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Originally Posted by CathToria View Post
I'm getting more serious about planning and measuring my food before hand. I stuck to my calories today somewhat. I ate 1963, but burned 550 at the gym, so 1410 net. My diet is too high in fat.. my lunch salad was almost 450 calories and 23g fat from 1/4 cup cheese and from 2T of my fave dressing, Annie's Goddess. Then my snack of cheese and then pecans and then full fat ice cream for dessert really makes my fat numbers and % way high. I shoudl have said no to teh ice cream, but my whole family was eating it, adn I hate deprivation. but, for teh 1st time, I measured out 1/2 cup of ice cream.... OMG, so tiny.. and prob 1/3 to 1/2 the size of my usual serving . granted, I usually buy lower fat/cal ice cream.. this was Costco's super rich vanilla.. 18g fat and 270 cal in 1/2 cup. My family sprinkled chocolate on theirs, but I declined (and didn't feel deprived about that)

moving forward with more knowledge from here!!!
how about just not doing ice cream for the whole family going forward? if it's not in the house you won't feel deprived.

a lot of calories can get tied up in a little bit of dressing or oil. how about switching to vinegar.

was going to hit the early pilates class, but just started the car and found 4-5" of fresh so i'm going up to the mountain and will do pilates at home later.
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Another daily mile question: Can you unfriend someone? I clicked a bunch of accepts in a row, and one wasn't a dingo, and man, she ain't one of us. :
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Does anyone else wear lycra shorts, like bike shorts but without the shammy? If so, is there a brand/design you like best? Im shopping for new ones, dont want the same ones I have, know the specs I want more or less, just looking for final insights before I whip out the card. (one thing I do want is a crotch gusset)


p.s. fwiw, there were studies done a few years back showing improved muscle twitching with lycra ... not why I wear them, but, ya know, fyi...
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I do lycra but not shorts. And a gusset does make all the difference, doesn't it?! I want to find a couple skirts to run in, but I need thigh coverage. Large weight loss in my case means loose thighs, which will rub no matter how thin I become, and need to be encased in something for everyone's benefit (mostly mine though).

I managed to run 3.5 on the TM yesterday, and then walked uphill to 4mi. I think I am doing well budgeting cals with FitDay. I need to run long today. Kids slept over at a friend's last night. I just got up. :
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Jess-I love these by Under Armor. I have several pairs of them and they really hold up well.
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I just finished about 20 minutes of prenatal yoga from my dvd, and now I'm having some tea and burning incense in the spare bedroom. I am going to do Reiki on myself in there and then when James wakes up he's going to get a session too. His back has really been bothering him and I'm hoping to help.

Jo ~ Glad you got to sleep in. How many miles you planning on today?

Mandy ~ I hope you had fun on the mountain this morning.

Jen ~ I hope those labors and deliveries were nice and peaceful for you... of course after you got some shut eye.
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HBM - Thanks! Those are one of the pair I was looking at [at Runners Warehouse]. That was one of the pair that did not say if it has a gusset - but it does? I also liked a pair by Saucony and one by Brooks and one by Suigo (I think thats what its called)...
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5 miles done, starting at 22F, and ending at a whopping 24 F.
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Jess-they do have a gusset, but it's smaller than some other shorts I've worn. It's diamond shaped and the same fabric as the shorts. I've never had any trouble with chaffing or anything like that.
I bought them at Dick's Sporting Goods. If you have one near you, you can go check them out.
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Drjen-Thanks for the reply.

Heading out to try the garmin.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
5 miles done, starting at 22F, and ending at a whopping 24 F.

how did it feel? i mean, other than cold.

i just looked around daily mile to see how to unfriend and i can't find it
[that woman is intense, no?]
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Originally Posted by poppywise View Post

how did it feel? i mean, other than cold.
I did it. I was sweaty so I took off my hat. Then my hair froze....

Intense, but not as intense as posting pictures of a necklace made of runner's toenails. :
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the new snow was great this morning, but it's wicked cold and windy up there and all of MA, CT, PA and NJ is also up at the mountain. So i took my early powder runs and came home feeling like i got the best of it.

about to hop onto the trainer and do some pilates dvds.
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RR: 7.5 on the tm this morning - my ILs are here and kept kind of peeking in to see if I was still running. I did about a 10 minute pace, so it took a while.

Can people disclose their daily mile names again? I'm trying to be pretty good about posting there and I'd love to keep track of more dingo/es.
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Random ~ I went to dailymile.com just to peek at it (not like I'm putting in any miles), but was watching the side scroller with pictures and runs listed. Guess who I saw? Our own towsonmama!!
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Wendy - did you see the pic I posted? they are so cute!

I joined Daily Mile even though for me it is like weekly mile

I think I got a lot of the dingos - because right when I opened it, there was Paige on the front page!!

It looks like you can unfriend someone by going to their profile page, and there at the bottom is a small link that says remove them as friend...
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Originally Posted by Penelope View Post
RCan people disclose their daily mile names again? I'm trying to be pretty good about posting there and I'd love to keep track of more dingo/es.
I'm not sure if this will help, but I figured out that if you mouse over the tiny profile pictures and look for wherever in your browser it shows the link (like down in the left hand corner maybe) then at the end of the link you can see people's usernames that are in most cases the same as their MDC username.

That explanation is as clear as mud, right?
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Does this help?

Callie, where did you put the picture? :
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Wendy, I belatedly put a link on my post on page five... here it is again
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I just emailed daily mile and they said we couldn't search the dingos group or click the links that Eks and Geo gave us because it is a private group and Beth has to send us an invitation to join (I tried clicking the link in the email she sent to dingosmeet yahoo list earlier and that doesn't work for me for some reason)

Can yall tell I'm procrastinating? I'm supposed to be working on a job talk for an interview this week
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