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I have two potato-hating kids myself. Weird. I don't know how you can hate a potato.

Last night I cooked a Mexican casserole that ended up really odd-looking. It looked like...er, well, it looked like you might have already eaten it once before. It was tasty, though, and we're even eating the leftovers for lunch in a few minutes!

Tonight DH is doing a "drunk" chicken on the grill (whole chicken with a can of beer inside), and I'm not sure what sides we'll have. Probably peas or beans of some kind, mac & cheese, and rolls.
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ChristyH, can you post a recipe for the Coca Cola chicken?
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Tonight we're having kielbasa, potatoes and an undecided on veggie.
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chicken parm with homemade sauce.
maybe some bread along side and broccoli
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rice, refried beans that I made with a can of pinto beans and a can of diced tomatoes (yum), and nachos.
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Originally Posted by becoming View Post
ChristyH, can you post a recipe for the Coca Cola chicken?

It truly is that easy too! I add an onion to mine though also and cook mine in my Dutch oven in the oven at 350 for an hour. It was delicious!
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Tonight we had leftovers - just a hodgepodge of things we had eaten during the week.

Right now I have all of the bones plus some veggies and spices simmering away on the stove from the chicken we had yesterday. As soon as the stock is done I'll put it in the fridge because tomorrow I'm making chicken soup. Yum!
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Homemade Turkey and Noodles...joint effort between dh and I.
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Originally Posted by HollyBearsMom View Post
My son does not like potatoes either. He will suffer thru the occasional french if he is *really* hungry but that is it.

Me on the other hand would take any kind of potato over the finest chocolate in the world.
Ds will maybe eat a french fry or mashed potato on occasion, but really does not like potatoes much at all. He'll choose broccoli or carrots over a potato anyday. I thought he was the only one.
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We were supposed to have steak, twice baked potatoes and salad tonight but I forgot to get the steak out of the freezer so I'm not sure what we're having.
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Last night, we had spaghetti and a ceasar salad. Tonight, will most likely be "Mexican Night" which consists of guacamole and chips, shrimp fajitas and spanish rice - oh, and a couple of margaritas for H and I.
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Last night we had BBQ grilled mesquite chicken (that was fun, BBQ'ing in the dark in 25F weather) then I streamed broccoli, onions, bellpepper and I can't remember the other and added a teriyaki glaze to mine and younger dd's. Would have had rice if I'd thought about it before we were sitting down to eat

Tonight I'm not sure, probably the Chipotle chicken I have marinating in the fridge for the BBQ tonight but have to cook up 30 lbs of chicken breasts today so who knows.
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I'm not sure about tonight yet. The pantry/fridge are pretty bare so I will probably make a run to the store at some point today. Last night, however, my SIL and I made a super yummy, spicy white chicken chili. It was SOOOO GOOD.
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We're having brunswick stew tonight.

Last night was sausage blackeyed pea cornbread and salad.
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tonight was spaghetti and meatballs. I had meatballs frozen from the last time I made them - yay!

I wanted to make extra sauce because I am making lasagna wednesday - so I used 3 cans of diced tomatoes, an onion, some garlic, a HUGE yellow squash, 2 zucchini, 2 carrots, some chiffonade of collards, and a scoop of pureed winter squash... and in the pot it didn't look like enough tomato to make it sauce (too many other veggies) & I only have one more can (which I am using tomorrow for that sausage & black eye pea recipe) - so I poured in a big can of progresso tomato basil soup LOL

(I got the soup for .15 cents after sale and coupon last week)

it came out good and I wound up with 12 cups of sauce in the end hahaha
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We had leftovers last night.

Tonight is sausage and onion pizza. And probably fruit.
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I am making the lovely sausage and black eyed pea casserole posted upthread. I added collards for even more new-yearsy-ness LOL

the butcher puts too much fennel in the sausage. bleh. I like a little but it is really overwhelming. I wonder if they'd make them special for me.

I will post a picture on the facebook dinner group in a few minutes.
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I made chicken and dumplings last night but it took so long that I didn't have time to eat them so we are having them tonight.
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Last night DH made an awesome soup from a 15-bean soup mix and deer sausage. It was really, really good. We had the leftovers for lunch today.

Tonight we're going out for seafood with my parents. I *really* dislike the restaurant that we're going to, so I'm not sure what I'll get there. It's my parents' favorite, so we're taking one for the team.
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Tonight we are having crab sandwich melts with a side of rotini pasta w/ broccoli & garlic
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