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SkyDancer- I'm going to try and wait until the 11th, but I usually get antsy around 10 dpo. So far I feel good though, so we'll see.
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Turkish Kate ~ I put you under waiting to o
on the faint +'s then the - this morning

Kerry~I think it'd be fun to have a halloween baby.

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I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions. I always break them by about... now.

DH and DD and I get to go over to someone's house tomorrow morning for their "famous" pancakes. Their DD is 13 and LOVES our DD, so it should be some fun times.
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The last week with the 12 month old has been a keen reminder of what having a newborn is like, so I'm thinking she is trying to thwart our plans.

If I manage to O this cycle, I'd amazed considering how high maintenance she has been. I love my girl, but really, I would be okay just seeing her once or twice a night, rather than every 15 minutes. I'm not sure if we need to reevaluate our cosleeping, or if it could just be teething, but I'm just walking around all day muttering "It's just a phase, she won't be doing this when she is 12". And if she is, then maybe she WON'T get to be a big sister.
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I'm still here lurking I am still waiting for my body to O but it keeps giving me false starts so it can't be too far off. Last week I had lots of fertile CM and then it went away and this week it's back with breast soreness so I think my body is trying to get going I am hoping to be pregnant by summer Anyway you can keep me at waiting to catch first PP egg
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: AF found me today. Guess that means you can move me back over to Waiting to O. *sigh* Really I'm not surprised that it didn't happen this cycle, as Dec. was CRAZY for us, and we were trying to squeeze in frolics at rather inopportune times. Here's hoping this cycle will be more mellow, laid-back and fun!
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Oh no!! So sorry, Kritto. I was hoping this would be your month!
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Hi mamas! I am still waiting to catch the first PP egg, but I did get my Vitex this week and started it on January 1st. Can someone help me with safe dosage for bf'ing? I've read that low dosages will increase supply - which is what I'm going for. My bottle says 200 mg, and I've only taken one each day.

Last night I had a dream that I started my period, so I hope that's a sign my body is getting ready to gear up for some baby makin'.

New Year's resolutions: dh and I were talking about this and he said "to get you pregnant!"

I said mine is to be more loving and patient with dh, and to do something fun/educational/out of the ordinary with ds every day. So far I've managed to do both

Good luck to all of you this month!!
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Happy New Year!! I am officially TTC. Having really weird bleeding this month though. Got Af 12/15 then started spotting 12/26 and yesterday started full on bleeding again. I usually have 31-34 day cycles. WTF?? DS nurses a couple times a day and a ton at night. He's teething right now so maybe nursing more at night than usual but I don't know if that would cause this unexpected bleeding. I need help!! Once you get the idea of TTC you want to do it right away KWIM?!! I wasn't planning for irregular cycles!!

Best of luck to everyone in the new year!!
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MahnaMahna- I was taking two pills of Vitex a day. It did wonders for my supply for a while. I'm way back down now though, don't know what happened. I'm pretty sure I o'd too, so it really did it's job!
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Does "Waiting to be ready" include the fact that I'm waiting one last cycle (I'm due the 15th - I'm like clockwork) before trying? I have so much to do before then - get back on prenatals (I've been slackingand I need to find some better ones), get appointments to deal with my back pain BEFORE I get preggo and it gets out of hand, organize my son's b-day in late January BEFORE I get morning sickness ... not to mention the fact that DD is 2.5 and still nursing like crazy and I'm nervous about that! Last time, DS was still nursing and I had to wean him a few months into my pregnancy with DD and it was rough on both of us.
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Question about my chart ladies -

This is only my second PP cycle, so I know it takes time for my hormones to get back to the right levels. But it seems like both months I have all the signs of ovulation, have one day of a real spike, and then it dips back down quickly (but not quick enough that FF said it wasn't O). My LP was also short (9d) last month, and we'll see about this month.

My question is: how long did it take for your cycle to even back out & at what point did you start taking herbs/vitamins/progesterone to strengthen your LP?
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Thanks Bromache and and SkyDancer. Nice to know I am no alone. He's got all his teeth, no more coming until he loses some around 5! Who the heck knows what is bothering him. He was actually tantrumming in his sleep last night.

I have been keeping up my calories, too SkyDancer, and have been steadily gaining weight, which I think is actually helping, although I am a few pounds heavier than I like to be. It seems that each month I gain a little and my LP is getting longer. Of course that could just be that DS is taking less milk and therefore the extra calories are staying with me, so it's the less milk and not the extra fat...

Anyway, Mamas, check out my chart! I am 8 or 9 dpo, temps better than last month. Trying to decide when to test, tomorrow is DS's birthday, so it might be a nice birthday present for him...on the other hand a BFN would be a bummer...
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I'm back. We took a bit of a break. We will try for the next 2 cycles then take another break. DD is a dec. baby and we really don't want to have another one. We started TTC again last cycle but it was a total bomb. Everyone got sick at O time and we just couldn't fit in BD. So right now I'm waiting to o

My resolution is to make more time for me and my friends.
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I think I'm in my 2ww, but who knows. Since I'm not temping my only AF might have been anov bleeding... but if I did O recently then I should get AF next weekend. Or a +, but so unlikely. I think we DTD once. Yay for holiday colds!
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I have a question for you guys. With my first he was such a nurser that I didn't get any fertility signs back until 19mo or so and my first ppaf came at 21 mo. This baby goes long periods without nursing and last week I had a few days with EWCM and then this last few days again EWCM and nipple pain but no O pain. I was wondering how long this will continue till I O? it is ridiculous how much EWCM I have, i don't remeber it being this much when I was TTC last time.
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Jumping in here!

On the, waiting to catch the first PP egg list .

Baby is only 5 months, nurses a ton, so I'm kinda just here lurking, expecting to not really return to fertility for a while. But, hopeful that when I do, I can catch that egg!

Also not going to change any of Babybel's nursing habits to try to get AF to come back early . We cosleep and night nurse a lot. Currently about every 2 hrs or so, so I'm guessing this will preclude ovulation.

But, saying hi to everyone!

May 2009 bring BFPs!
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Still here. Still not O'ing that I know of.


Oh...I changed my username, so can we update me from bellevuemama to Theoretica on the waiting to catch the 1st egg list

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Yes, I am still here! Still waiting to O, but have been doubting the wisdom of TTC another after our first was sick all last week and reverting to newborn behavior... Mama is tired!!!
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I am in the 2ww! I am nursing our 4 year old and he shows no signs yet of letting go of his "kies" anytime soon. All good thoughts on a bfp are appreciated! Sending baby dust to all mama's trying for their next sweet littling! :
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