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wow : and my DH was proud about his 50's with 95% excelent quality send him our good luck :
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DaisyMae--great numbers. I have not seen anyone that high of a number. I will be watching you closely
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DaisyMae-- Congrats on the great number of swimmers. Do you usually do two IUI'S?
-Sorry I have sooo many questions!

WTG did you here anything back yet?

Naturalmom- Sorry about the cyst.

Blue--Whats up cycle buddy when is your next appt.?

Hello to masel, victorian patch, poetgirl and anyone else I may have missed.

?-Can anyone recommend other threads to check out, there are so many and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations-Thankx.

AFM: U/S tomorrow, IUI Sat or Mon.......
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Laci--nothing yet. Not a peep out of them. I am having a crying fest now. DH and I decided to switch REs. Its very unprofessional of them. I will be calling them on Monday to let them know. Its been 5 weeks waiting and each time I call I get a nasty response from them. We about had it with them. I am so upset that we went to them. I should have gone with my first instinct with Albany IVF.
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wtg4miracle, glad you and your DH decided to switch. Try not to beat yourself up about going to this clinic in the first place. You didn't know what would happen. The important thing is to find a clinic that you like and that is not mean to you when you call. I mean, come on. And making you wait five weeks? I'd file a report on them wherever I could. You deserve much better than this. FWIW, we started at another clinic and then transferred after four months. I'm mad at losing that time but in the end I know it was better for us to go somewhere else.

natrualmom, I'm smack dab in the middle of the tww. May get my progesterone checked tomorrow, but it's always been normal and my clinic wouldn't start me on prometrium until a positive beta anyway. How bad is that? Why even bother spending $96 on the test and driving half an hour each way if they aren't going to treat a low progesterone level? So, as I type this I've decided, no bw tomorrow. Thanks MDC boards, you just saved me $100!
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Thanks eternal--dh will be calling them himself today to complain. It plain sucks. I couldn't even sleep last night I was so upset and crying. The ironic thing they were so nice in the beginning. Very nice but once it got to this point in scheduling surgery heck broke loose. We are stunned that we thought we were going to get help and not this happens. We are wondering why "the higher ups" are doing this to us. We are trying to figure out what the reasoning behind this is.

The only problem now is there is one other RE in the area. After him we will go to NYC. I told dh at least give it a try and then move on. I was told the other clinic is good.

I never thought it would come down to this.
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Had my IUI yesterday. Although I am not sure that we timed it right. My temp didn't jump this morning, so I am betting that I am ovulating today.
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Nummies, it is far better to have done the IUI a day early than a day late! The swimmers will still be there waiting for the egg. And definitely dtd today. I've got my fingers crossed for you!!!

WTG, I am SO glad to hear that your husband will be calling the office. I've been thinking not nice things about your doctor's office but was reserving comment. Whatever their response, remember that you need to feel comfortable and confident about your doctor.

Laci, I always do two IUIs. That's the protocol my doctor uses. So I triggered on Tuesday night and then did IUIs Wednesday and Thursday.

DH's numbers were fabulous - superman sperm indeed! When we first saw the RE and he was looking over the results of all of our testing, he told DH that he has He-man sperm. I am really hoping for success this month. With DH's numbers and my best lining yet (8mm on CD 11), I think this month gives us the best chance at success we've had so far even though I only have one egg this time.
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WTG--Albany IVF has great reviews! I am now going to be more cautious with CNY. I too, do not think that they treated you well. I totally agree with Daisy, once your trust with the DR is shattered you cannot continue to see them. I really wanted to say something to them today!

AFM: IUI tomorrow at 9:45 am. I have three mature follicles. Is that good?
I will keep you posted
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Laci--Its weird that you know me via internet and we go to the same place. It must of been hard for you to keep shut. Your follies are great and the right amount of numbers. Its just right, not to little and not to many. Read my post below. I might just stay with them a little bit.

xposted to let you gals know what is up:

I have an Or date. Third week in February. Dh called them and asked them what is the hold up etc. They were really nice to him and told him that I was already scheduled. He told them why didn't they call me. She said they should have called me. The head nurse wanted names involved in who treated me wrongly. I figure I will go for the surgery, a very good surgeon. I don't want to mess that up.
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Poet - I've been wondering how you're doing. So sorry you're having a hard time and keep getting those darn BFN's. The blood test could tell you something different, though, so it's not over til it's over.
And you have a plan, and a good plan for next cycle if you need it. Just don't let yourself think negative thoughts. I totally understand how hard it is. I'm hoping I'll handle things differently this time if I get AF. I usually completely fall apart and think terrible things. And those Jan. IVF girls are having such good luck and I was supposed to be one of them so I'm bummed not to be. Today is 14 dpo/15 dpiui and I've had some cramping. If I'm on regular AF schedule, she'll show tomorrow morning. I refuse to test, but have an IVF consult today and will get a blood test then. I am hoping if AF shows, I will not let myself think anything negative or self-pitying or doomed, and will be ready and positive for the Feb. IVF. If so, we'll be cycling together!
What would your protocol be if you go to IVF?
Hang in there. Know there is support and people who understand.
And when we've all got our babies in our arms, we won't care what it took, right?

Originally Posted by poetgirl View Post
Hello ladies.
I have not felt much like talking this 2ww. I've had 2 bfns and go tomorrow for a blood test I know will also be neg. I am slowly coming to terms with ivf, and our 8 failed ART cycles and crying quite a lot. We had our ivf consult and I'm set with the pharmacy, will put the order in after tomorrow's confirmation. Feeling quiet and scared.
Still checking on everyone and hoping for some good news, just not that into chatting.
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Wtg, I am so glad to hear that you have a date and that it seems as though you'll be able to work things out. You must feel so much better!
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:::Yeah Wgt!!!! Are you going to keep on the BCP's so you can start a new cycle when you are recovered? Lets still hang out here even tho we are both waiting, OK?

Nummies- Like Daisy says, its better to ovulate after instead of before. Best of luck, and keep sane in the 2WW.

Laci- Oh great luck with the IUI. Keep us posted!!

AFM- 17 days left, doing ok, not crazy....yet
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I am not leaving you natrualmom. I am still taking the bcp. Its a close call when af might start and surgery date. Its cutting it close. Its kind of worthless to be on bcp now since its a whole cycle I will be waiting. So I could of had a chance this month (even though a small chance).

I figure if I stop bcp I would really screw up my cycle (cd 8) and if I had cysts I can resolve them now. I betcha I got cysts from the clomid. I was cramping and bulging like crazy with it. Now my body feels so calm and at peace. Wish my mind would be at peace. So I am going to take it easy for now and stay on them.

Now hoping they can fix whatever the heck is causing the issue. I still can't believe an IUD and the HSG catheter could not thread through, but still get a period. Mind boggling.

I still need to hear them verbally myself. I will be calling them next week to get details. I will be on pins and needles if they "start up again"

But yeah its weird dh gets the date easily and I have been through he** and back with them on this. I don't think they get many guys calling complaining

GOOD LUCK Joyakshi-- I am thinking about you.
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Originally Posted by nummies View Post

Had my IUI yesterday. Although I am not sure that we timed it right. My temp didn't jump this morning, so I am betting that I am ovulating today.

Nummies--I am looking at your chart and it looks like you had a pre-o dip on wednesday. You might have ovulated late thursday or early today. If you did IUI yesterday you still have a great chance. Swimmers live at least 12 hrs post wash. Sometimes temps take a long time to go up after you ovulate. I noticed this in my charts.
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Originally Posted by Laci View Post
DaisyMae-- Congrats on the great number of swimmers. Do you usually do two IUI'S?
-Sorry I have sooo many questions!

WTG did you here anything back yet?

Naturalmom- Sorry about the cyst.

Blue--Whats up cycle buddy when is your next appt.?

Hello to masel, victorian patch, poetgirl and anyone else I may have missed.

?-Can anyone recommend other threads to check out, there are so many and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations-Thankx.

AFM: U/S tomorrow, IUI Sat or Mon.......

Laci - Had U/S #3 this morning and have 10 follies total, but only 3 are big enough to really even watch so I go again tomorrow morning for U/S #4 and hopefully trigger tomorrow (sat) and then IUI on Monday! We will see. Good luck to you with your IUI's. Keep us posted cycle buddy!!

Will catch up with everyone more tomorrow when I have more time. It is off to bed since i have to get up early!
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Blue-Yeah for 3 good follies!!! Let us know how your U/S goes.
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I have officially entered my 2ww. DH had 67.5million motal. Whatever that means. I go for bw on 2/9/09. Now if I can just wait until then to test..
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DaisyMae08 - Wow, those are great numbers!!! Sounds like the "stars" are aligning for you with your lining and your DH great numbers!! Fingers crossed for you!!!

eternalsunshine- Hope your tww is going fast! I hear you about saving money by not doing some possibly unnecessary bw. Today the nurse wanted me to do my Estrogen level even though I'm suppose to be doing my trigger tonight at 2:30 in the morning. So to me it seems like a waste to have it done again but she highly recommended it so I "kicked and fought" (not really, but I wasn't happy) the whole way to the lab. I'm hoping my insurance will pick it up (even though they don't pay for anything else with IF).

wtg4miracle- Glad to hear that things finally are coming together for you and that you have a date set!! Doesn't it just make you mad that it took your DH to call to get things going? So frustrating! Hope this will be an eye opener and now that office will start treating you better from here on out.

nummies - Did you have your temp jump today? How are things going? Did you do a trigger shot, I'd assume?? Hope your tww goes fast.

Laci- How did your IUI go??? How big were your 3 good follies,do yo know? Hope it went well. Fingers crossed for you cycle buddy!!!!!!!!!

natrualmom - Glad you are keeping your sanity!! Hang in there girl!!!!!

AFM- Well, had my CD 10 U/S this morning and I'm to give myself the trigger shot at 2:30 in the morning tonight and IUI on Monday at 2:30 in the afternoon. We kinda had the choice to either do the trigger tonight or wait and do it tomorrow night. The nurse thought if we waited we might have 3 follies to release and if we did it tonight we would have at least 1. I was kinda thinking it might be good to wait, but both my DH and the nurse thought it would be better to do it tonight so I trust her since it is her job. I really don't think we would end up getting all three so I was okay with it - I'm okay with twins, i think. I think there were 3 follies and the biggest one was like 17 and the other two were 15 and 14 maybe. She said they like to trigger you when they are 16 -18 with injectables. So that is my scoop. Now I just have to hope and pray that this will work. Trying to keep a positive attitude, but it is hard when you have been there and done that (even though this round of meds is all new to me). We will see... "one day at a time"!!!!!!!!!
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Laci--congrats on the IUI and his numbers were great!! Try to keep yourself busy.

nummies--how are you doing?

Natrualmom-how are you doing, I am still with you. BCP LAND

blueyezz4--You know I bet they will flag my chart as "pain in the arses". I sure do hope they know that I will not put up with their nonsense. Gl on the triggering and that follie of 17 looks promising. GL
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