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Christophersmom -- I hope today's numbers where an aberration and your numbers more than double on Tuesday.

momtoalexis -- I'm glad you're starting to smile a little. Sounds like the shock is beginning to wear off. I'm starting to mentally and financially (no insurance coverage) prepare for IVF b/c it's a realistic possibility. But I think actually starting IVF will be a surreal experience. I can understand how you would feel weird.

AFM -- Unfortunately I'm on to IUI cycle #6. Not sure whether I'll do a trigger or not, I think I'll request not to and just do one IUI. I think I've got another one or two more IUI cycles in me, so long as DH's numbers remain decent, before we move on to IVF.

Hope everyone has a good week.
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I started spotting and cramping about 2 hours ago... is that normal?? I didn't think I would get AF until I stopped progesterone? has anyone else started AF on their own while still on the progesterone pills??

c-momhopefully your beta will have double/tripled by tuesday!!

eternalsunshine why would you not take the trigger? i have only had it once- and i had already o'd, we just didn't realize it @ the time. Was considering asking for one w/ my next cycle. just wondering about different experiences....

crazyrunmamagood luck w/ whatever you choose for this month. personally I think I would need to jump right back into it... waiting a month would only make me more anxious when i did start back... too much free time to sit and obsess- my specialty!!

well, off to get DD to bed. School starts back tomorrow, boooo!! She has gotten used to staying up late and getting up @ noon!! She is a future midnight shifter like her Momma!! lol
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Originally Posted by crystal-mommy View Post
I started spotting and cramping about 2 hours ago... is that normal?? I didn't think I would get AF until I stopped progesterone? has anyone else started AF on their own while still on the progesterone pills??

But I hope that's not what is happening for you.
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I am definitely spotting more now... but it is dark dark brown-almost black! wth?? is that b/c of the progesterone pills? I don't think i have ever had that before...ucky!!
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c'smom- Thinking about you! HCG numbers double every 2-3 days in early pregnancy. Maybe you are just on the tail end of the spectrum.
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Originally Posted by crystal-mommy View Post
I am definitely spotting more now... but it is dark dark brown-almost black! wth?? is that b/c of the progesterone pills? I don't think i have ever had that before...ucky!!
I got real spotty, really brown about ten days after transfer. I was told spotting is okay and not to stop progesterone for it. My spotting has mostly stopped.
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Got my progesterone results back....28.

This is the first time that I have had this test. Any thoughts?
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C's Mom, I am sending you major doubling vibes This must be a very difficult wait.

Welcome (again) Perdita and CrazyRMama. I am so sorry here is where you are for now. I really hope this is more of a pause and you move on very soon.

CRM, I would probably do the FET again if I was you. I hear in your posts how long you've waited and "time" is just not healing at this point. Moving forward, IF your body is ready and you're emotionally strong enough to go again. mama.

Crys, It is possible to get AF on prog. I hope though it rather means you are preg. Hang in there.

Mom to A, What an adjustment to go from Clo to ivf. Given your follicle response I'm thinking you will likely respond really well to an ivf cycle. We are here for you. Wishing you the best.

AFM (xpost IUI thread)...Long, sorry, Had my follie scan today too. Quick update...so the other 2 follisitm cycles I developed an 18 mm egg by cycle day 7 and we were never sure if it was viable. This time I took Lupron injetions also to suppress ovulation and hopefully extend my FP and give me an IUI after day 10. Well, f'in a, it's day 7 and there's an 18 mm dom. follicle again. I also had like 6 between 10-14mm, 7 less than 8mm and a 28mm corp. luteum cyst that was not there 5 days ago. WTF? I could not have ovulated because I'm on the darn Lupron. We'll see what the estradiol comes back as. The worst part is that we are all very afriad this is what will happen in an ivf cycle...I'll get one fast dominant follie and all my other follies won't be able to catch up and it will get canceled. I don't get it. I don't know anyone else who has this problem. I have the follicles. I have a great antral foll. count. Why do I have one super fast follicle? I came home and got back in bed and DH just held me for a really long time. They're talking IUI Fri. but the 18 mm will be like 26 by then, right? I'm so confused. Any advice?
Thanks for listening.
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POET- , Thanks for the kind words, I'm praying everyday that this will work. I don't have much knowledge about the follies and I have not done injections besides the trigger shot. But I think having one large follie you should still have a shot at IUI. It's so hard for us, it seems we give up before the cycle even starts. Last night I had a dream we had a baby boy and it felt so so real. When I woke up I was so upset cause I just wanted to continue that dream so bad. Actually woke up late taking DD to school. I cried ever since I dropped her off, so I went shopping and bought a new pocketbook. If we don't go broke from the RE bills we will def go broke from my shopping sprees whenever I'm down.. When will you get another u/s. Maybe the others will catch up. I will be pulling for you. Good Luck.
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Poet: Maybe they just missed the cyst on the prior u/s? Is there anyway to just let the dominant follie go and keep taking the follistim to speed up the others? I have heard (somewhere back in my memory) of someone doing this. Maybe I heard wrong. ((hugs))
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Poet I'm not sure what this means for your IUI. However, when doing ivf I had a similar experience where I had 1-2 dominant follicles. They waited until several others matured before triggering and let those first one go. Oh, and I didn't trigger until 2 days after I had several "23" follicles. Keep that hope!

Mom to A I too went straight from clomid to ivf for the same fear, that injectibles would result in a multiple pregnancy (4 + babies). The worst part was the doc sprung the recommendation on me while I was in the stirrups and they were looking at my ovaries. It takes time to adjust, so be gentle with yourself.

CRM I completely understand trying to go ahead. Time is not a friend when dealing with if.

Perdita I've been wondering what you were up to. I'm sorry to see you back here, instead of a ddc. for the weaning process. I really hope this is "IT" for you, after all you've been thru.

Can you please update my info:
Julia'sMom - TTC #2, ivf#2 in Jan/Feb
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nummies your progesterone results are good!! It means you definitely ovulated!! good luck!!

poet sorry about your u/s, keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

afm got beta results back, negative. I am still having some spotting w/ just a little bit of bright red. So, now I just have to determine if it's still "spotting" or if I can move on to CD 1. I am going to take clomid this month, I am dreading it! I felt horrible on it the 2 other months I took it, but Femara hasn't gotten me far, so time to change it up a little.
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MOMTOALEXIS and Poet, This is so hard. I hope you are getting support IRL as well.

Thanks for all the kind words. I have a call into the clinic today and I'm going to triple check that there are no physical/medical reasons to wait and then just twiddle my thumbs until AF arrives.

Juliasmom and Perdita, jeez at this point I feel like I actually know you both. Let's all get into a nice DDC together, shall we? : Good things are coming for all of us.
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Originally Posted by crystal-mommy View Post

afm got beta results back, negative.
I'm so sorry

CRM, Julia's Mom - it's nice to see you again, although too bad it's here. There are too many names I recognize.
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You are all awesome. Knew that already, but yeah, you just are. Thanks.
Get this...my estradiol (cycle day 7 mind you!) is 1100. That would indicate 3 mature follicles, but again, everyone's confounded by me. : I am going to trigger tomorrow night and do the IUI Thurs (cd 10). Hopefully by then the 13mms will be more like 18 and the 18 around 22. Though this is all not very 'normal,' for now I will just have to believe that it's possible. That is the only attitude to have. As MomtoAlexis said, sometimes you feel like the cycle is over before it's begun. It's possible, it's possible.

J's Mom, thanks for sharing about your dom. foll. situation. that is really interesting. When I have my ivf consult and we talk about that issue next week, I'm going to remember that. I felt comforted when I read what you wrote.

Crys, I am SO sorry. Negative betas suck rocks. Take very good care. Maybe drink RRL tea during this FP with the Clomid. My clo cycles always seemed to go better when I did that.

Num, Thanks for the response. We did see a 12 or 14mm cyst 5 days ago. Maybe with all the follistim it just ballooned up?

MomtoA, Thanks. Your dream! I have dreams like the one you described often...they are SO real. Your description of your day, oh my-so hard, I swear I've had days like that. How are you doing tonight? Hopefully the dream was so vivid because your child is near, is coming. And oh brother, don't get me started on retail therapy. More
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Poet- That could be possible. Hoping that this is the one that will work!!

crystal- So sorry. This sucks.
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There is so much to catch up here.

Nummies-progesterone levels look really good. I am hoping your PMS signs are really pregnancy signs.

Poet--Sorry about your scans. Your follies amaze me. It looks good that you extended it by cd10. Maybe the lupron did the trick. I really don't think its the day when you ovulate as long its mature and nurtered.

Crystal-mommy, pookietooth and CRM-- so sorry

Crazyrunningmama(CRM)--I was reading your post about waiting a cycle out this month. If it was me I would not delay at all as long as you are physically ok. I know this is tough emotionally but I think waiting another full month would make me go crazy. I am in this wait and its not fun to be ready. I would go for it.

LibbyLou--You are not crazy. I probably would have done the same thing also. I have refills for my clomid and believe me I will take them once I am ready, doc or no doc. How was your lap? I will be having it done soon with hysteroscopy. Was it painful and how was your recovery time?

christophersmom--I am pulling for your numbers to increase. To me when I see HCG levels I think as long as you are going up its fine. No one is textbook. I hope I made sense.

eternalsunshine--Is there a difference between triggering and not. This cycle I was on clomid and I didn't trigger. Is it better to trigger? I was wondering why you are thinking not to trigger since I was under the impression that it helps mature the egg and releases it.

perdia of ontaria--gl with the weaning. This most be so hard for you.

Bellybean and Daisymae --how are you doing on your 2ww

Natrualmom--I read one of your posts in the other thread and I would say GO FOR IT. For me I would be flabbergasted if I had two of them growing. I am not sure if a singleton is what you really wanted. But its a hard decision to say the least.

Momtoalexis--I hope you are feeling better now. I know its a shock when you least expect it. The dream thing,argh, it happens to me all the time. I wish it would come true. I want the baby to come to life and not be hiding in my dreams.

Hello to anyone I forgot. I didn't forget you purposely. Its kind of sad that theres a whole bunch of us here.

AFM: Still waiting for my surgery date. I did call the RE office and they told me they called the hospital for my request. Now the RE office has to wait till hear back from the hospital. In the meantime my clock is ticking, wasted good months. I am not getting any younger. Plus the RE wasted a month with bcp cause of cysts without knowing I had a cervix problem. Also stupid gyn wasted 8 months already for his carelessness.
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Wtg: I'm so sorry about all this. Sounds like you are getting jerked around! Ugh!
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CRYSTAL-So sorry about the negative. PLease be good to yourself.
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Happy New Year to Everyone!! We are officially back on the train!! I started my clomid on Friday, which was CD 5 for me. We are commited to our first iui this month, NO MATTER WHAT!! I am just petrified that we messed up on the clomid because a) both November and December cycles off clomid were super long (32 days) sooo.... b) the nurse told me to take it days 5-9 instead of the 3-7 like we normally do when my cycles are 26-28 days. I'm also a nervous wreck that I will miss my surge, bc I have such a hard time reading those damn lines!! I bought two OPKs....the lines and the smileys, and figure I'll just do 2 a day??

Sorry I'm rambling....it's great to be back and I'm hoping for this month to be "our turn"....all of us!!

Oh, so I guess you can change me to 38 y.o. TTC #1 since October 05, 4 failed clomid cycles, 1st iui w/ clomid this month!!
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