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No-Testers in the New Year

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NO-TESTERS, NON-STRESSERS!!! That's what we are.

We aren't against testing, just testing early. And now we've decided to make this a mostly no-stressing (about symptoms) thread, too. Come join us!

b-girl is PREGNANT!!!!!! Let's let the baby dust settle down upon all of us on the list below

Ravenstar is PREGNANT!!!!!! Mo' baby dust!

is PREGNANT!!!!!!! Let the baby dust snow, let it snow!!!!

texmati is PREGNANT!!!!!!!! Baby dust, baby dust, baby dust!

Tear78 is PREGNANT!!!!!!!! Baby dust blizzard!!

Look for more comfirming BFP tests (after AF is late, according to our creed, that also includes exclusion from getting wrinkles and scars outside of stretch marks from pregnancy) here's when we're all scheduled to test:

Currently stalking:.
Jan 22
Jan 27
Jan 29

AF is due...
Feb 4
Feb 13
Feb 21

Rogue Non-Testers, with as-yet undetermined (or unspoken) dates:

Non-Testers in brand new cycles

Be calm, be cool, be positive!

But don't be POAS!

POAS doesn't make you pregnant, and doing it too early can cause a lot of grief. Stay strong, mamas!
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HI MrsTC! thanks for volunteering to be our new thread keeper. YAY!!
i'm testing on Jan 10th @ 16 DPO :

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"No Stressers, No Testers"? Was that it?

Thanks for starting a New Thread!

I will be testing at 16DPO. No idea when that will be. I'm CD9 and just remembered for the first time this cycle to temp. Hahah. My temperature was high too. I don't like flukes; they mess up my chart.
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Happy New Year!
Happy New thread!
I am 9 dpo today. I plan on testing at 14 dpo which is Jan 6th.
So far I'm feeling fairly calm. I'm not temping every morning...that seems to help the days go by.
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I'm 17dpo today, was due yesterday.

If I make it over to the $tree today I'll pick up a test to use with FMU tomorrow.

I'm sure is coming for me.
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Hello All,
I'm new to this kind of thread, but after a non-sticky BFP this past month, I vowed not to test before AF is missed. I'm at CD9 today, too. I plan not to test before 15dpo. That would be January 20th I think. Man, that seems like a long ways away. I can't promise not to stress about symptoms....but I'm going to try. Good luck to all!
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I'm testing 1/16- should be around 13 DPO (my normal lp is 12 days).

Good luck everybody!
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How am I doing so far? I won't be constantly looking for approval and kudos all month, I promise, but tell me if I'm missing something. I want to be a good thread leader.
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Hello! Thanks for the new thread MrsTC.

I'm testing on Jan 3rd if AF does not arrive by then. I have a back ache and some cramps so AF is likely on the way. I'm guessing tomorrow.

I was just looking at the calendar and I may squeeze in another cycle before the end of January (because there are 31 days) so I still have hope before the end of the month.
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Happy New Year everyone! I hope the new year is filled with bfp's for all of us! Thanks for starting the new thread MrsTC! If ya wanna add me to the list, my test date is Jan 9, if AF doesn't show that morning.

Good luck b-girl!
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May the first of this new year bring lots of bundles of joy!!!

I love to check in on this thread as a former member! to everyone!
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i am now 16 DPO i tested this morning no af when should i wait for?and advice?
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i want to play a question game now, how did you come up with your user-name? AFM i was born in october and my birth name means moon or moon goddess. also i just think the moon is cool -what it does with our cycles, the tides etc.... and plus i think it's pretty.
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Hey ladies! Add me! I am going test at 12 dpo, which is on Jan. 10th. I;m 3dpo and feeling very chill .

My screen name comes from Ds's initials and his birthday-November (11) the 17th.
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I took my husband's last name that starts with a "C" when we got married. Thus, I am Mrs Tresa C-----

so boring.
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I was feeling totally uncreative, and my husband suggested I take the name of a character from the video game I was playing, tear, and i was born in 78. Weird...but I kinda like it.
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How do I get my ff chart in my signature like you ladies have?
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Originally Posted by RMM1117 View Post
How do I get my ff chart in my signature like you ladies have?
To add a chart to your signature:
copy this line, but remove the * and change the "http://www.yourchartaddress.com" to your own chart's address (if using FF, under the sharing menu click on "Home Page Setup, and copy the address in the box under "Your Charting Home Page Web Address").
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yay another chart to stalk!

MrsTC i think you are doing fabulously.

HI to our new no-testers!
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Originally Posted by MrsTC View Post
Kelly will test Jan 3 if AF is just acting like she's coming and doesn't show up. I think we should all chip in on plane tickets for Flo, maybe to someplace warm? Unless you live someplace warm, Kelly....
No signs of AF yet. It's cold here right now so banishing AF to somewhere hot would be good!
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