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Hey! I'm in Cold Lake!!

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Hello! I am looking for midwife care in Leduc, Ill be moving there shortly and am currently expecting.....Id appreciate any suggestions! Thanks so much 

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Finding a midwife in Alberta can be extremely difficult at the moment; there just aren't enough to meet the demand.


Contact all the midwives in the area ASAP and cross your fingers. I called all of them when I was 4wks pregnant and was lucky to be accepted by one of them (Beginnings Midwifery- they were excellent). If you're further along, still contact them, they may have openings as time goes by and women risk out of their care.

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I'm likely moving to Bonnyville in coming months from Vancouver Island. We have three children ages 10, almost 7 and two. Any like minded crunchy mamas out there. My partner is a graphic artist and sign designer.


I have a rad community here but work is limited so we are renting out our house so he can take a higher paying job in his field.

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I just moved back to Edmonton, and I'm wanting to connect with like minded- parents. I have a 2.5 year old and a 5 year old, so I think we've maybe grown out of the baby groups. We are at the tail end of breastfeeding, so I don't know that we fit into LLL's scene. 


Anyone out there that is a SAHM around this age? I'd love to connect with some Mama's, and make some friends! 

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Hey! I noticed your post!

I'm in Cold Lake, and I'm from Victoria too! It's hard to find other like-minded mothers around here. Let me know if you'd like to get together sometime! I have a 22 month old daughter and I'm due in December with #2.
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If any of you mamas are on Facebook there's an attachment parenting group you can join- they hold play dates etc
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Hi All, 


I'm a soon-to-be Mama in North East Edmonton. I've only lived here for four years, and I'm still trying to get settled. I just got the extremely upsetting news that my midwife's office isn't hiring the new midwife they were going to this summer to handle the extra caseload, and they basically dumped me on my butt and told me to go find an OB. So now I'm four months pregnant and I don't have any prenatal care. I'm extremely upset- cause I was hoping for a low-intervention hospital birth. 


Does anyone have any recommendations for a low-intervention friendly OB who delivers at Lois Hole? Someone's already suggested Mom Care Docs at the Allin Clinic, but I want to explore all my options. 



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Are you set on Lois hole?
There are a couple of GPs in St Albert who people love- and they run things similar to a midwife. Dr lidkea being one.
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She was self referral so just find her and call. A lot of midwives put hospital birthers low on their list, FYI. There are a few docs who do that kind of thing.
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Not SUPER set- but I've attended a birth at Lois Hole before (friend's baby) and I'm comfortable there. The newness of it is nice too I'll admit. I do wonder if she dropped me because I chose to birth at the hospital- but I work with kids who have special needs (mainly kiddos with Down) and a few wouldn't be with us if they hadn't been birthed at the hospital, so I'm just not comfortable not being there- especially since I refused all genetic testing. 


I'll look into Dr. Lidkea- thanks for the name! 

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