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How did your Dogs react to your HB?

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Everyone says when you have a baby to bring home to the dogs a cap or blanket that baby wore - so they can smell baby's scent before you bring him home from the hospital.

We did that when DS was born. But now that I know I want to plan a HB for #2 (whenever that may be) I'm wondering how they'll react to the emergence at home.

I suspect they'll comprehend, based on smells, that this new creature is part of me & part of our "pack." Plus, they are already used to the weird sounds that come from a little human.

Of course, me yelling in pain will spook them - as it did when I labored at home with DS, but they'll get over that.

Just wondering what others experiences were. TIA!
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We had a HB with two dogs, a german shepherd mix and a schnauzer. They took to her real quick.. they wern't there during the actual birth, but when they came back, we just let them sniff her (very very supervised, DH held them) and they kinda snorted and then went about their business, no big deal.
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My chihuahua was like a junior doula at my homebirth. He was very interested in what was going on and tried to console me whenever possible. In transition, I was in the birthing pool and it was so comforting to be able to reach down and stroke his furry little head during the worst contractions. When I was pushing on the bed, he was running back and forth on the floor, begging someone to put him up there with me. I thought it was funny (it might have annoyed everyone else though).

After Felix was born we carefully allowed the dog to sniff his hand and receiving blanket. He kept his distance and seemed to know that he had to be very careful around the baby. We have always slept with the dog under the covers at the foot of the bed, and that night was no different. Now he and the baby are best friends and he's extremely protective of him. If someone other than DH or I handles the baby, our dog is watching like a hawk. You'd better not mess with his friend! :
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My dog at the time of DS1's birth was also like a doula - she stayed right with me, ignored strange people (the mw & her assistant) completely in favor of being supportive to me, and left the room of her own accord when things got too intense for her for the last 15 minutes or so. She did think it was REALLY wierd when I fainted in the shower and had to crawl back to bed

She was also clearly attached to and protective of DS1, although sadly, she died when he was 6 weeks old.
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I was wondering this too, my dog has been acting really weird already and I'm only 20 weeks. She totally knows somethings up! If she starts driving me crazy when I'm in labor I'll send her away....
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My dog and the 4 cats are all acting weird around me and I am 14 weeks... I was wondering about this also. Interesting.
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My two dogs didn't act any differently during my pregnancy or during my homebirth. Although it was a very short labor and birth, less than 2h, and it was the middle of the night, when the dogs are typically sleeping.

My dogs are tolerant of children. But they also have their safe places, their crates.
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Good thread! I'm keeping my dogs home for the birth (I work at a kennel, but still.....) I get so much peace and comfort from their presence. They were so good with DD, but if they get a bit wound up at first about the guests coming into the house, we may crate them till they chill. But I love the idea of being able to snuggle a bit when i'm in pain we'll see
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ours was a little protective of me during pregnancy, but super jealous/protective when there were strange dogs around. but in labor, she came to check me out a couple of times, then snored like a freight train the rest of the time. after ds was born, she checked him out and LOVES him and wouldn't leave my side or the end of the bed.
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One of my dogs died the week before DD2 was born so that was unexpected. My remaining dog was very worried about me, he spend my labor pacing though the house and then nudging my hand to make sure I was ok. Towards the end of my labor, he started to really to drive me nuts so I had DH lock him in the bathroom until after the baby was born. We let him out right after, and was fine, trying to smell and lick the new babe.
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My sweet pup passed away 2 weeks before Christmas. He was at the births of all my kiddos. He was a little freaked out when I was in labor with ds1...he actually jumped into the birth tub and popped it the morning I woke up w/ ctx. He howled on porch for a few hours when I was really vocal. Once ds was born he was so in love and protective of the new babe. With the 4 others it was just par for the course I suppose because he didn't really take much notice. He always had his obligatory sniff of the baby but was never bothered by the new addition.
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I haven't actually had my homebirth yet, but we had a dress rehearsal the other night. My boxer had to greet everyone and say hello (which is normal for her). She then went to lay on my son's bed (also normal). She would come out to check on things if my friend laughed a little loud or if I moaned a little loud with my contractions. We just had to assure her that everything was ok and she would go back and lay down. It will be interesting to see how she acts for the actual birth.
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Our 75+ pound lab/shepard mix was great when it was just us, labor sounds and all. She got a little freaked when everyone showed up, but she always gets super excited when people show up so that wasnt' that surprising. I think if we had gone UC, or if labor had lasted longer and she had a chance to adjust she would have done fine.

Our other dog a Corgi, was actually in our room with us when I gave birth She just hung out in her crate and watched the excitement unfold and never made a peep.
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my dogs hung out on their dog beds in our bedroom while i labored in the birth pool (in the kitchen) and gave birth in our livingroom.

i honestly don't think they cared at all. they met her after she was born, gave her a sniff, and went back to their beds. i was hoping they'd have been more interested, but they weren't in the slightest.

it wasn't until the baby was here and crying in the middle of the night that they would look at us like "hey, we're trying to sleep. can you do something about that little person crying in your arms?"
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Originally Posted by Eman'smom View Post
Our other dog a Corgi, was actually in our room with us when I gave birth She just hung out in her crate and watched the excitement unfold and never made a peep.
I have corgis One pembroke one cardigan. My pembroke is my snuggle boy though, I think he'll be most worried, and the other sounds like your dog!
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Great thread!
I'm hoping to have my dogs around for our homebirth. The older one will likely fret a little and want to be close, the younger one will likely be oblivious. I'll let you know how it goes!
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My dog has been with us for 5 hbs going on 6. Shes usually around while I am in labor, shes a great comfort. Then after the baby is born she comes in and sniffs around the baby and looks at the baby. And thats usually that. She sleeps by the bed afterwards though, maybe she thinks the baby will fall out the bed and she will be there to pad the fall lol.
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with my first HB i sent my dog (german shepherd) to my mom's, with my 2nd, I didn't have time. And she was wonderful. I woke up had a crazy strong contraction, she followed me downstairs and stayed with me until my mom got there. then she just layed around watching. And she didn't have any issues with either child, she is a very wonderful family dog.
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I have two Italian Greyhounds. They are spazzy anyway, but they were more concerned about all the "visitors" we had in the house than the baby. Once everyone was gone, they warmed up to the babe in no time.
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During my pregnancy, my dog (a Malamute mix bitch) got protective of me and snapped a few times at my DH's dog (a male cattle dog/pit mix), presumably when she thought he wasn't acting right around me. She's never done that in other situations though.
During labor and birth, the dogs ignored the whole thing. Shortly after birth, I asked where the dogs were and the male crawled out from under the bed (where he sleeps), and she was asleep in the hallway. Didn't phase them in the least.
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