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Dingos running in the new year!

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Come one, come all, come join the Dingoes!

We are a group of women who are united in the desire for forward motion, and we support each other in our quest to find balance and reason in our lives.

There are no requirements for joining the thread besides a desire to move forward. So, if you're just starting the couch to 5k or training for an ultramarathon, you belong here!

We post fast (figure ~1000 posts per month), and it's great when you follow along and encourage others. If you fall behind, it's just like your training schedule: Hop right back in and continue on.

DrJen below will post a list of pregnant dingoes, our race list, and the links to the question: Why are we called the dingoes?

So, post your intro and your goals, and we'll welcome you and cheer you on!

Edit: Spelling in title changed to reflect group consensus, though not necessarily English-language norms.

Edit II: We are the dingo pack: a bunch of badass women jet-setting around the country, b!tch-slapping, giving props, and holding babies.
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Goals for the rest of the week:

Today: run 4 miles
Friday: walk/rest
Saturday "long run": 5 miles
Sunday: Bike with C.

And hire a new babysitter.
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ETA: Goals: to take a walk sometime before Monday, in advance of C25K next week.

Geo, new babysitter because the one you had was only through Dec. or did something go wrong?
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And just hoping to get moving again sometime soon after kicking this crud. Sigh. I was hoping to maybe get out for a run today, but after waking up ridiculously early thanks to the river running from my sinuses, I think I probably better bag it. At least I've been productive...fresh squeezed oj, sliced up some fruit, cooking bacon. PT tomorrow, where I might graduate (if not, probably Monday), so there will be at least *some* exercise tomorrow!

Happy New Year to all! :
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I am subbing as well. I love these new smilies!

Happy 2009 Dingos!!! DH and I stayed in last night and watched 2 movies on our projector and then we rang in the new year with the ball dropping and sparkling white grape juice.

I woke up and had some Naked Juice and did a little bit of yoga to help my hips and just get me in a good frame of mind for the day. DH and I plan on going to the gym later. I will probably walk on the treadmill for a bit and lift arms and legs on the machines.

2009 resolutions in affirmations:
*I make healthy choices with food, drinks, and exercise.
*I am effectively training for the CopperMan Triathlon which I will complete in August.
*I take time to care for me so that I can be a great wife and mother.
*I create a peaceful, welcoming, and simple home.

Sorry I haven't been posting a whole lot to keep up with the conversation, but everyone!
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The new babysitter is because the December one was just for those two weeks. She's so awesome that other people notice -- she got offered a research assistantship (as an undergrad!) and so is not so interested in babysitting. I'm thrilled that when I find someone I think is golden that other people seem to agree, but geez, I hate this! I interviewed two more between bouts of puke in December (knowing TGS might not continue into January), and they were less than inspiring. As a hint, when interviewing for a babysitting job, the first question out of your mouth shouldn't be "what channels is she allowed to watch?"

On the plus side, we went to check out preschool options for DS (all at the univ center). They're all great. We're going to request one that's slightly greater than the others on account of indoor space for bath weather days, but we're happy with all options. His transition should be in late January, become a fulltime preschooler in February.

OK, debate time: The plural of Dingo: Dingoes or Dingos?
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Originally Posted by Bec
I tried replying last night, but something went wrong. Probably too much post run alcohol! Yes, I did run last night! It was so much fun! Total blast. I got a decent time, too! 40:16 by their clock (it was a fun run so no official times), 39:25 by my Garmin. The costumes were cool, and it was so much fun running to fireworks! A guy proposed to his girlfriend at the finish line over the P.A. too! There were more fireworks when she said "YES". Definitely well worth it!
way to go Bec!!


dingos v. dingoes - i looked it up once and it said they are both correct
i think it was dictionary.com but not exactly sure..

ETA: there is a video on CNN.com titled 'Runners live longer, healthier lives" but I can't get it going in order to post the link here.

ETApt2: here it is
it's very relevant to the sparkletruck/mothercat conversation on aging, etc
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Interesting. I expected the part about longevity, but I thought there was natural degeneration of cartilage and the like over years. Cool Now to get my a$$ going with better form; maybe some Chi running for me too
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Sending some "find good babysitter" vibes for you, geo! :

And I vote for dingoes, but that's just my opinion...
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Logically I vote for Dingoes, but aesthetically my vote would be for Dingos. That "e" in there just doesn't appeal to me.

Good luck with the babysitter, Geo!

I am impressed that the video was based on a 2 decade study!
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my mistake. dictionary.com says the plural is -oes

–noun, plural -goes.
1. a wolflike, wild dog, Canis familiaris dingo, of Australia, having a reddish- or yellowish-brown coat.
2. Australian. a cowardly or treacherous person.
3. a kickass runner

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I've tended toward the -oes.

bec~Awesome race! Sounds like so much fun!!

I should be helping dh take all the boxes for Christmas decorations down from the attic. Instead my 2 yo ds and 3 yo dd are helping. :

To run or not to run today, that is the question. Still feel a little drained from the stomach yucks the past few days.
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Originally Posted by poppywise View Post
my mistake. dictionary.com says the plural is -oes
Oh dear, I've always been a "dingos" person... I never cared for that "e" either... but sounds like it's time to change!

Hmmm... of course I don't spell it "tomatos" or "potatos" or even "mangos" so I guess I have been inconsistent all this time!
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
Oh dear, I've always been a "dingos" person... I never cared for that "e" either... but sounds like it's time to change!

Hmmm... of course I don't spell it "tomatos" or "potatos" or even "mangos" so I guess I have been inconsistent all this time!
Good point! I'll try to remember the E from now on.
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Too much last night not sure about a run today.
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I'm with everyone else here. I write it Dingos because I just don't like the "e"...but ultimately, it's an Australian term, so I shouldn't be trying to apply some kind of Latin aesthetic to it, should I???

Hooray for 2009! A year of great changes! No doubt we have a lot of work ahead of us, individually and as a whole. Lots of big ships to turn. Luck to us all.

Geo, luck to you on you babysitter quest. It's been a long road. One of these days...

Dh and I were predictably in bed well before midnight...and I before he...but he did wake me up for some new years xtraining. There are just some things you need to consciously affect the trend for, yk? :

And I started the new year with one good day of 2008 on the wagon, and I got 4.65 in on the TM today. Good stuff.

Off to log my exercise and bfast...
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Originally Posted by JenLove View Post
Logically I vote for Dingoes, but aesthetically my vote would be for Dingos. That "e" in there just doesn't appeal to me.
Yes! But the phonics class that I had (teaching reading in elem ed, which I took in 1995) suggested that any word ending in a vowel you add -es.

Good luck on finding the babysitter Geofizz, totally NOT the funnest thing to do.

No run planned today, but I'm taking my dds skiing -- that means I'll ski at about negative miles per hour. And then we're meeting some other toddler-ish age friends + parents for a little snowshoeing. Luckily Erin (dd1) really likes these friends so doesn't mind being the oldest by about 3 years.
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Bec-your race last night sounds like so much fun. :

I did zumba this morning and it was good. My stomach is still not normal, but it's close enough.

Add me to the camp of "Dingoes", but don't care for the E.
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Here's the race list for the January thread. Please PM me if you'd
like me to add something for you!

: dingo race list

cornflakegirl - Surf City USA Half Marathon - February 1
tjsmama - Chilly Cheeks Duathalon series - February 28
mamabeth - Tampa Bay Distance Classic Gasparilla Marathon - March 1
HomeBirthMommy - ING Georgia Half Marathon - March 29
towsonmama - Cherry Blossom 10 miler - April 5
Realrellim, tjsmama - Platte River Half Marathon - April 5
JayGee - Carmel Sprint Triathlon - April 19
SugarAndSun, kate~mom - Boston Marathon - April 20
Penelope - Kentucy Derby Half Marathon - April 25
JayGee, doctorjen, Balancin1, Runningmommy, babybugmama, Geofizz, mommajb, bec - Indianapolis Mini Marathon - May 2
grnmtnmama - bike race Flower Power - May 23
CathToria - My First Triathlon - June 6
Plady - San Juan Island Half Marathon - June 7
HomeBirthMommy - Peachtree Road Race - July 4
tjsmama - Boulder Peak Olympic Triathlon - July 12
Plady, poppywise, 1jooj, crebrun, cornflakegirl - San Francisco Marathon - July 26
JenLove- Copperman Triathlon - August 1
grnmtnmama - Single Speed World Championships - September 16
bec - Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon - October 4

The Preggo Dingo List

VeganCupcake - It's a , welcome Li'l Cupcake!
Jenlove - mid-February

Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post.
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Back later with goals - but first, I'm sure I missed some races from the old thread. Can anyone whose race is not on the race list please let me know?
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