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New Year 2009 for Nov05 !!!

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Happy New Year, everyone. And say hello to FSM for me, spughy!

I went to bed well before midnight last night. Which is great, since we were up at 5:30 this morning. Matt is on a mad decluttering/organizing rampage, and I love it. Our house is actually messier than when he started two days ago, but I can see the possibilities...

And for me- Resolutions 09:

Get a haircut. Maybe more than one

Finish the 2007 taxes, get all of the 2008 writing receipts sorted and
entered and as much 2008 taxes done before the new baby's arrival!

Learn to use Wordpress and design a website for the community garden using it.

Learn to can (with apologies to resolutions 08). Can some summer fruits/veggies.

Print and update albums with the 2008 photos.
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Happy New Year! Sadly, last night was the worst night for sleeping in our family in a long time. We involuntarily rang in the new year with lots of strife, and I really hope our 2009 doesn't continue that way.
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Happy New Year!

My resolutions are to pay bills as far ahead as possible (I like to be about 4 weeks ahead), stay totally on top of housecleaning (I have a new system planned out), to continue my exercise/weightlifting/intermittent fasting routine aiming to get below 20% bodyfat again. I'm training to do a sprint triathlon this year, but that's to celebrate turning 30 this year, so its not really a new years resolution. I cleaned house a lot yesterday and finally got almost all the Christmas presents put away. This week I'd also like to organize my utility room and sewing room... the beginning of the year is so inspiring, isn't it?!

Poor Ellie's not feeling well. We've learned this week that if she has more than one glass of orange juice, she breaks out in hives. That happened last night, and this morning the hives are gone but she's whiny and says, "My tummy has a headache." Poor thing!
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Aw, poor Ellie! My sister got hives from oranges when she was a small child, but she grew out of it.

SeekingJoy - I'm sorry about your rough night! We got a lesson in "why 3 year olds should not stay up until 11:30" from both Rowan and FSM's little guy. They were happy happy happy happy CRASH! MELTDOWN!!! - it was actually kind of funny. But then when we got home Rowan was out in about 3 minutes, and she and DH are still asleep and I hope they stay that way for some time.

Well, my resolutions are: reduce our household waste to the absolute complete minimum, by composting absolutely everything possible (which at our place means 2 buckets, one of things chickens CAN eat and one of stuff they shouldn't but ought to be composted anyway), making a concerted effort to not buy stuff with excess packaging - and we already recycle everything possible; make at least 5 projects with my serger that I spent $200 on last year and really ought to use more; and run the big local 10K race in April.

Yesterday I cleaned out my fridge - like, REALLY cleaned out, it looks completely bare - so it's starting the new year off well, and today I'm going to do the freezer. I'm also going to get a household management binder to keep track of all our expenses and regular household maintenance (chimney sweeping, smoke detector battery changing, etc.) I pondered the idea of a cleaning schedule but I don't think that will work for me. I have been slowly getting better with it, so I think I will just resolve to continue to work on it but not set specific goals.
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I resolved not to make resolutions years ago and I've done a wonderful job keeping to that one It looks like the kids are starting to get better from their colds, but we are having to keep Joseph dosed for coughing at night or he coughs until he pukes, but doesn't wake up to do it Aside from that things are going OK and I'm starting to know what I'm doing with work stuff. I hope we all have a wonderful new year.
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Spughy, there's always chore wars.

MY resolutions are to make the commitment to my health real and permanent, eat healthier and lose this weight (that's the big and scary one), keep going with the study and get 1/4 of my degree this year (that's pretty big and scary too), learn to sew, get a folksy store up and running (like etsy, but UK based) and be a generally functioning adult. Oh, and maybe do some housework too. I get a sneaking suspicion that I might have to sleep less to pull this off but that's OK, River can help me practice that one :

Jen, that stinks about Ellie and her tummy's headache I'm wondering just how common it is for kids to have difficulty digesting fruit- Skye still won't touch enzymatic fruits or citrus in any form, and apples and pears are pretty hit and miss. When she's had smoothies then we end up covered in nappy rash, though, so it looks like she's protecting herself in some form.

Happy New Year, everyone!
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subbing- hope to catch up soon!

Happy new year, everyone!
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I finished off 2008 with a difficult day, so my only resolution is for 2009 to be better.

I know for certain I will have a cesarean birth after 4 vaginal births, including 2 homebirths. I'm blogging about it and plan to submit my story to Mothering magazine once the whole ordeal has played out. I've never read a story about a homebirth mom having a scheduled cesarean.

After Winter's gentle entrance to the world, and Suriya's slightly scary but relatively okay birth I figured I was due for another easy birth. I didn't picture this turn of events.
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Happy New Year everyone!

I, too, will catch up soon.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the year; I hope it's a blessed one for all of us, too. And that we can flow with the ups and downs with peace and grace and perspective.
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Also, a big hug for you Susannah. I'm so sorry you and Allison are going through a hard time. I hope you can work it out, and if not, that it really is for the best, and that you find a peaceful way to move on.

Also, a big hug for you, DiD. I haven't had a chance to read your story or blog, but the thought of having a cesarean after all of your vaginal births and two homebirths...must be crazy, scary, and sad. I guess this is one of those times you focus on the point of it all: to hold your healthy baby in your arms.

Thinking of you HoneyTree, as you approach the big day!!!
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Woohoo! Houseguests are gone, baby stayed IN! But I did lose my mucous plug, or part of it, as everyone was packing up to leave, which I know has limited portentous value, but it seemed like a good sign! Anyway, we're using it as an impetus to get the house back in order QUICKLY, which is always tough to do after guests anyway.

My resolution isn't necessarily a New Year's one, though the timing works out that way, but it is to make daily and long-term decisions to live simply and well on dh's salary so I don't have to go back to work.
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Well happy new year to everyone! Sorry for all of the strife and stress from those who have it. We are still germ-central here; I took Brynn to the doctor today and she has developed a double ear-infection. It's the first time she's ever had one, so her first time ever on antibiotics. Part of me is amazed she made it this long, and part of me is annoyed that we've crossed that threshold now. And part of me is starting to feel sick, too, so ... egh.

DiD, I'm really sorry to hear about your birth plans. I think it's a great idea to submit it to Mothering, but I'm pretty sure they won't accept a submission that's been blogged (or publicly available) so you might want to check on that before you post too much of it. With mine (which was accepted back in July and STILLLLLLLL hasn't been published!), I remember them asking me specifically about that. Good luck with it!

Teresa, Yay, and how exciting!!

Helen, I can't believe River (and Rue-Bee) are just about to turn one!

I didn't really make any resolutions, but I have been thinking a lot lately about how I'm steering my life. I'm reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and it is incredibly thought-provoking. So I guess that's kind of resolution-y. My goal, as always, is to continue to seek balance in my life and try to avoid burn-out, especially after baby boy is born!
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Well if Mothering doesn't accept it, I'd much rather be able to blog about my experience anyway. That way I can tell it like it is and not have to edit for content.
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Juno might take it, or you could try Hipmama They might well be interested. I'm sure Angela Horn would be very happy to link to you from the HBUK site as well.

I was born by elective c-section, and I am astounded by my mothers bravery- that she chose to let someone hurt her to bring me into the world safely. It's a pretty big gift. You're so much in my thoughts right now, my love
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Happy New Year, all!

Subbing, and bumping, and sending hugs to DiD, Brynn, Ellie, and any other sickies, and healthy good birthing vibes to HoneyTree!
And Happy First Birthday to River and Rue-bee!
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Thanks Sharon! Brynn is feeling much better. Amazing, those antibiotics. Although I did realize today that they are really ripping up her tummy and I'd totally forgotten to give her some probiotics as well. : I feel really bad - but she's not really complaining about it, and she's feeling *much* better, thank goodness.

I start my new job tomorrow!! Eeeeep!
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Amy, good luck tomorrow! Glad Brynn is feeling better. I just took DS to the doc (an MDC momma, to boot) and we are safe to wait on the antibiotics for now. Being sick is so tough for little ones.

Tomorrow will be our first "normal" day after vacation and family visits. Hope I am up for it.
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Tomorrow is our first "normal" day, too, and I have to admit I'm a bit relieved to be getting back to our normal schedule! The kids are looking forward to going back to school and seeing their friends, and I'm looking forward to getting back to work and the chance to have nice long gym workouts (the last couple weeks I've felt rushed to get back home and relieve DH so he could get back to work). Amy, good luck with the new job!

I guess its just the time of year for kiddos to be sick - I hope everyone is feeling better! Ellie bounced back pretty easy from her issues, and we've decided not to buy any more orange juice. We so rarely buy it anyway, we'd just gotten it for mimosas on Christmas morning...
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Ah, normal. How I miss it. We leave on Friday for our trip up to visit my mom and my sisters, so our week will be far from normal. But the week after the week after next week, we can be normal. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm making Rowan some very fuzzy fleece pajamas and I am covered in purple fluff. And that is the extent of MY news.
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We're back to normal here, too, aside from being on what amounts to extended vacation while waiting for the baby. But it feels lovely after weeks of so many obligations.

I have a mixed relationship with citrus. It's an important local food for us, and right now it's in season with the farmers' markets bursting with tangy, sweet juice oranges and satsumas. So despite having just gotten over our colds, we do eat or drink citrus probably once a day. I'm reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle right now, though, which makes an interesting case for working with whatever the farmers in your area have and trusting that, with a little adjusting here and there, you'll get the nutrients your body needs.
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