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Well here I am 14 DPO and no AF and no PG. SO ANNOYING! (only because I need to start BCP soon to do IVF with the clinic "group")

Things that make me think PG: I have never made it this long without spotting or starting AF. NO cramps, boobs are SUPER sensitive and I have been falling asleep really early.

Things that make me think AF is on her way: 4 negative pregnancy tests!!!! Temp is going down in a similar pattern as other months!
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Belly bean-- Hey, that says it all!!! Sorry for the confusion. Hope either AF shows her nasty face up, or you get a BFP soon!!! Can you call for a beta?
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BellyBean-I am in the same situation as you are in. I think I am 17dpo. Negative tests, no af. I thought I was spotting this am but nothing. My bbs hurt on and off. Temp is dipping low. I know I probably will see AF tonight or tomorrow am.
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Nummies - good luck with your HSG tomorrow. I know when i had mine I just took like 3 ibuprofen and I was fine. At least this time you know what to expect since you have been there and done that once before. I know it is one of those things where you kinda hope they find something so they can fix it and that way you have an answer and a solution. Take care and keep us posted.

eternalsunshine - good luck with your IUI and the timing! Fingers crossed for you. :

natrualmom - glad to hear that your acupuncture went well. I've had it before, but not the cupping...What is that suppose to do????

joyakshi - wow, your hsg sounds like it was really painful. Did you have blocked tubes or something??? I know that can make an HSG worse.

AFM...today is CD 28 (natural cycle) for me and I'm just waiting to see if AF is going to show up. I've got the drugs (Gonal F and ovidrel) in the fridge just staring me down. I guess AF not showing up would be worth all the $$$ I spent on the meds, but I'm not going to get my hopes up since it has been almost 3 yrs now. One day at a time. Once AF shows CD 1 I have to call and schedule my CD 2 or 3 U/S and who knows what else...this injection thing is all new to me.
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BellyBean, it sucks being in limbo. Hopefully it'll end in a BFP! I agree w/natrualmom about checking w/your clinic to get a beta.

wtg4miracle, how are you doing?

blueyezz4, how long is you cycle? Hope you don't need those meds afterall. Wouldn't that be something!

AFM, darker line on the OPK (although still not as dark as the control) so we had our IUI this morning. Hopefully the timing is good. 5.4 million and "good forward motility" (don't know the motility %). We'll go in again tomorrow morning for a second IUI.
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Belly - these are the worst few days, huh? hoping you are but worrying you aren't and about to find out but not finding out soon enough? I'm not looking forward to it!

Belly & W4M- good luck - I hope you get a late BFP instead of a late AF!

Blue- my tubes were open but I do have an endometrioma on my left ovary, so maybe there is endo tissue in other places that caused pain. Maybe the tubes were blocked and the fluid pushed them open or something.

Poet - you must be in 5 or 6 dpiui limbo like me. You do deserve a medal for all the Prometrium! I kind of like that is creates its own symptoms and masks any normal symptoms, so I can't obsess too much.
I did ballet & modern at OCD/SF & Lines/SFDC from 89-96, and then 98-2000. I danced with a few regional ballet & modern companies in the bay area in that time. So it sounds like we were in different dance worlds at different times. Are you still there?

Well, good luck with the IUI's this week, and with looming BFP's for everyone in 2ww limbo!
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IUI ok, Beta on the 26th

Ok girls, the IUI is done, so I continue in the Jan 2WW folder, see you all there and good luck to all the girls who are waiting for their IUI, hughs and kisses

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Victorian patch - good luck with your tww. Hope you get good results!!!

joyakshi - I see. I was told I had one of those (endometrioma) at one of my U/S since starting this whole IF drug process, but I think it must have just gone away. Do you still have yours? Isn't it a problem or no? I was trying to do research on it at the time and didn't really find much about them. Good luck to you.

eternalsunshine - So what is going on with you these days - just TWW-ing it???? How was the second IUI, everything go smooth??

To answer your question... I haven't been keeping very good track of my cycles over the past couple of months b/c we were kinda on hold, but they normally run anywhere from 28 - 30 days usually. AF showed up yesterday actually so i have my CD 3 U/S and blood draw scheduled for tomorrow morning and we will see what they say as to when the injections start and for how long. I'm a little nervous since these injections are all new to me. Guess having the meds in the fridge didn't help out my cause at all. Oh well!!!!

Good luck to everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!
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blueyezz4, sorry about AF. I was hoping the refrigerated meds would bring you luck in an ironic type of way. Good luck w/the injections. I've given myself a few trigger shots, which is IM, and it's okay. Definitely not fun, but what part of IF is? I think yours aren't IM, right? That should be easier.

Victorian patch, good luck to you on your last tww. Hope it ends w/a BFP!

Nummies, how was the HSG?

AFM, IUI was very smooth. The nurse said my cervix was open so the timing was good. My DH's numbers were down today, 2.9 million placed, but 90% motility w/good forward movement again. TWW, here I come!
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Originally Posted by eternalsunshine View Post
blueyezz4, sorry about AF. I was hoping the refrigerated meds would bring you luck in an ironic type of way. Good luck w/the injections. I've given myself a few trigger shots, which is IM, and it's okay. Definitely not fun, but what part of IF is? I think yours aren't IM, right? That should be easier.

AFM, IUI was very smooth. The nurse said my cervix was open so the timing was good. My DH's numbers were down today, 2.9 million placed, but 90% motility w/good forward movement again. TWW, here I come!
I've done trigger shots as well in the past and as far as I know, the gonal - F is in the same spot as a trigger shot (stomach) or at least that is the impression I'm under. I go tomorrow so i'm going to try and get a refresher on the whole thing since it has been like 2-3 months since i got the info. Good luck with your TWW!!!!! Hope it fly's by!!!
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Yup- Gonal-f in the belly
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Well, I had my CD 3 U/S this morning and I guess there were 2 follies starting on the R and at least one or two on the L, so I guess that is a good sign and if I don't hear from the Dr about my bw I'm to give myself my first shot tonight. I go back Wed morning CD 7 for my 2nd U/S and will go from there, so we will see. Exciting and kinda scary at the same time!!!!

How is everyone else doing?
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eternalsunshine--thanks for thinking about me. I am alot better than yesterday which was cd1. Cd 1 tells it all.

I hope all you gals here have gl this cycle and I will be watching on the sidelines. I will be hopefully joining this group as an active member once I get "cleared" in a few months. Maybe March or if lucky February. So I am still waiting to be ready.
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Hi Ladies.
I am new to all of this and am looking for support. I have a son Gavin who was not planned but since then have not been able to conceive. I started injectables on Tuesday. Gonal 75 and lupron 5. My RE gave me the choice of whether to try clomid or go straight to injectables. On my first u/s friday i have 4 and 4. Is this good. I still don't know when my IUI will be. I am feeling like crap from the drugs. Bloated, nausea etc. I always forget to ask questions at my appts. I know I have another u/s on Monday and on wednesday but that is all I know at this point.
Any info you can give would help.
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Laci - Welcome! Hopefully your stay here is short. Sorry to hear about your secondary IF. Looks like you and I are almost cycle buddies here. I'm doing my first injectable round this cycle too -1st shot tonight. I can't answer your question b/c they are the same ones I have too so I'll be watching for an answer. Good luck to you and hopefully it will bring both of us good results.

wtg4miracle - So sorry to hear about AF. Hopefully you can get back in the game soon. Take care.
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QUESTION... So tonight i did my first Gonal F shot. I'm suppose to give myself 100 iu (i think it is) but the pen doesn't have a 100 line. It goes from 75 to 112.5. So tonight, not knowing what to do, I just put it betweeen the two and closer to the 112.5 and gave it to myself. Is that right or did the Dr tell me the wrong dose. I'd think that there should be a line for the 100 dose, but there isn't?? Anyone know??????????? I'm temped to just put it on the 112.5 line and go with it, but I'm really not sure. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi wtg4miracle.
Sorry to here about AF. Hopefully you will be trying again soon.
I am in US NY also.
Doesn't this weather suck?
It was like negative -8 today. Yuck!:
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Hi everybody,
I've been MIA for a few days just dealing with all of this. Friends of ours who got married a couple of months ago are now expecting. That one just about put me right over the edge. And my best friend who has a 6 week old infant keeps complaining about how hard it is and says she resents her baby. I'm sure it's very hard, but I would kill to be in her position and she knows it.
So tomorrow is my ultrasound (day 11 instead of 12 since we were a little late last month) and my IUIs will probably be Tuesday and Wednesday.
I hope everyone else is hanging in there - particularly during the 2ww!
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Blue-My doc prescribes 110 units, and the nurse says set it to 112 units. I would put it to the 112 line (most common dose for IUI), and call the clinic Mon morning. They can adjust your dose if they need, but I think 112 units is right. Hope this helps!

Daisy- Wow, things are moving quickly for you. I really hope this is it for you. G/L with the U/S. Keep us posted. And yeah, sorry you have to be around more expecting people. Not fun. And does your best friend have a clue about what you are going through? Is she not considering your feelings? Maybe she needs to vent her feelings to someone else, not you. My friend is oops preggers. She told me she is getting every prenatal screening possible, because she doesn't want 'no retarded baby'. Um, hello, don't want to hear that. I'd take ant baby I was given. Anyhow, keep positive thoughts flowing.

Laci- Welcome, may your stay be short. I suggest a little notebook to take notes in. Did they draw blood on you? Good luck with your ultrasound Monday. Good questions to ask your doc are what size the follicles are, how thick your uterine lining is, and what your estrodial level is. Hang in there with the side effects. They get better soon.
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natrualmom - Thanks for the advice!! I will just do the 112.5 tonight and then give them a call tomorrow to ask. I just think that is kinda weird that they told me 100. Who knows. Do you usually switch sides of the stomach for the injection each night or stay with the same side?? What is going on with you now? Where are you in your cycle?

DaisyMae08- Sorry to hear about all that is going on in your life lately. I totally hear you loud and clear about having friends get prego when you have been trying for so long, it is so hard. I always try to see the positive in every BFP even though it is not mine (easier said than done sometimes), but I just don't wish this nasty IF stuff on anyone after going through it now for so long. It does hurt though!!! Good luck with your U/S coming up. What kind of cycle are you doing -drugs, injections or natural? Good luck to you.
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