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wow naturalmom-congrats on the AF. That was soon. Gl with this cycle.
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Yay Chix99. Congrats.

The IUI was the 8th so today is dpo 13. I swore I wouldn't test until Saturday.

My new thermometer is supposed to be a basel. It was pink after all. It did say basel. The glass ones are calibrated so that you could more easily see the 1/10th of a degree. The diginal ones are supposed to be accurate to .01 but I didn't know that this one was to .02 until I got it open. I'm keeping it since we need a regular termometer anyway and I do like that it stores the last 5 numbers. (If all I can easily get is a digial thermometer that goes is .02 I might was well use one of those lolipop shaped vicks ones that I can read without my glasses. LOL) Anyway, the temerature fluxuations I'm seeing are beyond .02.
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DaisyMae08 - How did your IUI go? Hope everything went smooth. Do you feel all crampy after you have one done? I didn't my first time and then did my second. Made me think that the Dr (the 3rd person to try it that day) actually didn't get it in there right b/c the 2nd time it felt totally different. Do you normally go back to work after you have an IUI done? I kinda wish my clinic did double IUIs.. i think that is a great idea. So then your DH has to go in both mornings right?

natrualmom -You still out there??? What going on with you? Did the RE office ever get back to you? Hope you are well, just checking in on you!

Masel - Good luck with the rest of your TWW! Hope the rest flys by and you get your BFP in the end.:

chix99 - Thanks for the extra info you shared. It really helps and is very exciting to see this working for someone. Hope you are doing good.

AFM - I had my blood work and U/S this morning (CD 7) and there are a lot of follies in there!!!! She actually measured 5 of them that were over 10 and then there were 6 under 10 on one side and 4 under 10 on the other side. Is that a ton or does it just sound like a ton to me?? I guess this gonal F is really doing what it is suppose to. So now I have to go back again on Friday morning to do it all again. She thought maybe IUI on Monday, but said we would see how it all looks on Friday. I forgot to ask what my lining was, but it sure looked a lot thicker to me on the U/S than with my clomid cycles, so that is good. I sure hope they don't cancel my cycle b/c there are too many eggs!!! What do you guys think? Does this all sound normal???
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blueyezz4, thanks for asking. Today's IUI went really well. I was worried at first because the nurse who hurt me last time initially called my name, but she sent someone else in to do the IUI and that lady said she put her name down to do my 2nd one tomorrow.

DH had his best numbers yet - 155mil pre-wash and 43mil post-wash with 55% motility and grade 3.

Sometimes I get crampy, sometimes I don't. I didn't really today. Just a little bit while the catheter was in.

DH does have to go in twice. We bring his sample in and then go out for breakfast or something for an hour and then go back for the IUI. He stays and comes in the room for the IUI which is nice. We started that the first time because I was so nervous, and now he likes to be there. We figure he can at least be in the room when we conceive. I don't go back to work afterwards. I teach high school and by the time we get back (the doctor is far from us) the school day is pretty much over.

Good luck with all your follies blueyezz4!
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Hello ladies.
I have not felt much like talking this 2ww. I've had 2 bfns and go tomorrow for a blood test I know will also be neg. I am slowly coming to terms with ivf, and our 8 failed ART cycles and crying quite a lot. We had our ivf consult and I'm set with the pharmacy, will put the order in after tomorrow's confirmation. Feeling quiet and scared.
Still checking on everyone and hoping for some good news, just not that into chatting.
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Oh Poetgirl, I'm sorry the last IUI didn't work. What a difficult decision it must be to move onto IVF. I'm thinking about you.
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Blueyyz4- Congrats!
Grow follies grow! So happy that monday may be the day!

I on the other hand am not responding as well. They doubled my dose today!
I will go back for my 4th u/s on friday and will have IUI on Saturday or Monday.

Poet-I am sorry that your are hurting. Please keep us posted!
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Congrats on your IUI and wishing you a quick 2ww!! and a BFP!
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Hi laci--What injects did they put you on? Sorry that they had to double your dose. Did they tell you how many follies you have?

For me I am thinking of switching to the other clinic in town. Alot of people told me they are good. I just don't want to make the same mistake again. I still have not heard from them about my OR date. I was told clearly last week not to call for the status on the date. I have no clue why they are dissing me. Dr. G is not doing the surgery. He referred me to DR. C an infertility surgeon. My first thought why would he not do my surgery. I know a few girls had surgery from DR. G but he somehow pawn me off to his collegue. Hmm something is really wrong here. I wish they could be honest with me. I thought their logo was honest, compassion and caring. I am debating on if I should email them what I think of this situation. I would never thought they would treat me like this. Basically, they have been jerking me around with this OR date. I wish they could tell me what the hold up is. I just want an honest answer from them.

Oh lacey did they do an HSG on you? If they did how did it go?
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I am on gonal was 75 now 150 and .5 lupron, with baby aspirin.
They do not tell me much and this being my first time I am always unsure of what to ask!
Do you have a regular nurse there?
Maybe you could talk to her?
I have 3-4 good ones on the right but they need to grow more.
The left is just hanging out. There are several small ones but not viable.
Switching for me is not an option. I have state benefits and have to be seen in a center for excellence if I want full coverage and no copays.

I had an HSG with my GYN. Dr. Steir from Mondragon, McGrinder and I absolutely love him. He showed and explained that it all looked fine. I had a leep procedure but it did not result in scar tissue.

It is a DH issue
TMI** He has viseral(Thick) sperm End TMI**

I would absolutely make my feelings known and if that does not work or if you are not comfortable I would contact your PCP nurse or GYN nurse and ask them to help you with this.
Call and tell them you will be switching if you are not contacted with the date in a timely manner.
They hate to lose money or clients. I would say if this is not taken care of I will be switching to "Peter Horvath". Do I need to come there and sign a release or can I do it from his office......
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Laci--you are so lucky to have state benefits. I have good insurance but my monthly premiums are high. I can go mostly anywhere, but if I stray out of the network I have to pay 20% out of pocket. Mostly everything is covered except IVF.

I would love to tell them I want to go to Dr. Horath and tell them to send my records over there. Where do I sign? I am not sure they will be upset. I feel bad that I am talking bad about them while you are still getting treated by them. THis is just my personal experience so don't feel bad in anyway. I just don't know what the real issue they are hiding from me.

I had one nurse, the head of the egg donation program, was great. That was my first cd3 bw and us. The first visit was uneventful with her. When I had the us the us tech girl (she was ok) came in and told me I had 3 big cysts. SO that first month I was cancelled and was given bcp. They were ready to start me on clomid/tigger/IUI. OK fast foward my cysts are gone after the bcp and then I was told to start up with clomid. Then I was scheduled to do HSG. This is when sh...t hit the fan. So I saw only the one RN and the us tech girl. They were nice. I have talked to gre..(i hate using names here) on the phone she seems nice. I have no clue who told me on the phone to wait for them to call. She was mean. I didn't recognize the voice. But all in all there is no excuse for them to jerk me around. Its really uncalled far in this day of age. Unexcusable!
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Don't worry about what you say re CNY. I want you to feel comfortable enough to discuss your feelings. Call Gre** leave a message fir her and ask her. She will find out for you. She is really nice.
Ps that person may having been having a bad day....
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I just emailed gre.. I made my point across. I tried to keep it mellow. I hope she emails me back. Do you think they talk about our charts on Thursdays since they are only open half a day? She might tell the others that what they said to me in the past few weeks were uncalled for. Hmm, lets see how this is handled.

Oh I noticed there are alot of you IUIers in there 2ww. GL to all of you. I wish I was joining you lovely gals here.
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I am not sure. Keep me posted!you will be in the running soon
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Wgt- Posted to you in the One thread. Sorry for all this crpa.

Laci- Good luck with you U/S. Hope your eggies are growing nice and big.

Blue- When I hyperstimmed, my 10 day U/S didn't show too many. So I guess its not a direct correlation between too many little follies and a hyperstim cycle. Just guessing. Hope you have 2 nice big dominate follies soon. They may cancel if there are 3-4 or more dominate follies. Hoping not

Daisy- Oh good luck!!! What awesome numbers. Fingers crossed for you.

Masel- How are you?

AFM: Dumb 3 cm cyst: 18 days of BCP, its called Yaz, and its not suppose to depress me (yeah right) I hate all this crap The cyst is from the hyperstim cycle. Does this mean that I'll get BFP when I finally get another IUI?!?!?! In that case, we all should.
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If I'm dreaming up early pregnancy symptoms at least I'm dreaming up new ones this cycle. All day yesterday (dpo 13) I had a highly specific lower ab twinge. It would make me gasp on occasion. I had a tiny bit of spotting too. Today both are gone.

My periods are not like that at all. Hardly any cramps but all the moodiness you could ask for. When AF arrives she's THERE, no leaving messages at the door and wandering off for a day.

Bah. I do this every dpo 14! Get my hopes up.
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Masel- Hoping the twinge is a burrowing baby. Hang in there.
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Today's numbers were even better - 94 million post wash. I'm feeling really hopeful this month.
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DaisyMae08, wow, knock out numbers!!! Looking good for this cycle! Welcome to the tww.

Masel, maybe test tomorrow? I know you said you'd wait till Saturday, but at least you'd know if the symptoms are real. Hoping they are!

natrualmom, So sorry about the cyst. That really sucks. And just 3 cm. Bet it would've been bigger without the AP. Hope the next 18 days goes fast for you.

Chix99, congratulations! Happy and healthy nine months!

poetgirl, So sorry this cycle didn't work out. Good luck w/IVF.

wtg4miracle, another vote to change your clinic! I wouldn't put up w/them. I get frustrated just reading your posts so I can't imagine how you feel.

blueyezz4, I had only one u/s while on clomid right before the trigger. I had 6 follicles over 18 and a ton of small ones. My doctor was comfortable going ahead w/the cycle b/c we're dealing w/MF and my lining wasn't "ideal." I did worry about it but for not, none got fertilized and/or stuck. So I guess the decision also depends on why you're here in the first place. I don't know how many follicles my u/s would''ve showed a few days earlier.

joyakshi, how are you doing?

AFM, nothing new!
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Eternal- Remind me, are you in the 2ww? And I believe AP did prevent the cyst from being bigger, or more of them. Am going again Wed.

Daisy- WOW! Awesome numbers. You have superman sperm!!!
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