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Okay, well. I got two pink lines just a few minutes ago so I guess that makes this a BFP.

I'm still very much in shock.

It's been 10 years since I used any sort of BC. I've peed on a lot of sticks. This the the only time I've ever got two lines.
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Originally Posted by Masel View Post
Okay, well. I got two pink lines just a few minutes ago so I guess that makes this a BFP.

I'm still very much in shock.

It's been 10 years since I used any sort of BC. I've peed on a lot of sticks. This the the only time I've ever got two lines.
Oh Masel this is a triumph of big proportions! ::
I feel so happy for you! You must be beside yourself!
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Masel- WOW:::: You so deserve this!!!! Congrats!!!!!

Blue- Nice follies! The estrodial measures the amount of mature follies, like 200 per good follie. We measure that before we decide to trigger. Oh well, I understand your frustration. However, the timing seems great and best of luck. Let us know what happens!!

Laci- Great numbers!!! Keep sane in the 2WW!!

AFM- 15 days to go...So far so good
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I am so happy for you. This is so great.
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:::::::::: :::
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Masel -
:::::::::: :
Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good to see someone here get a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are just starting us off for a bunch of them here soon. Here is to a happy & healthy 9 months!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats again!!!:::
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Laci- YAY! Those numbers sound great! Looks like we are in the 2ww together! Good luck!

wtg- I am so glad that you got your date worked out! Thanks for peeking at my chart. I am freaking out because I am sure that I O'd yesterday (one day after the IUI). Just sucks.

blue- Good luck with the IUI!

Masel- YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :

AFM- I got a temp rise this morning. Meaning that I O'd one day after the IUI. I'm pretty upset because I know that with DH's sperm being as sucky as they are, our chances aren't that great. Ugh.
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Masel, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::: Excellent news! Hope this is the beginning of a happy and healthy nine months!

wtg4miracle, I'm glad you have your OR date. I understand staying w/the clinic until after the surgery, especially since you have a good surgeon.

blueyezz4, Good luck w/your IUI. Are you a night owl or planning on setting your alarm to give yourself the trigger?

Laci, welcome to the tww. Sounds like you had a good IUI: 67.5 million moving sperm is a very good amount.

Hope you're all having a good weekend.
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Yay Masel!!!! :::
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Hooray for you Masel
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Am I supposed to feel crampy today?
Am I still ovulating?
How do you know?
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Laci - I know that I would feel crampy after having an IUI so maybe that is what you are feeling. Did you have a temp. jump already? You can't really take an OPK test to see b/c it will show up positive if you used a trigger shot so that won't help you much. good luck.

eternalsunshine- Nope, i'm not a night owl. I just set my clock and got up and gave it to myself and tried to go back to sleep. Man, those shots hurt more than the gonal F ones!!! ooch!!!!!!!!
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Laci--sometimes after I ovulate it hurts. It can go on for a few days. I think once egg bursts out it hurts. You might notice more since there are more follies now that busted open. Its all that fluid from the corpus luetem thats causing pressure and inflamation. Are you temping?
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No i am not temping. Wish I thought of that...
It is probably what you said WTG.
I have to remeber that there are 3 when there is usually one!
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I am new to this. I have been trying to get pregnant for 10months. Have never gotten AF w/o the help of BCP. Found out on Jan 7 2009 I have PCOS. Had HSG on Jan 9th (shows a slight T-shape uterus) Started Clomid Jan 7th 50mg for 5 days. Ultrasound on the 15th showed a follicle 21mm. Took HCG trigger shot that night and had IUI on Jan17th. Took a test today to see if the shot was out of my system...BFN. Waiting until Jan 31st. to see if I get a BFP.
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I teach high school, and just got this email from the school nurse:
__________________________________________________ ______
Hi Everyone,
A employee in the building has had fifth's disease. This is a
disease that is labeled as the 5th childhood disease, along with
chickenpox, mumps etc. The symptoms are like those of a cold as well
as a rash. The only concern with this disease is for pregnant women,
early in the first trimester. If you have any questions or concerns,
please call us at x5193, or come by the office.

Thanks, Betsy and Julie
__________________________________________________ _____

So, my question is would you be worried? I had my IUIs last week. When I looked this up the risk to folks early in the first trimester is miscarriage (rare, but it happens). I have no way of knowing who has it or if I've been in contact with the person. I put a call in to my doctor's office and am waiting for a call back, but meanwhile I'm freaking out.
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daisy- No I wouldn't worry. Fifth's disease in pregnancy can lead to miscarriage in less than 2% of the women that are exposed to it. Try not to stress. Alot of people are immune to this anyway.

becky- Welcome and good luck!
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Less than 2%? Good to know - and that does make me less anxious about it. Still waiting to talk to the nurse. She probably thinks I'm nuts.
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Laci -How are you feeling today? Do you still have the crampy feeling? I just had my IUI today and man, right when they get that little catheter into my cervix and inject the swimmers I totally cramp up and still am crampy now! Sure hope it goes away tomorrow b/c i have to go back to work. Fill us in on how you are doing???

Becky8824 - Welcome and I sure hope your stay here is short!!! It is a great group of people and the best place to find support, I think.

DaisyMae08 - Sorry to hear about the little scare at your school!!! Did you hear anything from the Dr's office yet? Have you gotten a BFP already? I'd probably be nervous too, but I'm sure it will be fine. Maybe you can find out what kid it is (i'm sure it will get around) and hopefully find out that you don't even come in contact with him/her. Good luck!! How much more time on your TWW, if you still have one??

Here are some questions for all of you IUI-ers out there...

1. Do you really feel crampy after and during your IUI?
2. Did your clinic tell you that you and DH should DTD the day of or several days after you have your IUI??
3. Do you have any little "rituals"/habits that you do after your IUI that you think help (in your own mind or have heard) to get those swimmers to the egg/eggs??????

AFM - Well, I had my IUI today and I keep telling myself this is it!!! This time it only took one nurse. First IUI took 2 nurses and then 1 Dr., second IUI took 2 nurses and this one just took like 25 mins, but she got it!!. I totally feel it when they get it in there b/c that area just starts to cramp up just by inserting it in the right place. She didn't mention anything about us dtd tonight or for the next couple of nights, but I think the last time they told us to do that. So I came home after the IUI and laid on the couch with my hips propped up on a pillow and the 65lb dog laid by my side. So now the tww starts!! She said if AF doesn't show up in 16 days to take a preg. test and if it is positive (PLEASE GOD!! to call them. So I sit and wait, well not really!!! Hope everyone else is doing good.
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Blue, I was told not to "heat" the area in anyway. No heated seats or heated blankets. Although they didn't warn about it, I realized my laptop gives off some heat, so I made sure it wasn't on my lap at all. Normally I always have a pillow under it, but it wasn't worth the risk right after the IUI

Added: They also said to dtd that night and the next day (I think the following morning is best)
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