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We had a taco dinner fundraiser for dd1's school last night. Tonight I need to do something with some chicken I thawed out! Probably chicken, couscous and brussels sprouts.
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I just did spaghetti tossed with pesto and baked potatoes. Way easy... Definetly a 'I don't feel like cooking/don't know what to make meal!!'
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We had church tonight we afterwards we went to a local Cajun restaurant, I had a shrimp poboy and DH had crawfish etoufee. Yum!!
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Tonight dp is making red curry with veggies for dinner!
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lazy night- we had oatmeal
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I've felt uninspired when it comes to cooking but I do love most anything posted at Wondertime by Catherine Newman. I especially love the soy-glazed tofu and also the carrot salad. Very easy, fast, nutritious foods. Yum!
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Got my meal plan together for the week. Still trying to use up some frozen meat I was given that is not the kind of stuff we usually eat! But we had a couple of great meals last week, so I'm excited to branch out again.

Tonight - bbq country style ribs, baked beans & green beans w/ roasted red peppers

Tuesday - make your own taco salad

Wed - tuna burgers w/ avacado sauce and sweet potato fries

Thurs - crockpot pork chops over brown rice with sauteed broccoli & carrots
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Tonight is breakfast for dinner

Breakfast potatoes
Eggs and cheese
Alton Brown's French Toast (YUM!!!)

I have refried beans too in case someone wants a breakfast burrito!
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cashew chicken broccoli stirfry
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Leek and Potato soup with squash and fresh whole wheat bread
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Saturday dh ordered pizza since I was sick and our 2 year old was pukey.

Sunday, I don't even remember what we had, leftovers of some kind I think.

Last night was fried potatoes and hot dogs.

Tonight is meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn.
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Tonight it's Chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes and green beans (I seriously can't serve a meal without green beans or my kids would freak)
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Last night was homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Tonight I'm thinking about beef stroganoff.
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yesterday was hotdogs

tonight is chicken garlic parsley kievs, onion rings, tomatoes and bread
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beef stew
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Tonight hubby isn't home for dinner, and we're pressed for time, so we're having some fresh tortellini I picked up from the store with some homemade tomato sauce (I had it frozen). Also having garlic bread and a salad. Tomorrow we're having honey garlic meatballs (made with ground deer, moose or elk - whichever I pull from the freezer first!), brown rice and broccoli.
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Well we were going to have steak fajitas tonight but I just realized I didn't take any steak out. No one's going to be home utnil 4ish either.

So I think we'll do pizza and salads instead.
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Wednesday nights are Awana's at church and they serve dinner there (I love not having to cook 1 night a week) On the menu tonight is Baked Spaghetti and Salad

Tomorrow we have another church function visiting a retirement home and we bring them dinner. Sandwiches, pasta salas and dessert for tomorrow

Not sure about Friday but I just saw a recipe for 5-spiced ribs that I am now just dying to make
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i pulled a white lasagna out of the freezer and I want to sautee some veggies for a side dish....
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Last night was a veggie-lentil soup & chicken caesar salad
Tonight I'm not sure, it's about time to figure it out tough. That is why I came here looking for some inspiration! Any interesting ideas for ground chicken?
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