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Jaygee and 1Jooj~ we are on the same yearly OBGYN schedule, as I had mine yesterday too (and Jaygee earlier in the week). All went well, just wait for pap results. Blood pressure comment for me too "you have really low blood pressure" which promted me to ask "is it too low?" Doc replies, "not for a healthy young person" And he thinks I'm young. Mine was 90/50, and resting pulse in the morning has been 48 and 49. I'm happy with my heart. My weight was o.k. with jeans and a sweater. I think as long as I am healthy and happy with how I look and feel, the number shouldn't get me down.

RR: rest day today, and LR tomorrow of 9 (did I answer you about that Jaygee?, sorry if I didn't. ) I may ask smart coach to change my work outs for my LR to be Sat. so that I can run with the church group (OTHER PEOPLE! YAY!!).
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Originally Posted by towsonmama View Post
j What do you all wear in low temps?
It does not get that cold here, but I wore a pair of sweatpants with some cotton pants over it (I do not have tights). Tube socks, and ankle socks (tube socks to keep my ankles warm and then double layering them because my feet are always cold anyway) a long sleeve turtle neck that had a zipper (military issue, thin but surprisingly warm) and a long sleeve t-shirt over that. (sports bra of course) and a 'wind proof' pullover jacket. A hat I crocheted that we've pinned my headphones to, and my ears managed to stay warm enough. But that was at 29*.

when I got back I got cold as I was stretching so I came inside to finish stretching.

Originally Posted by Balancin1 View Post
My butt is usually the coldest thing on my body. Fat must freeze. .
Right??! My butt, and stomach are always cold when i get back, no matter how hot the rest of me is. my belly, butt and sometimes the fronts of my thighs are cold to the touch.

Planning on running this afternoon, should be in the upper 40's very low 50's I'm excited! But I have to go grocery shopping first. :
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Jo ~ Way to go on 10 yesterday! WTH, with DH?!

mommabelle ~ I ignore cleaning the basement too, and for me that includes doing heaps of laundry since my laundry room is also down there. I need to get on that today. Baking bread and doing laundry is all that's on my list for today. Well and maybe a walk since I'm feeling much better (and more human) than yesterday.

Thinking of all of you doing LRs this weekend and getting your bums outside in the cold weather. :
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I'm going to wimp out and run my on my treadmill! Even if the temp wasn't too bad (and today it really isn't), there's too much snow and ice and too many people that don't shovel, and imperfect plowing. So, treadmill it is. I was thinking around 4, but might go 5 if I'm feeling good. There may have been some brownies in the past couple of days that I'm feeling a little guilty about.
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I forgot to add that my Mom's results were negative!:
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Originally Posted by Mommabelle View Post
I forgot to add that my Mom's results were negative!:
: : :
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mommabelle~: Great news!!

jo~WTF?!?! He better not turn into an on our jooj. We'll get him!

rr~Twelve : miles. Run and done. It was sooooo cold. I had on two pairs of tights, a pair of windbreaker pants, a turtleneck, fleece jacket, windbreaker jacket, gloves, mittens, and my earwarmer. It was still cold enough to possibly trigger PTSD later today. (I'll medicate with wine, no worries. )
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Originally Posted by Mommabelle View Post
I forgot to add that my Mom's results were negative!:

My LR was cold, but wonderful this morning. I must be crazy, but I would much rather run in 5* than 95*! I ended up running 8.25 miles at a 9:11 pace.

RM, have you registered for the 15K yet? I still need to :.
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Originally Posted by Balancin1 View Post
Like ours?

Originally Posted by Mommabelle View Post
It's 28* here, and I just looked out the window and my crazy border collie is sleeping in a pile of leaves. She has a very warm kennel with a cover over it, flap over the door, and a warm bed inside of it! But, she prefers a pile of leaves!
Yeah! My dog st came in for the first time in weeks and I think it may be because it's warmer today. When it gets closer to freezing she will not come in for anything!

Mommabelle -:

JenLove - I hope you got a restful night.

Jooj - WTF? He'd better be bringing home something awesome (like some hot young helper you can watch all day! )

I'm going out for 7 miles today with my new RP! : I haven't run 7 since sometime in December : but I'm pretty sure I can. It's a gorgeous day here today, about 40* and sunny.
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WooHoo to all those runs done! 7 miles in the bank for me. After running outside during the week I ran used the tm this morning.

I don't know how you ran outside JayGee - it was so cold and the footing here is terrible. The roads aren't cleared but I think most people have power restored (according to the paper this morning). I agree on runnig in the heat. I have toyed with a fall marathon but the heat (for training) holds me back. Well, that and everything else.

I tried minifuel all during the run (a margarita clif blok w/ salt every 20 minutes). I never gave out energy-wise but those things are huge! I couldn't breathe and chew at the same time. I also refueled afterward with more attention that usual. While the run was good I am beat now. I am hoping for a nap with Linus this afternoon if everybody else will go to the basketball game with dh. If Alice stays home I 'll give her a baking project: banana muffins and an add-in if she is sweet to me.

Grocery shopping is done. Both my boys are growing. : Ian's jeans were bought this month and are already short. I hope he gains some weight soon. Linus has been nursing around the clock and eating. He ate a relatively large bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Later when he found his bowl he brought it to me for more. He looked like a little Oliver twist asking for more gruel. Then while we were preparing some food for later he ate what amounted to a roasted potato. Two bowls of pasta and a banana for lunch. He nursed before and after each of these. Lately he eats about a bite of food at each meal so this is a big change for him. If he doesn't slow done I'll be back at the store tomorrow.

I am glad you had good news from your mom mommaBelle! :

1jooj - I hope you hear good news from your dh soon. Will he be bearing thoughtful gifts?

You survived the : towsonmama!

Enjoy the quiet and get stuff done only if you are up to it JenLove!

bec and plady
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Yeah, Mamabelle!!! I'm so happy you got good news!

Mommajb - That sounds like my little Abby eating. She was done with the nursing as of last October, but man, that little kid can pack it away! She eats more than I do! I swear! I really love that she is making healthy choices too. She begged for a couple of servings of salad the other day (Gaye, I had to laugh at your LO doing the same!).

RR: Not only did I get the 5 in that I had planned, I did 5.5 (cause I wanted to run 60 minutes, and at the end of that, I only had another minute and change to make it 5.5. It made the mileage a little neater and cleaner. Satisfied the OCD itch I sometimes have about round numbers)! So, I ran a total of over 12 miles this week! I'm going to schedule 15 for next week. That way, I won't be in total shock when I start half marathon training officially the following week and have to run 17 miles!
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Thread Starter 

I made it to the post office!!! I finally had everything together 2 weeks ago, but the PO was closed for a huge fire across the street (the fire destroyed 14 independent businesses ).

I got new shoes --- same as last time but a whole size bigger. No one can figure out how I ended up with such short (for me) shoes from the same place last time. The salesguy thinks the dingos sound awesome. :

DS just threw a massive tantrum, and is now sound asleep in my lap.
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mbelle I'm SO glad for you! and your mom!

mommajb, I walk to eat my bloks, or else I can't choke them down. I am in LOVE with the margarita bloks though! with about 3-4 miles left to go of a LR they are the best! glad you felt good!

1jooj, let us know what's up..... on the way when you need us....

WTG towsonmama!!!!

I did my 12 in the cold too, and fat DOES freeze my is always cold, and the love handle area. But it wasn't too bad, maybe 35 by the time we finished. It's really nice to be at the point where 12 is no big deal.

I do think I need to change shoes though. I'm not going to before the marathon (I don't think?) but these new Pegs are letting me down. I have worn them for so long and these new ones just don't feel good on my feet. I would like to try Brooks since they make the eco friendly midsole, but really whatever as long as I can do LRs and not have blisters and such. and bunion pain. I just haven't had it til these shoes!

crashing on the couch for a bit, and then cleaning must happen. take care mamas.
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I haven't run since last Sunday's LR so I forced myself out there for 3 miles today [actually did 1 outside and came in to finish 2 on the TM]. I owe that last mile to Vampire Weekend

Jo - I hope your DH reappeared with a really good reason for being gone this AM....

mamabeth - you didn't do SS either, right? maybe we can be virtual SSs i'll post things like : and :: just for you!

plady - no more stomach issues i hope? i'm so jealous you found a women's running group. i need that.
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thanks poppy... ::::

backatcha! :
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Poppy- good for you. Vampire weekend is awesome.

Did pilates class first thing this morning. Then went to the mountain and, surprise! There was nearly a foot of fresh powder in the woods. Very fun!
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birth stories

First, links: to birth story websites:

Second: There are also a number of good midwife blogs like pamamidwife, that also contain a lot of good birth stories. I would include rural doctoring's labor stories in there. I was reading some of these yesterday and "Grab It" is hysterical.

Third, a brief summary of my 4:
ds1 16 hours, one shot demerol/phenergan, 45 minutes pushing. Thought I knew what I was doing, but it was a pretty standard hospital birth and I was clueless.

dd 6 hours labor, my ob out of town and nurse didn't believe me when I said baby was coming. Poor dh almost had to catch. Resident and nurse yelling at me not to push bc res didn't have his gloves on. Here's a clue, if I'm talking to you, I'm not the one doing the pushing.

ds2 at hospital, but refused to be checked or get into bed. OB had left orders to call him at 5 cm bc he knew I went fast after that. When he comes in after I've been there for 3 or so hours, he wants to check and I'm 7. I agree to letting him break my waters thinking it may speed things up a bit (anything to get out of transition). Does that and says he going out to the nurse's station to sit with his coffee while it cools a bit. Next ctx I have to push, nurse with her back to me says OK. She turns around part way through ctx and yells at me to stop. Doc comes running back in and baby comes out. Little stinker planted his feet up in my placenta and pushed off. He's still like that, always up for the adventure.

ds3 at home. Water breaks, ctx start and 4 hours later they stop. Outside in a full length pink bathrobe, exceedingly pregnant at 2:30 in the morning. Was pretty sure the guys leaving the bar down the street thought they were seeing a pink elephant. MW tucks me into bed for lack of ctxs. 4 hours later they start again, MW make me breakfast and sends me outside. I am hands and knees in the garden for the next 2 hours transplanting strawberries. Finally get fed up with everyone ignoring my obvious pain and head back inside. 45 minutes later baby is in my arms. It was 84 degrees and the nectarine trees were blooming, clouds of soft pink.

And for all 4, dh always knew when I was in labor, because I wouldn't get off the toilet, just sat there giggling about everything.

jenlove: good labor vibes being sent your way.
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jo~ and a big : for your DH. That's just not cool


I woke up with a head stuffed full of cotton and a lovely little cough. No idea where this came from, I think I'm just a little run down. I know I should sleep more, I just have a hard time making myself go to bed. I dragged myself to spin class anyway. It was ok, but kind of blah. The regular instructor was out sick and the sub was the old guy. I'm not kidding, this guy is 75 if he's a day. VERY nice guy, but he had already taught one class (I went to the second one) and it showed. Not to mention that his workouts tend to be a little boring. It was actually kind of ok since I didn't have much energy but blah. I barely feel like I worked out. LR tomorrow, all of 5 miles. Of course, today would have been perfect (sunny and 60) but I would have had to take DS. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 30-ish. Oh well, could be a lot worse (and today was for a lot of you!).

I'm kind of bummed b/c I just got a call from a friend that I saw last night at the party and she has tickets for an indoor lacrosse game tonight. I would LOVE to go, but would have to attempt to get a last minute babysitter. Meanwhile, H has been up in the mountains skiing for the past three days. Does that seem fair to you? I don't think so, either. : Sigh...
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Jo, I hope your dh showed up with coffee and donuts. Otherwise...

Yay, Mamabelle! What a relief that must be.

RR - I did 6.5 miles outside today (temps in the mid-40's and sunny) and it was *hard.* There was lots of snow and ice still, so Ithink I was slow partly because I had to keep dodging it, and it was windy, which was such a surprise after all the treadmill runs.

But I'm registering for the Chicago Marathon tomorrow!
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JayGee - ! You are hard-core.

1jooj - wow. I hope he has a really good excuse and brings you something to make up for it.

towsonmama - nice job on the 12!

mommabelle - yay for your mom's good news!

mommajb--DD is growing too. Whenever she goes through a growth spurt she's hungry every 30 minutes, if she doesn't just eat continuously. But, she gained 2 lbs in 6 weeks (!!), and she had more growing pains last night so I'm hoping she's putting some of that energy into height now. My 2 yo niece is about 2" shorter than DD, who's 4. I'm sure she'll be short like me, but another inch or two would be nice.

mamabeth--yay for your 12 in the cold too!

Did 5 outside today: 50s, sunny, nice breeze--except when it became all-out windy during the last 1.25 miles! : The last time I did the Platte 1/2 there was a decent headwind the entire time. Best to get used to it now, I suppose.

We're off to the bookstore! :
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