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Butting in

Totally butting in, since I live several thousand miles away in Israel, but I actually went to the Montessouri in Delran (30+ years ago) and I felt nostalgic when I read your thread. I loved my teacher Miss Nasseem, all the animals, the great materials, learning....

I was born in Hainesport/Mt. Holly (lived in the boonies with sheep, ducks, etc.) then moved to Moorestown and went to Moorestown public schools for 12 years.

I love to go back and visit, especially the Whole Foods and Wegmans! Also Borders and Barnes and Nobles! My kids love the Garden State Children's museum in Cherry Hill too.

Enjoy your playdates, and thanks for the memories!
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we are up for friday morning as well!

melissa & alex
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Miriam, thanks for hosting us today! It was great to meet you and Eileen and your little ones.
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Yes, it was fun! The little ones are quite adorable.

Now....who wants to host next?
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Hi, all. I would be happy to host next week. I know that some may not want to make the drive and I completely understand!!! FYI: It took me about 35 minutes from my house to Cinnaminson. Let me know if you would like to come and I will PM you my address.
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I am not sure about next Friday. I have to check something at work. I think the Friday after that is a better possibility for us (Feb 6). But if you get other interested folks, go right ahead! Thanks for volunteering to host, Eileen. We would be willing to go to Tabernacle in the future.
PS Jordan really loved your muffins!
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Hi all! I live in Mays Landing which is probably an hour away from you guys. I didn't see anybody that lives close to me but if you decide to come down south and closer to the beach I am available for playdates. My son just turn two. I work Mon through Fri so weekends work better for me. Send me a PM and I'll give you the address and details. I'll be happy to meet you and your munchkins.
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Friday Playdate Postponed

Hi, Moms..not sure who was going to make it on Friday, but I will need to postpone. Our water heater broke and flooded our whole basement...lots of clean up and a little stress Thanks!
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Soooo sorry Eileen! I sympathize, since we just had the overflowing toilet last Friday : ) Good luck, and we'll see you somewhere down the line...
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Hi everyone,I am in Medford. So Mamainthepines and Olive&Pimiento we are neighbors! My younger 2 are 5 and 6 yo, I don't have any babies anymore, but believe in AP and EBF. Is the Collingswood chapter the closest one to me? I would love to come. I have lived here for 4 years but still don't have a circle of friends established. :
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mamainthepines, I have a wet dry vac. If you need to borrow it, pm me.
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Eileen, so sorry to hear about your basement/water heater. What a mess! We will have a playdate at your house when you are ready....
Merrybee, there is a chapter of Holistic Moms in Lawrenceville but probably Collingswood is closer to you? I know what you mean about not having a circle of friends established, this is one of the main reasons I started this thread. We've been here about 4 years too but lately it feels like my friends are moving away or living in other states and I'm not gaining any around her. So while this thread has become predominantly about playdates, we can also plan something sometime just for moms. If anyone has ideas please feel free to let me know.
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still following this thread and glad to see it is going strong. I am just sitting around waiting to go into labor right now so everything is out for us for the time being. Just had to comment about not having a circle of friends in this area also. Same goes for me! All my family lives in the south. It is hard. I do look forward to meeting ya'll in the future! I will continue to follow this thread.

Sorry about the water heater! We had to replace ours in '08.
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Hi Moms

I'm an AP sahm to a 3 3/4 year-old boy and a 4 month-old girl. We live in Mount Holly, so I think we're pretty centrally located. I'd be happy to host and/or attend a meeting.

Friday mornings are out for us, I'm sorry. Most any other day/time of the week would be good, though. Tuesday afternoon maybe? Thursday morning? Let's get together!
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Welcome to all the new moms on the thread. Let's try to keep this SJ connection going!

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement with the flood..I am looking at the positive. This has forced me to clean the basement..something I have been putting off! It is amazing what treasures I have come across!
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Playdate week of February 9?

I want to make sure we keep this thread going...
I'd like to suggest a playdate for possibly Tuesday Feb 10th?
Digihoo, if you are willing to host in Mt Holly, I know that would be a good location for several moms. Of course that's only if you're willing- otherwise we can figure something else out.
Morning would be more preferable for us.

Also, if people want to have a moms-only get-together please feel free to give suggestions.

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Anyone out there?!
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Yes, here I am ... Sorry for dropping off the map! My online time tends to vary somewhat (as you all probably can relate). Anyway, yes, Tuesday the 10th is looking good for me. I'll be happy to host here in Mount Holly. The only issue is parking: we have space for one or two guest cars - everyone else would have to park around the block or on High Street. We have a huge church right across the street and I have a call in to them for permission to use their lot for parking on Tuesday. In any case, we're extremely easy to find - right off of High Street. Let me know!
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That sounds great. Thanks! Lydia and I should be able to make it.
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Good news ... I got clearance from the pastor of the church across the street, so everyone can use their parking lot. We are right across the street. So PM me and I'll get you all the directions. Looking forward to Tuesday!
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