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Originally Posted by towsonmama View Post
I'm running 12 miles with the running group tomorrow and just found out it's supposed to be 8*F. Yikes! I've wimped out on them before because of weather so I don't feel comfortable doing that again. My tights aren't cold weather tights though. (I didn't know they made different kinds of tights when I bought them.) What do you all wear in low temps?
I ran in 12* a couple of weekends ago and was quite comfy in the following: long underwear, loose tights, thin socks plus my Thorlo socks, wicking sleeveless shirt, l/s tech shirt, turtleneck, fleece pullover, Turtlefur neckwarmer, fleece hat with earflaps, and gloves covered with mittens. Have a great run! I actually enjoy running in the cold.

Originally Posted by bec View Post
Ok, can someone put http://www.badgerlandstriders.org/lfm/index.html on the race list for me? I just signed up for my first ever, marathon!!!!:
CONGRATS!!!! Happy Training!

Blue sky and sunshine, finally! Still cold, but the sun makes it all more bearable. I had a great parent-teacher conference with DD1's preschool teacher. I am so proud of my girl .
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JayGee - Kirtland AFB

GMM - Yes, all true. Funny thing is that one of the places, well, one of the only reasons Id be excited is that you could stay at our house in Sept

Kleine Hexe - re: your dh; he wont necessarily see weight loss, but will see change in shape (adding muscle, losing fat) and tone. Try not to worry about weight so much as composition. And what about a group or friend to run with, or music, or NPR? These are all good company and motivators..
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I'm with Mandy on the clothing for a LR in 8* temps. IMO, that's a little long in those conditions. Even with two layers on the bottom and 3 on top, I'd end up too cold in as long as it takes to go 12. :

JenLove, love to Lizzy. I hope she all right. And that you get some rest.

I only made it 7 mi this AM. Now I need to decide whether to try and squeeze in 5 (I should have done 10, but figured tacking an extra mile on each chunk would make up some for lack of continuity...?) this afternoon while cooking for a potluck. I'm making butternut squash with chickpeas. But I need to do chores, and I just don't know whether I have the mojo for another run today. We'll see. If not, then I will just see what happens tomorrow.

On the bright side, I ran 5mi at 6.3mph and 2 at 6.4mph. Then I went in for my annual where I found I met my Jan weight loss goal (17 pounds to get to my lowest weight, and another 5 after that to meet a stretch goal!). I also got the "that's a runner's heart" comment from the NP. And bp was 100/60. I had her draw blood to check my iron and thyroid. I've got the dry skin, the constant fatigue, the low temp...but who knows? Maybe that's just how I roll.

Also got dd registered for kindergarten today, and paid a couple bills. Love these relaxing days off. :
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Thanks for all the clothing input!! Layers it will be. I'm going to raid dh's drawers when I get home to see if he has any long underwear I can steal.
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Woo, bec!

jenlove~ and : for Lizzy

towson~Yup, layers. For that temp, I would probably wear tights and pants over top. I have the cw-x insulated tights, but if I just had regular tights, I'd probably wear long undies too, either over or under the tights. On top, wicking long underwear top, one or two long-sleeve t's, fleece, and windshell. Gloves and hat. I usually hate hats for running (prefer visors or earbands) but for that cold, I think you have to do the hat. Would you hate me if I said it's supposed to be 60 here tomorrow? :

rr~3.5 pretty good miles. Well, good physically at least, I struggled mentally for some reason. It really scares me that I'm struggling mentally with distance at these short distances when it's going to start ramping up here pretty darn quickly. I don't know what my deal was. My legs felt good, cardio felt good, I averaged 10:45 pace, which is super speedy for me here lately. Just had a hard time keeping going. Oh well. I did an out and back on the trail that my half will be on, and went out 2 miles so I could let DS out to "hike" the last 1/2 mile to the car.

I found a home brewing shop near DS's music class that sells Grolsch bottles, so we stopped by there and I picked up a case in preparation for bottling my kombucha! I sneaked a peek (just looked, didn't touch), and there is definitely a new layer on top, so it's working. : I'm going to give it over the weekend and then give it a taste and see what I think.

Is it sad that I'm feeling unloved because nobody has invited me to a Super Bowl party? H and I always hosted until two years ago (when things were falling apart) and then one of his friends took it over. Even then, I was still invited. I don't even know if the friend is having the party this year or not, but it seems like past years, there have always been at least two or three going on, and this year, nothing that I know of. I love Super Bowl parties...not so much the game (I do like football, but I'm not a superfan), but the food and the friends. Maybe DS and I will have our own little SB party. Yippee.
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Serial posting because I forgot to mention...there is something seriously wrong with my child. First the tikka masala the other night. Then he ate cauliflower soup last night for dinner (ok, so I pureed up most of the chunks and took out the remaining big ones from his bowl, but still). And then today for lunch, he demanded some of my salad, and ate at least 5 or 6 bites of it. Who is this alien that has replaced my picky toddler???
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Sparkletruck - i hear that's a pretty nice place to live, though i haven't actually been there yet.

Gaye - why not invite a couple of friends over and host your own small party? i have to say, there's nothing too exciting going on for it here. nobody seems to want to host a party. i couldn't actually care less about football and especially the superbowl, so i'm just looking forward to the Office afterwards.

Just returned from 1:15 on my cross bike. you can see pics on the blog. Those chemical foot warmers in my shoes really helped make it tolerable, though i could have used an extra layer on my legs. They were cold. The roads were slushy and nasty, but i only had one sketchy slide and in general i really enjoyed being outside and the fact that i was riding outside and not on the %#@&*ng trainer.

and yay for it being the weekend again. already.
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yep, we started feeling lonely (dh and I both) and decided to have people over last year. It was so fun...HBM and her family and a few other friends. Do you have some friends with kids who would want to watch til halftime? that's what we did and it worked great, and what we're doing this year too. Paige, you have to post that crazy thing your dh found for a "snack" ......

It is supposed to be 27 for my lr tomorrow : towsonmama, lower teens are my limit, I just don't have the clothes for it. But for around 20 I do two layers up top (with one of them a wicking sweatshirt thing), ear thingies, gloves, and two pairs of pants. I haven't run this far in the cold, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. we do have a spot where we can drop clothes if we need to.

Jenlove, I guess you might remember my birthstories. Both c-sections, but totally different. I won't scare ya with dd's other than to say that it was a snowball of interventions, but ds's planned c/s was peaceful and nice. No one else might tell you this, but if it does happen, you can request to NOT be sedated while the baby's being born (you are still numb, just not dopey). I saw ds immediately and held him, and nursed him at probably 20 minutes old (as opposed to hours for dd). But I am hoping and praying that you will NOT need to know any of that!!!!!

dh did not work today and is not working tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
Would you hate me if I said it's supposed to be 60 here tomorrow? :
In a word, yes.

fwiw, we weren't invited to any SB parties either.
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So the bloodwork doesn't show anything wrong with her. I'm praying now that it was just a fluke. The vet was super with us and her. She was so thourough that I could've kissed her when I left. She also said if it happens again and I needed to be talked through it.. to call just like I did last night. Reassuring even if I don't take her up on it. Anyway, Lizzy got up and ate breakfast and has been completely acting like her silly self since then.

Needless to say, I didn't go to yoga class this morning and I completely exhausted. DH and I plan on just having some frozen pizza for dinner and lounging around, quietly tonight. And going to bed *early.*

eks ~ I'd love to know more!! PM me if you get time for sure!!

bec ~ How exciting!!!!! :
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i can't keeeeep up!

i haven't run since sunday : but i did a LOT of walking at the show for two days, does that count? probably not. today i should have run since it is 70degrees and sunny but my legs are sore from walking the show in less than adequate shoes [flat, but no arch support]

i have not caught up with the thread yet. i just feel the need to post here so y'all hold me accountable when i say i will run tomorrow and sunday. yes, i will.

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jenlove - on no, I hope she's ok get some rest.

bec - woooohoooo! how exciting!

towson - I'm sure I sound like a broken record but I have no idea how you people can even go outside in such : Have fun!

jo - So many great things to be proud of!

Gaye - might be a bit of a drive, but you can come to my super bowl party!

My birth stories are really boring. Lots and lots of ineffectual pushing followed by a vacuum extract for dd1 and a big humongous push (by several people) on the top of my tummy for dd2.

So DH got paid. I guess we'll see what next month brings. All state workers will now have to take 2 furlough days each month, but, um... his job just isn't safe to be done short staffed. Likely they'll end up having to fill in the furloughed spots with overtime. SO incredibly lame. Why oh why can't we have a real governor?
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Originally Posted by cornflake girl View Post
Why oh why can't we have a real governor?
Like ours?
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I all the birth stories, and thinking about it makes me want another but not really . I loved being pregnant and the birth. But it would be so tempting fate to think it would ever be the same the second time

I had 2 weeks of prodromal labor/ctx, a normal (?) early labor, then it sped up a bit... 4-10 in a couple hours, and the MW didn't believe me that I wanted to push. She kept telling DH it would be several more hours because I was being so nice to him (Like way nicer than I am even in real life I mean I seriously took my 1,000 readings of my mothers original edition of Spiritual Midwifery to heart ) Then she checked and was like oops - baby's coming now, and then a big rush to get ready and then out came DD. Really wonderful birth, different but also somewhat like what I had visualized.

Bec - on the marathon! So exciting

Jennie - and : for Lizzy

CFG - I am empathizing with you on the furlough BS

I keep getting emails from people at work being like oh I can't get you that document til next week because I'm taking a furlough day.... productivity and morale is nosediving :
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Just back from a housewarming party for a friend I haven't seen in a long while. I had originally said I couldn't go b/c of DS, but she said to bring him along, so I did, and the kid was the life of the party! Dancing, flirting. Good lord, I am going to be in trouble when he's older. It was nice to catch up with some old friends I hadn't seen for a while. It was funny, though, not counting DS, there were only two males at the party. My friend is a lesbian, but the majority of the females there were straight. Just thought it was an interesting observation...and I felt kind of sorry for the two guys (one was my friend's roommate, so I guess he kind of had to be there...but doesn't he have any guy friends?!). :
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Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post
but if it does happen, you can request to NOT be sedated while the baby's being born (you are still numb, just not dopey). I saw ds immediately and held him, and nursed him at probably 20 minutes old (as opposed to hours for dd). But I am hoping and praying that you will NOT need to know any of that!!!!!
Yes, you don't need to be sedated. They didn't even suggest that to me. I was wide awake. I'll spare you the details and just say that she's a happy and healthy 4 yo.
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I wasn't sedated for DS's c-section birth either, but I was so exhausted from 40+ hours of induced, unproductive labor that I actually kept falling asleep on the table ! Not my dream birth, but an awesome kid 7 years later! And honestly, if I'd never had my c-section, it would have never occured to me to have a homebirth down the road. I love all these stories .

It's 6* out there, ladies. SIX! I'm dying for this run though, so there will be no turning back! And tonight, a real, live date night with my DH .
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Wow,if you're runnign in the cold! Keep warm! I will check back for a report.

It's 28* here, and I just looked out the window and my crazy border collie is sleeping in a pile of leaves. She has a very warm kennel with a cover over it, flap over the door, and a warm bed inside of it! But, she prefers a pile of leaves!

I'm doing 4 again today. First I need to take the kids to their basketball games. Here's the deal I made with myself: I have to clean the basement first and then I get to run 4 on the tm! I tend to ignore cleaning the basement for some reason.
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Birth Stories;
dd1. Water broke a week early at midnight, but no labor. Of course I stayed awake all night "oh my g** Im gonna have baby!". Ctx started the next day and continued for another 24 hours (went to the hospital some time that day), producing a whopping 3 cm and another night of no sleep. Finally started Pit at 30 hours, labored for 4hrs on Pit, then pushed for 2. By the time I was pushing, I too was falling asleep between contractions. I remember having dreams and then I would be drawn back to consciousness by everyone telling me to push, and then Id go back to sleep
ds. Almost 2 weeks over, despite wogging every day (and starting contractions that way) and being 4 cm! Christmas was approaching, and I didnt want a holiday baby : so I tried the 1/4 C. of Castor Oil mixed with grapefruit juice (decided if that didnt work, I would break waters the next morning). Spent the first half of the day nauseus on the couch, and the second on the toilet, crapping out everything except my organs and the baby. Needless to say, I wasnt worried about pooping on the delivery room table! I think I got another .5 cm from that. Once waters broke, labor was 3 hours and 20 minutes of pushing, despite ds weighing 2 lbs more than dd1
dd2. Had a wretched bout of Bronchitis starting 3 weeks before due date. Couldnt sleep from the constant coughing, coughed so incessantly that I wretched regularly and threw up sometimes. I was bedridden, pulled two inner-costal muscles (ouuuuch), was peeing through a big ol' pad every hour from the coughing at 9 mos pregnant! My dad had to fly in to take care of the kids b/c of course Dh had to work (taking care of sick people - ha ha). Ive never been sicker in my life. I wanted to die. And the first morning I thought I might be feeling a touch better, my waters started dribbling out (of course, with all the pee, it took some real investigation to be sure ) a week early. When I finally went in 12 hours later, I was determined to be ketotic (digesting muscle), very dehydrated, and Id lost 10 pounds. They asked if I wanted to go home (I was 4cm at the time) and see what happened, and I said, there's no way Im going to have more energy later! So I got a bunch of fluids, and then Pit (I seriously could not have cared about this birth, I just wanted to get through it), and then my only Epi of the 3. I went from 4 to 10 in 45 minutes, and I figured she'd fall out after that, but nooooo, she was posterior and got stuck behind my pelvic bone for an hour. And can I just say, that Epi didnt help. It huuuuuurrrt. All it did was make me unable to move my right leg

Wow, and I thought I was being brief
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Well, I managed to get another 3 miles in yesterday afternoon, for a total of 10 plus my other exercises. But then I just wanted to go to bed instead of the potluck.

Today, we're ripping the kitchen ceiling out. And get this, we all woke up to find dh gone. : No clue where he might have gone. None at all. This is an absolutely pissy start to my day. Mostly because I'd have liked to do just that, though I never, ever would even consider it.
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