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Edmonton/ Northern Alberta Mamas?

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I moved to St Albert in June from Northern BC. I've lived in Edmonton before many years ago and I don't mind it at all. I really like St. Albert for the family community, but it's expensive..

I wouldn't mind chatting with some locals mamas, starting a chat thread here..

I know there are more of us! Wanna chat?!
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Hi Mama! I'm in the west end.
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Here's the Edmonton yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Attach...ntingEdmonton/

I used to live in Edmonton and enjoyed being a part of that group. There are lots of super nice mamas in it!
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Hi there. Im in north edmonton
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I'm in far south east Edmonton :
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Hi! I'm from near Capilano.
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Welcome!! I'm in north edmonton.

hmmm, that AP group looks interesting- I might check it out. Most of the RL moms I know think I'm silly to co-sleep, breast feed for so long(she's only 10 months!!!!), etc, etc
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I'm in Edmonton too.

I'm part of the AP group that was posted on here. We're fun! Come join us! We get a nice mix of first-time moms who are new to AP and families who have had the opportunity to explore and experience the joys of the AP lifestyle. The monthly meetings are totally casual and fun. Last month we had a woman from Music Together out and she sang and played music with us. We've also had a yoga instructor come out, a woman who teaches baby sign language, and lots of other fun stuff.
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Also New to Edmonton


I'm also new to Edmonton and don't know a soul. I'm in the SW and was wondering if anyone knows of any groups that meet in this area? My first child is coming soon and would love to have some women to chat with, share ideas etc...

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Is the snow melting in your neck of the city? It is here! Its nice to see the grass, albeit brown and muddy, but its grass!!!
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woohoo! spring is finally here, i think!:
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North Edmonton here. I was part of the EC, Babywearers & AP groups, but meetings are all too much of a pain to get to with no vehicle. The only things I still go to, & that only a couple times a year, are the freebirth meetings.
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ASAC (Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth) has a great playgroup that meets twice a week. The mamas are all great, and it's on the southside, near whyte avenue.
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Hey ya mamas.
We're in Edmonton too. We do the little tree group (waldorf). It's a lovely community involved there.
Just thought I'd say hi.
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I'm in the Bonnie Doon area, but I grew up in St. Albert!
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Hey ladies! How's it going??
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Not too badly.. Getting kinda cold out there though... How is everyone else doing?
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Crunchy childcare?

Hi everyone! I’m relatively new to MDC (only discovered it a few months ago) but I’m hoping I can get some local help with childcare. (Sorry in advance for a long post)

In short: I’m looking for crunchy childcare in north Edmonton. Ideas? Suggestions? Any takers?

In long...removed for the sake of the thread - now irrelevant in any case!

Any ideas? Suggestions? Any takers?

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GL with your search!

anyone else not stoked on shovelling the walks?
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i am just outside of grande prairie...used to live in stony plain though!
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