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BTDT advice on parenting the sensitive child

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Ds1 is 31 months and sensitive both physicially and emotionally (ie. doesn't like socks, clothing tags, various food textures, etc.). He's empathetic and bright. He is not a typical "rough and tough" boy. Dh and I accept who he is. I'm just looking for advice. I was a tomboy growing up. My rough and toughness was encouraged. I was also very empathetic and my heart would break for my older brother who wasn't rough and tough. Ds prefers to play alone. He gets scared watching sesame street. He's a terrible sleeper and and eater. He's not a hitter/biter/kicker/scratcher. I worry about him. I want to protect him, but I don't want to "insult" or disrespect him by not trusting him to be ok with life's ups and downs. I feel that Ds is incredibly special, and I feel so blessed to be his mom. I'm having a difficult time putting into words what I mean. I know that parents of a sensitive child knows what I'm trying to say, and I would appreciate any advice and/or insight on how to support him.
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Hi mama, there is alot of info and support here:


Although the thread isn't active right now, there is alot of stuff there.

Good luck

I have a Highly Sensitive son who just turned 5, so we have been through ALOT! Feel free to pm if ya need to
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DS is pretty sensitive but has kind of gotten a little tougher lately. I so empathize with the clothing tags, socks, and emotions. DS is so sensitive to others emotions it's amazing and sweet.

A book that might help is Raising Your Spirited Child. It's really helped me understand him and myself better and how to handle certain situations.

Mountainsun posted a great link, you shoudl be able to get some good advice there
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I have a ds a lot like yours. And the main thing I have found is to accept my ds the way he is. Also, he prefers to play with girls, who tend to be more gentle. But not always. There are some pretty rough girls, and he avoids them at all cost,
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Wow. Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Thank you everyone for your replies and resource suggestions.
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