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I'm back from 7+/- with my new RP. It was just right. We kept a totally comfortable pace and chatted away. She had a double stroller and her dog with her so I hope she doesn't completely smoke me when she leaves them home! Now I've got to go check what our actual mileage was, one ofht eroads we maped on mapmyrun wasn't there :

Poppy! Don't stress mama! You've still got time to build mileage, I only did 7 today because that was what RP had to do and I'd rather do 7 with a buddy than 5 alone, yk?

jo - Did he bring anything good? Did he even get back yet?
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7.54! Woot Woot! :
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Jaygee~I'm registered!
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Jo ~ I am hoping he ran out for coffee and breakfast and that you've been so busy working you haven't gotten back online.

Plady ~ Nice mileage and how nice to have a RP! :

Penelope ~ Yay on Chicago!!

I did get in a pretty restful night of sleep and woke up motivated. I got in a shower and made my breads that I wanted to, and then I stalled. I took a 2 hour nap and DH and I went to a matinee this afternoon. Was nice just to veg. Doesn't help the laundry, but oh well. There's always tomorrow.

I'm going to stretch and do squats and then I'm reading until bed. I started Twilight last night.
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need to vent

Thankfully dh has gone to bed, unfortunately he is again snoring so loudly I can't hear myself think.

We had a short, but intense, argument, the second one in the last 2 weeks. This one started bc he lent dd a set of those little tools for fixing glasses about a month ago and she returned them, but he is sure she returned the wrong ones. I wasn't here for either part of this, but the screwdriver he is sure she lost I remember him saying months ago that he couldn't find it.
It was turning into he said/she said and I stepped in to suggest this wasn't getting us anywhere and we should just buy a new set. He blew up. Said I wasn't backing him up and he was tired of always being wrong.
I suggested that this wasn't about him being right or wrong, but what purpose did it serve trying to make dd admit she had lost the screwdriver, which she insisted he never gave her, and which may have been lost for months already.

This whole mess actually goes back months. He has been forgetting little things, and some big things, and then saying other people only thought they told him about this stuff. He is really annoyed with some of his inexperienced bosses and coworkers and probably would be happier no longer working there but only has a few years left till retirement. What started out as an occasional glass of wine for his heart, has become a half bottle or more most days. Which led to the fight 2 weeks ago. He admits that this is to help him relax when he gets home from work, but he drinks on his days off also. I even offered to close my practice so I could take a full time job with benefits so he could retire now.

I've suspected for a while that he is becoming more forgetful and want him to talk with the family doc, but he insists that I'm the one with the problem. That I'm so busy that I think I told him something, but I didn't really, and then blame him for forgetting it. DD is a psychology major and mentioned tonight that she and her brothers have also noticed this pattern with him and the first thing which came to mind is alzheimer's or some form of dementia in the early stages.

It will take him several days to cool off. I'll have to apologize, maybe we'll be able to talk about the bigger issues. But, it doesn't answer any questions or solve any problems. His aunt's husband was dx'd with Alzheimer's last year, so that may be part of it.

I on the other hand am feeling pulled in 4 different directions by projects involving my practice, and the research job. Just feeling really overwhelmed tonight. Not sure that training for any tri this year is worth it, I don't even want to bother with the gym.

Thanks for reading. doctorjen, any thoughts?
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Add me to the pissed at dh list. My dh keeps logging on to FB under my account, which I don't usually mind, except that earlier today I caught him about to comment on someone's page, forgetting that he was logged in at me. Just now, he logged in as me and sent a friend request that is, basically, awkward. I'm just pissed about it. I'm not sure why he uses my account when he has his own. I believe it was an innocent mistake but I'm still very angry at him for creating this awkward situation.
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mothercat - first of all, I send you a big hug for dealing with this situation. I agree with you that it sounds like early dementia - in men, I often see this irritability and attitude that every one else is in the wrong. Another possiblity would be that it is the alcohol. If you can encourage him to see his doc, it still might not get caught in a standard office visit, as folks' social skills often are sufficient to hide all manor of minor memory and personality problems. You might talk to the doc privately before hand, if you can - s/he won't be able to share info with you due to privacy stuff, but can listen to what you have to say. I always find these situations really difficult as a doc, too, but sometimes I can work a mini mental status exam in, and sometimes I can at least order labs for reversible issues (thyroid especially comes to mind.)

Had a really nice day today - but I didn't run. I slept in a bit, then saw my hospital patients, then we left for the kids' swim meet, 1 hour 45 minutes away. The kids swam pretty well, but no PRs, which isn't suprising because in Jan they are always working really hard in practice, then they taper in Feb to be ready for the big end of season meets. Dd swam the 500 yd freestyle for the first time. My dh told her if she finished under 8 minutes, we'd go to a book store. (We were pretty confident she could do that - she's a fairly slow swimmer, but looking at her 200 yd times that seemed pretty doable.) She managed to finish in 7:16 - and was thrilled to death with that. So, after the meet, we drove to Naperville (which was less than an hour from the swim meet) and met ds and his gf for supper. After supper, we hit the bookstore and all ended up with some books. The 1 1/2 hour drive home was absolutely great - every kid had their nose in a book and there wasn't a peep out of them!

I need to run long tomorrow, probably 8 miles. I'm 6 miles short of my Jan goal!
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My dinglets are spending the night w/ MIL. :

I went to the expo after I dropped them off today. Should be a great race tomorrow - the weather is perfect. Last year it was raining harder than I've ever seen it rain w/ 40 MPH wind, and I was sick with a fever. It has to be better than that, right? I have no hope for a PR, though, as I just PR'ed in Dec. and it's probably too soon to do it again (and the course is more difficult). Afterward we'll watch the SB at MIL's. She always serves a feast, no matter the occasion, which will be perfect because I'll be ravenous.
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wanted to add in my birth stories - I've loved reading all of yours!

Ds1 - born when I was 17. Labor started with my water breaking while I was just waking up, at 40 wks 6 days. I had to pee so bad, I didn't realized my water had broken - I got up, went to the bathroom, changed pants, and went back to bed. I was lying in bed looking at the clock when I had my first contraction a few minutes later - I'll never forget that it was exactly 7:52 am! I realized then that the trickling down my leg was not urine. Labor was fairly immediately fast and hard. After 45 min I called my doc, but I was embarrassed about bothering him and really downplayed what was going on. He had me come to the office to be checked - and I was 6 cms when I got there! I went across the street to the hospital, and was pushing within half hour or so of arriving. Labor was great, but I ended up pushing just under 2 hours. I never felt any urge, and didn't know enough to either wait it out, or change positions. Finally, ds was born (with an icky mediolateral episiotomy) at 2:02 pm, just 6 hours and 10 minutes after my first contraction. I felt the biggest endorphin rush ever with that birth - the first coherent thing I said after baby was born was "I could do that again 3 times." And eventually, I did. I'd been told that he was a very small baby, probably not even 5 lbs, so he seemed huge to me at 7 lbs 11 oz.

Dd1 - I was in med school, and seeing a group of nurse midwives, but was worried about getting whoever was on call for the actual birth, as I wasn't crazy about a couple of them. I had regular contractions for a few hours 3 days in a row, that woke me from sleep in the early morning, but would fade off eventually. The third day (the day after my birthday!) I also had some bloody show, but everything petered out again, so dh walked me to school in the late morning (I was a second year student at this point) In the late afternoon, mild contractions started again, but never painful. Dh picked me up at 5:30, I went home and made supper, ate it, played with ds, read to him and tucked him in to bed. I was sitting at the computer playing solitaire, and still having mild contractions, and my back was really starting to ache - although nothing felt like labor. Dh offered to rub my back in the shower, so I got in the hot water and he stood outside and rubbed my lower back a bit. In the shower, I couldn't feel anything, and my back felt much better, so I told dh I thought I'd just wash my hair. As I was rinsing out the conditioner, my water broke. I remember clearly thinking "Ah-ha! Now, labor will get started." A couple minutes later, as I was climbing out of the tub, I had a big contraction and wanted to push! The next 25 minutes was a jumble of trying to get out of the house, calling my friend who was coming to be with ds at the hospital, calling the midwives (who never called back even though I called the answering service twice.) Finally, we were walking out to the car waiting running in the street, and I could feel baby crowning. I convinced dh we weren't going to make it anywhere. He tossed the keys to my friend, who raced upstairs, pulled out our hide-a-bed which was right inside the door, and called 911. Dh picked me up and carried me up 2 flights of stairs. Once back in our apartment, I managed to get just one leg out of my pants, and my friend knelt on the floor in front of me and caught dd in one of my bath towels with the next contraction. It was a great, great birth - except for the ambulance ride and awful hospital treatment afterwards. Dd was tiny, just 6 lbs 15 oz, born at 39 weeks 4 days.

ds2 - my longest labor, a meandering affair that started at 41 weeks 2 days, and gave us time to drive dd (age 2 at the time) to a friend's, and then drive into the city, which all took around 2 hours. Although it was my longest labor, it was still pretty short overall. On arrival to hospital I'd been laboring about 5 hours, and was just 4 cms dilated. After dealing with a resident who did my admission (and insisted on an ultrasound in which he said he could tell the baby was at least 8 1/2 lbs and there was clearly meconium in the fluid) I was tucked in to the big "family birth center" room and left to do whatever I wanted. I walked in the halls, took a long shower, and then was rocking in the rocking chair. I was just starting to feel a lot of pressure and thinking I'd call the nurse after the next contraction, when my water broke. Immediately I wanted to push. My family doc was just arriving at this point, and he barely managed to get gloves on. My family doc was the first birth attendant I'd ever seen get in a non-standard position. I'd ended up propped in the queen sized bed on a big pile of bean bags, and he just knelt on the floor and caught ds. He also wouldn't cut the cord, which was really bugging the nurse who kept trying to take ds from me. The doc said it was the only way he'd figured out to keep babies with moms! Ds was 7 lbs 9 oz (right about what I'd thought) and no meconium in sight - stupid resident.

dd2 - Labor started in the late afternoon on my due date, May 31. I'd really wanted her born in May, since ds2 is in June and I wanted them to have their own months. I'd driven to a neighboring town with my 3 older kids for a graduation party, and I had 2 contractions on the 25 min drive, and then they started 4-5 min apart as soon as we got out of the car. We stayed just long enough to eat cake and say congrats, and headed back home. I remember a friend saying "Oh, you're not going to get your May baby!" and I said "Eh, I've still got 5 hours!" I managed the drive home fine, and hung out a bit with dh watching a movie. We left for the hospital around 9 pm, just when I thought I was getting active - and we stopped to return movies on the way. I was still smiling and excited when we hit the hospital - and when the nurse checked me I was shocked to hear I was 8 cms. My doc arrived shortly thereafter, and immediately wanted to break my water. An argument ensued, and then everything seemed to slow way down. Somehow, I got it in my head that I couldn't have the baby unless I let her break my water (why, I still don't know.) She sat with her hands folded and pouted until I finally told her she could break my water. She broke my water, turned to the nurse and said "Gee, that's a really big head." Definitely on the list of things never to say in front of a mama in labor. Apparently, I was fully dilated at that point, but had no urge to push, just like in my first labor. My nurse, knowing I'd really wanted the baby in May, talked me in to pushing, as it was already just after 11:30. Fortunately, pushing was quick, and baby was born at 11:46 pm, on her due date. For this one birth, crowning was pretty awful pain, more so than any of the others. For one, I think pushing without an urge and not being ready made a difference. For two, the OB was yelling at me to "push, push, push!" and seemed so anxious, I was worried something was wrong and didn't listen to my natural inclination to back off a bit and wait. And for three, her head was really big! She was my biggest by far, 8 lbs 15 1/2 oz (after a pee, so I always claim a nine pound baby!)

Yikes, I'm long winded. I love talking about births, as you all know!
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Have a great race, Cornflake Girl!!!!!

DrJen ~ awesome birth stories! I love all these stories so much. Births are like snowflakes, no two are ever the same.

mothercat ~ I'm so sorry your husband is seeming a little "off". My first thought was early Alzheimers as well. I think DrJen's suggestions are very good ones .

DH and I had the best time out last night! It started off poorly with us getting stuck in the traffic jam from the IU/Ohio b-ball game, but the dinner was so good. We went to a local micro-brewery (Upland), and the beer was fantastic, the food was delicious, and we both laughed ourselves silly. And my goodness, two beers and I was luggage ! We really need to work a date night into our monthly schedule.
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Mothercat -

Jooj -

Plady - :

JayGee - Luggage

tjsmama - go to bed! get a good book to read in bed and dont turn on the tv or 'puter after T goes to sleep... wtg on the spin class anyway

GO CFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :

Drjen - : for the great day
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Go Cornflake girl!!

I'm putting off running until this afternoon/evening - I did some crosstraining this morning instead.
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Sorry to worry you Dingos. : He was gone to the mosque. Met some people there for dawn prayers, and then stayed a while.

My parents came over with hay, so we unloaded that, and then dh and my dad tore out the ceiling while mom and I ran some errands (including dropping off kids for a sleepover)...and then went out and split a sandwich...and then we came home and helped clean up the rest of the mess (two layers of ceiling, including crumbling old rotten plaster). There's still a layer of dust over everything, but at least the worst is done. The plumber will be here Tuesday, I guess.

I should run today. Not sure how that will happen. Am also a little exhausted from yesterday's work, so we'll see. Going to go out and buy a light fixture and I don't know what else. On the bright side, the floor joists are running in the best possible direction, and the kitchen is properly wired.

Go cornflake girl go!! :
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twosonmama: would it help any if you changed your FB password? Or, do you have the computer remember it and he would have access anyway?

Thanks for the hugs and for the advice. We know the family doc pretty well and he knows I'm pretty good with putting 2 and 2 together. I had mentioned the last time I was in for me that dh had said it's not that he isn't paying attention to what people are saying (as a reason he 's not hearing/remembering conversation), he's just doesn't find what they are saying that interesting and hopes his blank look will clue them in to that.

I checked an Alzheimer's support site last night and there was mention of vascular dementia as a differential diagnosis. His lack of balance could be related to that but he isn't quite 60, so a bit young. Although it's fairly common for the 2 to coexist.
Around Christmas he got up off the couch and stumbled into the coffee table and then the couch before regaining his balance, but he'd had a few glasses of wine. Two weeks ago he was reaching down to pick something up from the floor and lost his balance. Hadn't been drinking, claimed he just "rolled his ankle". Didn't look like it to me, and he does yoga 3 days a week, so has pretty good balance.

doctorjen, yes the being able to pull the social skills together enough to cover for himself is the part I worry about with the family doc. Knowing dh, if we went in together, he could easily make it sound like the drinking isn't an issue, that I just want him to quit because I don't like it. And then make everything else related to that. Like I'm building a case against any consumption of alcohol. In the back of my head is the long history of alcoholism in both our families.

I just want to know what I'm up against. Always feel better when I have a concrete diagnosis to work with.
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Mothercat . Ugh mama. That is so hard. Whatever is going on is going to be hard to help as long as he's so defensive. I'm sorry that you're going through this.

Kerc - Happy Birthday!!!

CFG - I hope your race is/was great!

No running on the schedule for me today, just church and that's it. no SB party for us either. I'm so uninterested in football I doubt I'd watch even if I had the ability but I would have been happy to play with friends, if any were having a party.

Twosonmama - Yuck, that's a pita. Dh does that kind of thing on my email now and then but at least he usually asks if it's okay if he signs my name.
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I have not been keeping up well, but a big helllo to everyone.

townson, is fb cookied in uner you log in ID. does he not realize that he is signed in as you, or does her perfer to be signed in as you. I woudl uncookie it, and tell him to remember to sign in under his own name... so he will be able to keep up with all of his frineds!
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mothercat, . No advice here, just lots of support for you. That's got to be tough.

Happy birthday, kerc! :

I'm back from my long run. 5 miles today. I was SO completely not feeling it...I'm stuffed up, runny nose, hacking cough. DS was up at 6 and then proceeded to kick me in the kidneys for an hour and a half when I brought him in bed with me. So needless to say, I did NOT want to do this. The first mile and a half kind of sucked, and then all of a sudden it just clicked. I felt really good and strong for the last 3 miles. I really felt like I could have kept going, but I didn't.

H is here, fixing breakfast for DS. I did get invited to a party, after all, so I'm trying to decide if I want to go. I probably will, just because it's better than sitting at home by myself, right? It's just one of those parties where I'll only know the host and like one other person, it's during prime nap time, and it's on the other side of the city. I need to go to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things to take with us, though.
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Absolutely nothing is happening here today. For the most part that is a good thing. I should do some stretching/flexibility work and will 'if I get the chance' which means probably not. The littlest one hates when I sit on the floor. It is so odd, he spends the entire time trying to pick me up rather than just sitting on my lap or something more normal.

Happy Birthday kerc!

I hope all is okay in the big picture mothercat. It is quite a bit to worry about as it sounds like he is either having problems or not being the man you are used to being with.

Go CFG!!!!

Jo, enjoy the renovations. I am glad it isn't me. The mess stresses me out.
Enjoy your superbowl parties and quiet Sunday afternoons.
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Oh boy! Add me to the list of pissed at dh!
He was supposed to be home just after lunch, and I can't even reach him on his cell phone, which tells me he's still in the mountains!
#$$%%^ ##$$$$%

Momma needs a run!
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