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LibbyLou- You are killing us!!!! Did you test?
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ugh! We are supposed to get tons of snow on Monday, so there might be no way I can make it to my RE appt on Tuesday sucks! I guess i am not going to worry about it till it gets here.

afm tested neg... surprise surprise- i knew it would be, I used 7pm pee, and a $ cheapie, but my excuse was @ least I know the trigger shot is out of my system so if by some miracle I do get a + in the next day or two, I will know it isnt cause of the trigger. (nice way to rationalize poas?? i am so full of crap!)
feeling a little crampy/pre af sx, most definitely pms hateful! my Dh has pissed me off 10 times, and he has been home about 15 minutes!! i feel bad for him sometimes, my mood swings tend to be horrid, but today i don't feel bad @ all!!
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I tested this morning and there are most definitely 2 lines. : I can't believe that I finally get to post that. I tested about an hour ago, and I'm still shaking. The second line is light, but it's definitely there. We're going to go get a couple more tests today, and then I'll probably try to get in for a blood test on Monday. I'm so excited, but I'm also really nervous.
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CONGRATULATIONS LIBBYLOU!!!! ::: Those temps look great!
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LibbyLou--:::Congratulations::: I just knew it when your temps were going up.

Crystal-mommy--, I am so sorry esp when you had a tad bid of hope. I know how you feel. Please take care of yourself.
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Congrats LibbyLou!!!!!!!!!!!!!:::::
That is awesome!!! Keep us posted!!! Hope it is a happy & healthy 9 months for you!!!!

I saw on your chart that you are taking 500mg of cinnamon, did i read that right?? What is that for???????????
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Oh LibbyLou! How Wonderful! :::
I wish you all the best for your pregnancy!
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: Oh congrats LibbyLou!!!!
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libby yay!!! ::: Hope this is a H&H9 months!!
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Thanks ladies! Its so nice to be able to tell all of you, because we're going to try not to tell anyone in real life until after we've heard a heartbeat. I put a picture of this morning's test in my blog if you want to see it. The line doesn't show up super well in the picture but a line's a line, right?

I didn't get any responses for taking over the thread. I don't mind staying on for February and cheering everyone on, but I don't want to do that if it will bother anyone.
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LibbyLou- You are a wonderful threadkeeper. I am doing the Feb IUI, So I can't take this one over. Stay around as long as you want. You could be good luck!!
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LIbby- I am soooo happy for you!! Yay, some good news on here! It definitely gives hope! I wish you a very exciting, safe pregnancy and a beautiful little baby!! So, what IS the cinnamon for?

crystal-mommy- I have been in a similar frame of mind as you these past few days, but WE HAVE TO HANG IN THERE!!

Update- I am a little frustrated at the moment, as well as my usual confusion! My RE actually called me Thursday night, at about 6 pm and told me that after looking over my file, he felt that since I had done so many cycles of the clomid, even though it has only been one iui that I should essentially give up and move on to ivf. I was floored!! I thought we at least had 3-4 more options before we got there. So, I talked to him about the femara and the injectables and he agreed to do 1 cycle w/ the femara and 1 w/ injectibles, but said he wants me to have ivf soon in the back of my mind. UGH!! Needless to say, I really boo hooed for a long time, and felt pretty hopeless. I picked up my femara today, and it's actually CHEAPER than my clomid!! I am wondering why I haven't been on this med before now! THe success rates are higher, the side effects are much less, and IT'S CHEAPER!! So, I am now in the mindset that this cycle WILL work for us, but my faith in the clinic and doc are a little shaken. Does it seem reasonable for me to go straight to ivf after ONE failed iui?? Or is he after the $$$???

I apologize for yet another rant, but I'm just trying to get all of this straight in my head!!
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Originally Posted by Lola88 View Post
LIbby- I am soooo happy for you!! Yay, some good news on here! It definitely gives hope! I wish you a very exciting, safe pregnancy and a beautiful little baby!! So, what IS the cinnamon for?
The cinnamon is supposed to help with Insulin Resistance. I haven't noticed much of a difference, though.
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Lola88--You can rant all you want. I have done my fair share of ranting. But I can't believe they are recommending IVF now! After only one IUI and hes calling it quits. I was told that you should try at least 3-4 IUIs before you move onto IVF. I think the femara is a good choice and then one more IUI with injects. I know how you feel cause I am the same age as you and the time is ticking. I think this is what the doc is thinking also. BUt I think its premature. Hows your cd3 bw. Maybe he is going off this. Its weird he called you out of the blue.

AFM: Please help : BCP question Can I stop my bcp 5 days earlier so I can get AF early. As most of you know I am on them cause of my upcoming procedure. I was told to go on them in case the the OR procedure was after ovulation day. Now of course the OR date is set when AF is due.

My last pill will be on Feb 5th. OR date is Feb 13th. I took the pills a few cycles back and I got my period 5 days after my last pill. So if I continue with them I will be cutting it real close. They rather not have a period while they are doing the hystero. and lap.

So I am thinking if I should stop taking the pills 5 days early I can get Af sooner. Or would this screw up my cycle. Its like 5 days left of the pill.

I have been waiting for this OR date forever and I can't do nothing until my cervix is fixed. No IUIs or IVF until this is resolved. So I am really worried at this time of what I should do?
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Come join me in the February thread.

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