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Blue- Yeah, switch sides of the belly. The shots are really quite painless. The first month I used them I could feel it acting on my ovaries right away, but I'm senstitive. Right now I am waiting for AF, (due this WED!!!!) because I hyperstimmed and had to cancel last cycle. If I have no CL cysts hanging around, I will start stimmin again next week for my first round of superman sperm (donor sperm, DH's doesn't work!!)
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Laci--I am in the albany area. ts so cold here My car for the past few days was struggling to start. I had to work today and the roads were awful to drive on. It snowed again. I think this winter is worse than last year. Oh hi and welcome to the thread. What made you decide injects over clomid?

blueyezz--hows the injects going?

daisymae08--gl with the IUIs. Good that you are going early for the us.

natrualmom--I agree with you, I want a baby period, boy:girl, pig cotton tails, you name it. I just want a baby to hold and love...

eternalsunshine--how are you doing? I know the 2ww is making your mind go bonkers. It looks good for you since the timing is really good.
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Originally Posted by wtg4miracle View Post
blueyezz--hows the injects going?
Going good so far!! Thanks for asking. I've only done it twice now and who knows if I'm giving myself the right amount or not (I'll figure that out tomorrow when I call), but I'm getting used to it. I think it hurts less than the Ovidrel shots b/c it seems like there is less going in there so it doesn't hurt as bad. Never thought I'd be thankful in my whole life for my little stomach "pooch" down there!!! At least it is good for accepting injections. I'll be excited to see how everything is going on my U/S on Wed morning.
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wtg4miracle: I am also in the Albany area. I work for the AIDS Council of Northeastern NY on Broadway in Albany. Small world right? My car has also been struggling to start. I am using CNY fertility in Latham. You? Their office is super swanky. LOL. Must be all that money they are making. My DR gave me the option of starting with Clomid or being aggressive. I chose to be aggressive with my treatment.

Daisy: GL!

Blue: I rotate every night. I think you will be fine even if the dose is high b/c from what I understand it one of the lower doses you can take. I am on 75 and I think that is the lowest.

Eternal Sunshine: sending positive vibes your way!

Natural mom: What exactly is hyperstimming??

Well of to bed. Have a wonderful holiday tomorrow ladies!
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Laci, welcome to this thread. I hope the injections work for you. Good luck w/your ultrasound tomorrow and let us know what they saw. Are they doing bloodwork also?

DaisyMae08, sorry you have to deal w/that. Nothing I can say to make you feel better, except that you're not alone. It hurts when friends and acquaintances I know get pregnant quickly or "oops." While I wouldn't wish IF on them, it stings that I can't do it that quickly or without numerous people involved in my cycle. Good luck tomorrow on you r/s. Hopefully you'll be ready to trigger tomorrow night.

blueyezz4, glad the shots aren't too bad! Yeah, my trigger is IM (HCG), totally sucks.

wtg4miracle, I'm sorry. I hope you hear soon about an OR date so you can focus ahead. And yeah, the wait does mess w/your head. So far I'm doing fine. I start to go crazy around 10 dpo when I become hypersensitive to every little thing happening in my body. ("Maybe my boob hurts. Let's see, yeah, if I press it like this it does hurt!" Of course it does, I'm jamming my finger into my boob.)
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Eternal sunshine-- yes they do b/w everytime. My right ovary is producing alot of follicles but the left one is just "hanging out"
I am feeling very cramping right now from the "wand".
I have to go back on Wednesday. They said if all goes well I will be doing the IUI at the end of the week.

Blueezz4-- when is your next ultrasound? I think we are on the same course. I started taking meds 6 days ago.

DaisyMae-- I am sorry that your friend is talking to you about how she "resents" her child. Have you shared your feelings with her? It sounds like a boundary issue. I am sure that she has other people that she can speak to about her feelings on parenting.

Naturalmom-- When do you find out when you can cycle again??

-Going to lay down and read and hope the nausea and cramping go away.
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The situation with my friend is a tough one. She's usually a very intuitive and sensitive person. I would have a hard time telling her how I feel about this. She does know what's going on with me and DH and I know she would feel awful if she thought what she was saying was hurting me. We've always been able to tell each other everything, so I don't want to tell her not to talk to me about that stuff. You know?

Anyhow, I had the u/s this morning (cd11). I have a bunch of small follies on the left that won't be of much use, and one 20mm on the right. Lining is 8mm, so even better than last month. Hopefully the one follicle is enough to do it! I'm waiting for a phone call back with the results of the lab work and our IUI appts. My guess is tomorrow and Wednesday.
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Laci--I am also going there to Latham. I am having a rough time lately with them. Its a long story but the doc was being sarcastic when he could not thread the tube for the HSG. I have scar tissue in my cervix years back from a cone biospy(cold knife cone biopsy) and he never believed that it would cause an issue when I first talked to him on our initial consultation.

He said to me that he can't do nothing on me. Keep kept on saying I can't do IVF on you, nothing. He canceled my IUI that month. I just finished my clomid and was left on my own. This happen last month and I still have bad memories of it. It was not a pleasant experience. I think he was surprised and he didn't know what to do. So I am referred to a surgeon to have my cervix fixed and then I will consider if I should go back to him. I was thinking of transferring to his partner in Syracuse or NYC.

Daisymae--Its great that your lining is good. I remember before you had very poor lining from clomid. You are on letrazole now? I might ask my doc about this. I just had my clomid periond and it was only two days. Not even good flow. I know my lining was crappy. All you need is one good egg. and one good swimmer.

eternal- hold on there. try to keep yourself busy!

blueyezz4- its good to hear you are managing the injects. I was thinking of going on injects cause clomid is horrible in thining my lining and extending my LP to almost a 3ww.
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I noted in another thread how I accidently broke my glass thermometer and bought a digital one from Target. This thing is driving me crazy. The last several cycles my temps were rather consistant but now they seem all over the place. Was my old 'mometer off or is my new one? Like I needed any more ambiguousness during the two week wait.

I have been feeling lots of twinges and I've been going to bed earlier than usual. I'll still record my temperatures but not let them get me down.
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I understand Daisymae maybe in time it won't bother you as much?

Wtg4miracle- I have heard really good things about the dr in Syracuse and a cowirker went their for IVF and is due next month. Sorry you had a bad experience. That dr is wiggy anyway. I think he has ADHD. LOL. Anyway the scar tissue on the cervix can be fixed right? You have more scar tissue b/c of the way it was done?
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Hi Ladies, I hope it's ok for me to delurk, but hopefully it will give people hope out there!

I've been lurking on this board for a few months now - you girls are wonderfully supportive to each other!

This month was our first IUI, with clomid, gonal shots, etc... and... I'm PG! I'm 14 dpo today, and got my bfp yesterday morning.

I'm over the moon happy - had been trying for about 1 year - and this was the first round of IUI. I just didn't think it was possible, especially on first IUI...

So really, it's possible...
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chix99--congrats on your pregnancy. Its ok to delurk. Any support you can give us will be great. This must feel real good after one IUI. I am hoping one IUI for me also. Did you do one IUI or back to back. Also, how was your cd3 bw. Sorry for so many ?s I just need alot of support and confirmation for this journey of ours.

Laci--I had to laugh when you mentioned he is "wiggy" He seems to be busy and always in a rush. My initial consult he was all over the place thinking. He asked about my profession then he immediately talked to dh about his studies. He then completely lost his train of though with us. Hello, we are here cause we can't get pregnant. Don't worry about my dh studying. I am hoping they can fix my cervix. I have some scar tissue from, I guess, a healing process from the cone biopsy. So its huge if the catheter can't go through. But I do manage my periods somehow. But anyways I am waiting forever for a surgery date so they can "chisel" me out. I am hoping they can do this. Or my option is to have IVF with embryo transfer via my abdomen. I would probably go to nyc for that. I have no clue if this is a malpractice suit against my reg gyn cause. He could have taken steps in preventing this plus he should have let me know that I am risk for infertility.
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Laci- Hyperstimming is producing too may follicles safe for IUI. I had 6 mature follies. My doc only feels safe with 3-4, at the most. As awfully disappointing as it was, I am glad because if we would have proceded, it could have been not good. I will get AF tomorrow or Wed, then call for my CD3 appointment. Praying for no cysts!!
BTW- I would go aggressive too

Chix99- Congrats!!! Many sticky baby vibes.

Masel- What DPO are you Hope those twinges are something good.

Daisy- :: Yeah for great lining and one big happy follie!! Keep us posted.

Blue- Did you get ahold of the clinic today? How are the shots going?

Poet- How is you 2WW. Thinking of you.

AFM: Waiting for AF. Hoping to see her tomorrow or Wed. AP tomorrow A.M.
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chix99 - Congrats!!!!!!:: That is awesome and I'm so glad to see it is working for someone!! So you did Clomid and gonal F shots all at once? You must have had a ton of eggs using both of them, didn't you??? Here is to a happy and healthy 9 months!!! Take care and thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

wtg4miracle - Sorry to hear about the scar tissue! Sure hope they can easily clear that up and then "bam" you are prego!! : I had done 3 rounds of clomid and I know the first round of 100mg thinned my lining way too much so we couldn't do our first IUI that cycle. There after on 50mgs it was better, but i know it was thin but okay for an IUI. So far I really like the injections (don't like the injecting myself part but it gets better or the price - that sucks too compared to clomid.) b/c i really haven't had any side effects from them so far. I know it is early, but i really don't think they are like clomid b/c they do something different with your estrogen I guess. We will see with my next U/S if they are working as well. You might want to try it once you are ready for that. Wow, clomid never extended my LP, it would just make me O early for some reason.

Masel - Wow, that is weird about your Therm. Is it a basal therm. or just a reg digital therm? I don't really know what the difference is to tell you the truth, but I do know they always say to get a basal one. Good luck.

DaisyMae08 - I so understand what you are saying when you said... "so I don't want to tell her not to talk to me about that stuff"... I've totally been there and done that. I have had so many friends that are prego or were and you want to so be a part of it, but it also pulls at your heart strings too, to hear all the details. I just figure the more I know before it happens to me, the better prepared I will be when it is my turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to you!!!

natrualmom - called RE office today and the nurse said there wasn't a dr around to ask right then, but from the looks of my chart she thought i should just go with the 112.5 unless I hear back from her. That is fine with me. I haven't really felt anything from it except for the first shot so I'd rather have the higher dose b/c it makes me think I need a little more power there. I still don't get why you have to put a new needle on each time. I mean I'm only sticking myself with it and I clean the area with alcohol each time?????? I guess if I have enough to change with each shot it is okay, but if I would run out maybe I'd break the rules. Is that really so bad???????? It's not like I'm sharing needles with friends or drug dealers!!!!!!!!!

Laci - We are pretty much cycle buddies, but you are just a little a head of me. You are doing 75 IU Gonal F and the Ovidrel trigger shot then one IUI is that your course?? My next U/S is on Wed morning and I can't wait to see how this new med is working?? I sure hope it is doing something b/c i really don't feel much going on except for my very first shot I kinda felt all warm in the ovary area, but really haven't again. Do you feel anything happening or having any symptoms? My face seems to be breaking out a little more than normal, but I don't know if that has anything to do with the shots??? Who knows?? How many U/S have you had so far with this cycle? What CD are you on right now? I'm on CD 5 right now and tonight will be shot number 3. Keep me posted on your progress. I'll be sure to keep stalking you on here since we are pretty close together.

Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!
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Natrual : It was the possibility that you may O naturally , for trying the funny DH's : method , I did one time that I had 5 follies : and we follow the O with the Ultrasound and I O only one!!!! Maybe got here late good luck for the next one
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::AF is here::

Called the clinic, should hear back tonight or in the a.m.

Blue- The only reason they say to change the needles is to cover the drug companies butt, so you don't end up with some wierd skin abscess or bacterial infection, an can blame it on the needles. Lots of diabetics use thier needles twice at home because of the cost. The only thing I can think of is don't use them a bunch because they get dull (ouch!!)
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Naturalmom-- Isn't it hilarious then when dealing with IF we actually want AF!
That never fails to make me smile. Congrats and keep us posted!:

wtg4miracle--I cannot remember half of the things that DR said to me. He struck me as an odd man. It all went really fast and then he asked me if I had any questions and I was not able to keep my thoughts straight let alone come up with questions! Well hopefully this scar tissue is your problem and once this is cleared up you will be all set!!!

Blue--You can buy needles at your local drug store (in most states). I would call and check. Today is CD7 for me. I am also on 0.5 of Lupron which I use at the same time as the Gonal. When I got to CD4 I started to feel tired, bloated, full and nauseous but it has gotten better. Either that or I just got used to it~!

Chix99--welcome and congrats!! pull up a chair

Daisy-- Remember you only need one

Hello to everyone else as well.
Thanks to all for being so friendly!!!
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natrualmom- Congrats on AF, I guess, it seems kinda weird to say that on this board - you know what I mean!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for no cysts on your next U/S. What is your next step if/when the U/S is a go????

Laci- I think I should be fine with my needles since I will probably only get 4 shots out of one Gonal F shot and it comes with like 6-8 needles. Thanks for the info though. I don't know anything about Lupron, what is it for and why are you on it also? So how many U/S (Ultrasounds) have you had so far with this cycle???
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Thanks for the good wishes

To answer some questions - Oops, what I meant to say was that it was a very medicated IUI. Minimal Clomid CD 3-7, Gonal Shots CD 8-11, Trigger Shot CD 12, IUI CD 14.

The US showed 2 follicles developing, so we are hoping for no more than twins

The doctor said some positive things during and right before IUI, that hopefully were good indications it was a good cycle... My lining was nice and thick, and my cervix was very open. I didn't feel a thing when they were doing the AI.

Ironically, all previous cycles, I've been so "sure" of symptoms. This one, I barely felt anything - or at least chalked it up to the Progesterone Suppositories if I felt anything - so it's nice to know you can get a BFP without having any 2WW PG symptoms.

CD3 bw - sorry I don't remember any of my numbers - just that they were all in line with what the doctor was looking for to get started!

Now, I just have to be at peace with whatever happens, and hope for the best!
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Yay Naturalmom!!!! :

Wtg4miracle, I would definitely ask the doctor about the Clomid/lining situation. I was 3.9 and 4.1 the months I was on Clomid. With the Letrozole I was 7.1 last month and 8 this month (even with the u/s being a day earlier).

Trigger tonight and IUI tomorrow and Thursday for me!
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