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Becky8824, welcome and hope your stay is short. We're on the same schedule: I should get a BFP or AF on the 31st/1st. How are you feeling during your tww? Good luck to you.

blueyezz4, whenever I ask the clinic they tell us to DTD the night after the IUI. If I don't ask, they don't tell me anything. So, yeah, I'd definitely DTD tonight and either tomorrow am or tomorrow night. To answer your cramp question, sometimes I cramp and sometimes not. At times the nurse has had a difficult time getting the catheter in. Those are the times I cramp, sometimes just during the procedure and sometimes for several hours later. Other times the catheter goes right in and I don't cramp at all. I don't know, my tubes are mobile! As far as rituals, afterwards I try to picture the little swimmers and will my body to help them along. It's not a ritual but this last IUI I brought my ipod and listened to some music I find inspiring after the procedure. I think that helped my stress level a bit.

DaisyMae08, any news from your school or doctor's office? Sounds like it's a low, low risk even if you got the disease (which you're probably immune to by now anyway since you're a teacher). Hope you got some answers.

ETA: I just updated the chart on the first page and we are now all in the tww (or waiting to be ready, sorry wtg and natrualmom). Wow, are we all synching are cycles? Seriously, let's keep masel company w/some more BFPs!
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Eternal--I will remember that IPOD trick. I actually have an IPHONE but did not think of that! I hope we all keep Masel company::::
Blue--GL and I personally was very crampy and still am. I usually have painful AF so this does not surprise me. I actually called into work today and just laid in bed. PS we DTD that night....I figured why not right??

Daisy--I am sure that you have been exposed to fifths as a teacher.

Hi to all!

AFM: I am feeling better but I took the day off today! I just relaxed. It was great. I am ready to go back to work though!

I am praying:::for BFP'S for us all
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So I'm new here. I will be getting my first IUI this month if everything works out. I am on Clomid 25-29 go in for ultrasound on 31st & maybe a HSG shot that night then hopefully IUI on the 2nd. I feel like I don't know much about the process the Dr. is so quick. I have PCOS & one tube so I hope this works! Well I will say prayers for this board. Good luck to all of us! Please share any tips info for a newbie!
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Hi girls

I sorry to tell of you that my last chance is over, symthoms are here that the monthly lady is coming, so no more kids for me, I lose this war for ever, bye and tyvm for being here

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Victorian Patch, I am so sorry.

My doctor's office called back and they are not at all worried. They agree with you folks that I probably already have an immunity to it.
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Victorian patch, I responded on your other post, but I'm really sorry. Take care of yourself.

tomanygirls, welcome and may you have a short stay.
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victorian- I'm really sorry.

tomanygirls- Welcome and best wishes!
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BellyBean - thanks for the no heat suggestion. I'm assuming that is just b/c heating that area up at that time might kill the sperm? Is that right?

eternalsunshine - that is funny that you said you lay there and will your body to help the swimmers along. I was laying there for that 10 mins that they make you lay there, and I kept picturing the swimmers finding the egg/eggs and implanting in them. I figured it couldn't hurt and what else was i going to do for 10 mins with my hips up in the air on an uncomfortable table like that. About DTD see my AFM info below. Thanks for your insight!! Good luck to you!!

Laci - I hope you are feeling better today!! I should have called off work today but i felt a little better when i got up this morning, but now i think I probably should have just stayed home (see below). So what day is suppose to be your test day. I think we are pretty close to each other!! Good luck!!!

tomanygirls - Welcome and sorry you are here joining us! Hopefully your stay will be short and sweet. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have. This group has been a huge help in answering my questions. I'm guessing from your screen name that you are hoping for a boy next, am I right?? Good luck to you!!!

Victorian patch - I guess I'm out of the loop on what is going on in your life, but I'm really sorry to hear that you think AF is on her way. Take care of yourself and who knows maybe you will still get your BFP. I know my SIL got AF, but was really prego at the time. Fingers crossed for you!!!

DaisyMae08- Good to hear they aren't worried!!! Now you can relax and just think about a BFP. Good luck.

AFM - Okay, I'm a little worried!!! So last night after the IUI i was feeling like i had been hit by a car... Sore to stand up, walk, sit down just sore in general. We ended up DTD, wasn't too bad, but a little sore and then this morning when i got up to pee there was blood kinda mixed with CM (TMI sorry) which kinda freaked me out a little. I went to work and was just a little sore, but better than yesterday. No bleeding or spotting during the day, but then at 6pm tonight I pee again and there is good CM with blood again??? Not sure what to think and I'm wondering if I should be taking advantage of this good CM while I can or if it would be a bad idea since I'm bleeding a little?? What do you think? Has anyone had this happen to them before? Should i be calling the RE office tomorrow to check in or just let it go? TIA! Good luck to all of you!!!!!!!! I might post this on the TWW area too if I don't get much response. I never know where I should be.
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Quick post
Blue-- my nurse told me that could happen b/c of the catheter and that it was normal.......
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blueyezz4 _ yeah I have 3 girls 11, 8 & 3. I would be happy with either at this point.

Thanks eveyone for the welcome

So what are the odds of concieving with IUI & clomid. I only have one tube. I think they will be giving me the shot also to trigger ovulation.
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blueyezz4, guess I'd worry or not depending on how much blood there is. Sounds like it's a little mixed w/the CM. On my last IUI the nurse warned me I may see blood b/c the tube irritated my cervix and she could see a little scratch. That IUI took 5 minutes. Yours took 25, so seems like you'd have a greater chance of this happening. That said, I'd still call the RE if you continue to bleed tomorrow or it'd put your mind at ease. As far as DTD tonight, I don't know. I guess just follow your instincts tonight. Good luck and keep us posted. Oh yeah, and I also visualize the sperm attacking my egg. I try to will the egg to let one in!
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Hey eternalsunshine I am anxiously waiting for the 31st. I have been really different since this process started on the 7th. Moody, irritability, depressed, tired and just out of it. I think I make myself think I am pregnant. I am sooooo tired but I am taking estrogen and prometrium (progesterone) the bottle says may cause drowsiness. I bet I'm not pregnant just tired from the meds. People say your boobs hurt when you are pregnant so I think from squeezing them all weekend I just made my nipples sore. I think all the extra crying is from the meds too. I bet once I test on Saturday and get a BFN all my symptoms will be gone. How many IUIs have you had. If I dont get pregnant I wont understand why. I dont really understand this process I am just going along for the ride.
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Hi All,

Becky--Think positive thoughts! I too have had many symptoms, breast tenderness, tired, cranky overall feeling like s*it. How many IUI'S have you had?
My dr states that it takes on average 3-4 times. Like eternal said-visual the pregnancy..

Eternal--How are you feeling? When do you test? Will you test b4 you go to the dr?

Blue--How are you doing??

Tomany--Hi! My DR said that the chances with clomid are 10-15%. I chose to not try clomid and moved straight to injectables b/c the chances are doubled. It really depends on you.

Victorian patch-- I am so sorry.

Nummies--Whats going on with you?

Daisy-- Glad to here that you DR is not worried!

WTG--Where are you?

AFM: I hate this suppository thing. I think they are making me feel funny-tired etc... I have been having extreme gas too. So I am feeling better but not 100%.
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blue- I wouldn't worry. Maybe the speculum caught a blood vessel?

Laci- I wasn't too fond of the suppositories either.

AFM- 6DPO or 7DPO (depending on which chart you are looking at). Could time go any slower? I go in for my progesterone test today.
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Nummies- GL with the progesterone.

If nobody wants to, I could start the Feb thread....because I need the good luck. Let me know!

10 days to go!!!!!! Drat these BCP's, they make me cranky today!
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Laci--I am still here, lurking time to time. Oh I wish I was doing IUIs. Maybe hopefully if all my cards are in the right place I can do an IUI in February or March. The way things are going it prolly be March.

Natrualmom--I think I have 10 days left on my pills. I will be seeing the surgeon on Monday to discuss what he will be doing. I never met the guy. I am getting very scared and anxious. But really want this to happen and to get over with it. I hope he can "fix me" I am so worried he can't.

Hello to everyone else, I am cheering you on along the sidelines here.
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Laci, eternalsunshine, natrualmom - Thanks for the support and responses to my question. I wasn't going to call the RE at all, but then on Wed afternoon I had the bleeding again so I figured I'd better just call to make sure I shouldn't be worried. The nurse said that if it doesn't stop by Friday to call them back. Not sure what they can do at this point. Anybody know??? Today I had two times where I've had spotting again when going to the bathroom, but i think it is much lighter than the past two days so I have a feeling tomorrow it will all be done so we will see. The nurse also asked me if I'm on progesterone, does that cause bleeding is that why she asked me that??

Becky8824 - Lets hope that your tired feeling is from a BFP!!! Fingers crossed for you! I don't understand why we all aren't getting prego either, but i do believe things happen for a reason. I just wish we could see the reason sooner rather than later or at all for that matter!! Good luck to you.

Laci - when are you suppose to test or what is your next step? How long are you on the suppositories? Was your progesterone off before is that why you are on them?

natrualmom- Wow, i can't even believe that we are that close to Feb!!! Where does the time go and why is it that the TWW seem so long, but the months go by so fast? I don't get it. I say sure, start the new thread, that would be great. I don't even know how you start a new thread. I'd guess I'd have to go back and look at the start of another thread and copy it or something. I hope it brings you lots of luck!!!!!!!!!

wtg4miracle - thanks for being a good cheerleader!! Can't wait until we get to cheer you on getting your BFP!!! Good luck and hope your appt goes well with the new Dr. Keep us informed and try to relax. Is your DH going with you to the appt? Take care.
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This is why I am on progesterone

"In an effort to bump up the progesterone already produced by the corpus luteum, luteal phase supplementation patients begin progesterone after ovulation. While this can sometimes be done for the sake of ‘insurance’, in other situations, such as when the corpus luteum isn’t functioning correctly, a lack of supplementation can prevent a successful pregnancy by bringing the luteal phase to a premature end."
No I do not have a problem producing it this is just in addition to my normal amount as "insurance"
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Blueyezz4--thanks I need for someone to say that they would cheer me on if I get a BFP. I will be going by myself on Monday to meet with the surgeon. It would be nice for dh to go but I really don't see a need for it. Dh knows way to much about my cervix isssue. : All he want is to fix it. Me to. I figure I can give all my attention to the doc. I have been writing down ? for him. I have to leave for a while from work and come back. I really don't want my job to be affected by all this. It just doesn't seem fair that I have a clinic to run and I have to run around for my IF crap. ugh while others who work with me work one day a week and get pregnant within 2 months. (and they are older than me) I have to start telling my boss what is happening to me since I will be needing a few days off for the surgery and for pre-op testing. yikes my job will love me
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Laci - I actually think that is a good reason to be on the progesterone and kinda wish my clinic would do that too. They will only put you on it if you have had recurrent M/C or have issues with your progesterone levels. I always think it is better to be safe than sorry no matter what. I'd rather not learn that I could really do need it the hard way. So when are you suppose to test??? How is your tww going so far? You will finish your first week on Sat or Sunday, is that right? If so, we are just one day apart.

wtg4miracle- I hear ya... you just want them to fix it and move on with your life so you can get that BFP and put all this IF crap behind you!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't told my boss yet at work and I'm not sure if i will. I think she will talk and I'm really not sure if I can trust her to keep quiet even if i tell her to. I may have to some day, but so far I have been okay. It really is hard though trying to sneak around especially working in health care too!!! I know what you are going through. Good luck!!
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