body will hold onto what it needs.
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I gained 60-70
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I haven't gained that much (12lbs at 28 weeks), but I started out about 25lbs overweight. I CAN tell that my weight has shifted. Meaning I didn't loose weight in my thighs after my son was born and that weight has come off and is shifted towards the twins. I have been following a high calorie/high protein diet, not exactly Dr. Lukes but not too far off.

They are growing well we are not concerned.
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I gained 60-70

I love that!!! I laughed after I posted mine, as the question was for those who DIDN'T gain much, but I just had to talk about my 80 lbs. It's funny, though, as I am up about 15 lbs now, having lost most right away, but I think it could be gone in a heartbeat, as the last time I tried just not eating cookies, etc, I lost 3 lbs in less than a week, and that was with eating everything else in copious amounts. It's funny how everyone's bodies do it differently!
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I only gained 30 lbs, which is also what I gained during each of my previous singleton pregnancies. We also didn't know we were having twins until the birth, so I followed my cravings, which was lots of carbs, not so much protein...

Babies came out healthy at 38 1/2 weeks weighing 5-3 and 6-3, which is great for my babies as my other two singletons were 6-8 (40 weeks) and 7-4 (41 weeks)

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I had my twins at 39 weeks and gained between 27-30 pounds (so hard to remember now with new mommy brain). I do know however that i was 2 pounds UNDER my pre-pregnancy weight a week after i gave birth. I also stayed in my pre-pregnancy jeans throughout the entire pregnancy (only cuz they're all low-rise... if not there's NO WAY i would have fit them cuz all my weight gain was in my tummy). My boys were 5lbs 7 oz and 6lbs 7 oz.
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I haven't had these two yet, but I'm currently weighing in at 4-5 pounds above my prepreg weight and both babies are measuring 70-80% for their gestational age.
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Wow. I don't know how you all did it (or didn't do it)! Add me to the 80-pounds club. My babies weighed 8-7 and 6-4 at 38 weeks (the smaller one stopped growing somewhere around week 34 according to u/s). The good news was that I lost 50 pounds the first week (I suppose it was mostly water), and the rest was totally gone by 5 months post-partum due to breastfeeding alone (no dieting or purposeful exercise).

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I gained about 40 lbs, but a good 15 or so was during the last few weeks because I had pre-e and retained fluid like crazy. I was really worried when I actually lost weight throughout the first tri due to morning sickness and seemed to gain slowly the rest of the time. I ate tons of protein. The girls were born at almost 36 weeks and weighed 5 lbs 13 oz and 6 lbs 10 oz.
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I gained about 31 pounds, had them at 35w, they were 5-1 and 5-14. I also had pre-e and was seriously seriously full of fluid so I don't know how much was "really" weight.

I gained 31 pounds with my son, though, born at 39 weeks - maybe that's just what I gain when pregnant.

I'm hoping for a #4 to test that theory.
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